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 This page provides links to a variety of sources of information dealing with energy on the website. Our most basic material is listed first, followed by other resources
 which delve deeper for those interested in more. We recommend reading through this entire page
 before exploring the links provided. The team presents this new energy
 information as an opportunity for you to educate yourself and others, and to inspire us to work
 together to strengthen democracy and build a brighter future for us all.

 New Energy Information Summaries: For the best, most concise introduction to the energy
 information, we highly recommend our new energy summaries. These fact-filled summaries provide
 revealing information which gives hope for a solution to the energy crisis we are facing, and even
 offers hope for overcoming environmental problems. Patent numbers are given with links to access
 the patents, as well as links to websites with more information.

 Two-page new energy information summary:

 Ten-page new energy information summary:

 Best New Energy Information Videos (available for free viewing): The War Against Cold
 Fusion, provides a thorough, professional examination of the incredible hidden potentials of cold
 fusion. With riveting video testimony of top scientists from around the world and footage of their
 amazing experiments, you will learn not only about the science and vast potential of cold fusion, but
 also about the powerful financial forces which systematically work to stop cheap energy from being
 developed. Free Energy—The Race to Zero Point is a fascinating, award-winning documentary
 which provides a groundbreaking and inspiring look at the leading theories and practical devices that
 tap into zero point energy—now acknowledged by physicists to exist in all space as a source of
 infinite and accessible electromagnetic energy. - War Against Cold Fusion…                                                                 1/3
5/6/2553                                 New Energy Information - The Race to Zero Point

 Most Important New Energy Information Document: The 1908 Ford Model T boasted a fuel
 economy of 25 MPG, yet almost 100 years later, the 2004 EPA average for all cars is 21 MPG. What
 happened? With the quantum technological leaps in computers, genetics, electronics, engineering,
 plastics, and almost every other industry in the same time period, does this make sense? Why is it
 that the fields of transportation and energy have progressed at a comparative snail's pace? Could it
 possibly be that corporate profit and greed keep technology from advancing in these critical sectors?
 Did you know that the world fuel efficiency record is well over 10,000 MPG? How can this be when
 the best cars sold today don't even get 100 MPG? Read about this and much more at the link below.
 Links are provided in this document to reliable media sources for easy verification of facts.

 New Energy Information Resources: Our new energy resource list contains one-paragraph
 summaries of the best videos, websites, and a scholarly magazine which provide reliable new
 energy information. Ratings are given on both interest and reliability for each resource listed. Links
 are always provided for purchase or free viewing.

 Top New Energy Information News Articles: We have collected many news articles from highly
 respected media sources which contain eye-opening information exposing various aspects of the
 new energy cover-up. Links are always provided to the original sources for verification. The first link
 below contains one-paragraph excerpts from incredibly revealing news articles with the most
 important articles listed first. The second link provides the same article excerpts listed by order of
 date posted to, while the third lists them by the article date. The fourth link below
 contains a list of only headlines and links to some of the most important articles. Below these four
 links, headlines and links to the entire text of several of the very best articles are also provided. - Highly revealing energy news excerpts - News excerpts by date posted to website - News excerpts listed in reverse date order - Headlines and links only

 Best New Energy Information News Articles:

 Major Breakthrough in Car Engine Design and Mileage Reported in CBS News

 100 MPG Car Reported by London Times in 2002 - Where is it now?

 Abundance of Amazing New Energy Technologies Reported in Major Media Articles…                                                                   2/3
5/6/2553                                   New Energy Information
 Major Energy Scandals Caught on Tape - CBS

 New Energy Inventions in the News: This astounding list of one-paragraph excerpts from major
 media articles reveals literally dozens of very promising new inventions. Some of these devices tap
 into the zero-point energy field producing abundant energy for very little cost. Links to the full articles
 on their major media websites are included.

 Best Online Lesson on New Energy Sources: A powerfully revealing online lesson brings
 together the best videos, quotes, essays, and much more on the important topic of energy and new
 energy sources. Developed by individuals involved with, this dynamic two-hour
 lesson provides a greater context with which to understand not only the cover-ups and manipulations
 going on in the energy industry, but how this directly affects our lives and world. This eye-opening
 lesson also gives ideas on what you can do to make a difference, and leaves you feeling a refreshing
 sense of hope for the future of our world.

 What You Can Do About the New Energy Cover-up. We have no doubt that by working together
 we can and will build a brighter future. When we step out of fear, secrecy, and polarization, we
 choose to join with the ever increasing numbers of people dedicated to working together for the good
 of all in our world. You can make a difference right now by sharing this new energy information with
 your family, friends, and colleagues. Click on the "Email page" link at the top or bottom of any page
 on this website to send an email giving the Internet address of that page.

 To contact your political representatives and the media, click here. All pages, especially our
 summaries, are also designed to print well so that you can copy and share the information given. If
 you would like to send a short email introducing powerful information on the new energy cover-up,
 click on the link below. And thanks for caring!

                                                                                   New Energy Information Center…                                                                           3/3

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