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					        VOLUME 3          ISSUE 11

     Capitol Clarion
     California State Capitol Museum Volunteer Association

        NOVEMBER 2009                        Message from the President
                                             By Marty McKnew
                                             Bon jour from New Caledonia. As I write this I am enjoying the
                                             breeze through the palm trees in lovely New Caledonia. The best
                                             place for an internet connection is the free WIFI in the McCafé,
                                             otherwise known as McDonald’s. This one is in the center of town
                                             across the street from the American Monument commemorating the
                                             presence of the U. S. military from 1942 to 1946. Americans were a
                                             big presence here during the Second World War as there were more
                                             G.I.s on the island than islanders. Americans are responsible for
                                             many of the roads and the modernization of the island. As a result,
                                             Americans are really appreciated here.

                                             Most of the people we have met are from France. I learned yesterday
                                             that a teacher coming from France is paid 1.73 times the salary of a
                                             teacher in France. (On Tahiti it is 2.0 times). This is based on a
 The Capitol Clarion is published by the
                                             formula over 100 years old that has never been updated. The prices
 California State Capitol Museum Volunteer
                                             are high for most items as most of everything is imported from
 Association                                 France or Australia. The original inhabitants, the Kanak, would like
                                             the island to be independent from France and there will be a
 Bill Geach, Editor                          referendum in 2014 to decide. Meanwhile the French colonists are
                                             concerned. Trouble in Paradise! However, in the meantime I have
 Peter Larsen, Graphics Designer
                                             been enjoying some wonderful French cooking!

                                             Back to the Capitol. I have learned the Governor’s Day Living History
 Deadline for announcements and articles     Event was a big success and very well attended. Thank you everyone
 is the 20th of the month. Articles can be   who participated! A special thank you goes to Lynn Cook and Leslie
 left in the Volunteer Room in the Capitol   Cooper for their hard work as co-chairs of the event. Bravo!
 garage or mailed to the Editor at:
                                             Fifteen Capitol volunteers attended the special exhibit training on
                                             Oct. 15. I understand the training was excellent. Thank you to all
 Capitol Clarion CSCMVA Newsletter           who attended and to Shelly Reimers, who organized the event. The
 PO Box 19956                                hope is some of these volunteers will be able to help in the exhibit
 Sacramento, CA 95819                        rooms during this period when the museum staff is stretched thin.
                                             We still need volunteers on the weekends in order for both the
 You may e-mail articles to:
                                             galleries and both the exhibit rooms to be open. If you can, please
                                             sign up!

                                             Our next big undertaking is the annual Christmas concert schedule in
                                             December. We will be asking for your help at the daily noontime
                                             concerts. I encourage you to come to help and to enjoy the varied
                                             musical talents of our Capitol area. Costumes are encouraged, but
                                             not necessary.

                                             Á bientôt! I will see you after Nov. 10.

CSCMVA Promotes the Educational and Interpretive Activities of the California State Capitol Museum
                                 CSCMVA October Board Minutes

                                 Shelly Reimers, Assistant Volunteer Coordinator, reported that
                                 they were gearing up for Governors’ Day. A new curator, Adella
                                 Valdez. Has come aboard. Other positions may be filled with
                                 some positions being filled by transfer. School tours are ramping
                                 up and they would appreciate any help possible in staffing exhibit
                                 rooms will be appreciated. Training will be conducted on the Civil
                                 War Exhibit and will be given by the person who put the exhibit

                                 Marty McKnew, President, reported that Patty Wood and Pat
                                 Butler will be leaving the Board while Ann Rost is completing her
                                 first three-year term. She appointed Diane Rich, Judi Smith and
2009 Board of Directors          Patty Wood as the Nomination Committee. Anyone interested
                                 should contact one of them. Marty also reported for Mary Geach
Marty McKnew    President        that last month’s bookstore income was $1,666.00.

Leslie Cooper   Vice President   Pat Butler, Chairman, reported that Admission Day was a big
Kay Christensen Treasurer        success with beautiful cakes and delicious ice cream. The Banjo
                                 Band was great and the Boy Scout Troop that presented the
Ann Rost        Secretary        colors is the oldest troop west of the Rockies.
Lynn Cook       Past President
                                 Leslie Cooper, Co-chairman, Governors’ Day, reported that some
Sheila Bruton   Member           of the rooms have had to be changed. Rehearsals will be
                                 underway on the 8th. Flowers will be in the rotunda. While the
Pat Butler      Member
                                 free parking lot usually used is not available, free parking is
Robert Ruiz     Member           available at the parking lot at 11th and P Streets. Leslie said she
                                 would announce at the rehearsal that anyone who does not have
Patty Wood      Member
                                 a parking pass should get one as soon as possible to take
Maria Workman   Member           advantage of the lower rates.

                                 Patty Wood reported for Mary Geach that the hat-making class
                                 was very successful with some beautiful hats being made.

                                 Lynn Cook reported that she and Bart Carlson, assisted by Bill
                                 White, had presented training to those who had indicated an
                                 interest in the Outreach Program. Still need to find who will be
                                 the contact person. Lynn also shared with the Board the cover for
                                 this program prepared by Shelly Reimers.

                                 Bill White explained the torch key used in the past to light the
                                 gasoliers. The key will be stored on the mantel in the Governor’s

                                 Marty McKnew reported that new volunteer badges would be
                                 ordered for delivery in January. Approval was obtained by a
                                 mail/voice contact of Board members.

                                 Marcia Maleske presented a $10 donation she received from a
                                 visitor who took one of her Capitol tours.

                                 Lynn Cook reported that the CSCMVA Annual Meeting will be at
                                 11:30 AM, Thursday, January 21, 2010, at the Northridge Country
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                                 CSCMVA October Board Minutes

                                 Marty McKnew commended Diane Rich, Sherri Routh and Judi
                                 Smith for their great job in revising the West Information Desk
                                 binders which is an on-going project.

  November Docent
Indian Museum at Sutter’s Fort
       27th & K Streets
 10:00 am, Wed., Nov. 4, 2009

 Please RSVP to Shelly Reimers
        (916) 324-0319

                                   Costumes and hats make our living histories come alive.

                                 West Information Desk Schedule
                                 Boar                     d of
                                 By Diane Rich
                                  Directors. The election of three new Board members will be held
                                  at the Annual Meeting in January 2010. Candidates must have
                                 The permanent schedule for the West Information Desk will soon
                                  been an active member of CSCMVA for 1 year (the class of ’09 is
                                 be filled in for January-June 2010. To those of you who work a
                                  eligible) and have contributed at least 72 hours of volunteer time
                                 permanent shift, please let me know if there are any changes in
                                  this year. Board members serve a 3 year term of office. The
                                 your current permanent schedule shift. For those of you who like
                                  Board meets the first Wednesday of each month at 1:30 p.m. If
                                 to work at the WI but are unable to work a permanent shift,
                                  you have questions or are ready to throw your hat in, please call
                                 please continue to check the weekly schedule as there are often
                                  Judi Smith (428-4590) or Diane Rich (421-1136).
                                 available times. Thanks, Diane Rich 421-1136

                                 By Bill Geach

                                 Since the last Clarion, cards have been sent to the following:

                                 Dick Getz – Get Well
                                 Marvin Williams = Get Well

                                 If you know of anyone who now needs a lift of cheer, support,
                                 or who is not well, please let Bill Geach know at 454-5789 or
                                 e-mail and cards will be sent.
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William D. Stephens – 1917 to 1923
24th California Governor
As the New Year starts, many of us have made our New Year’s
resolutions: new diets, exercise programs, home projects, and
 By Bill Geach
hopefully, volunteering to spend more time at the Capitol. 2009 will
 We continue serialization members, as well as, a new president to
welcome three new board of the Governors of California with William
 D. association. I have enjoyed this year Governor Stephens gave
the Stephens, California’s 24th Governor. as the president of a veryhis
 first biennial message to the legislature have helped 1919.
cooperative and enthusiastic board, who on January 8,make for a
productive year. At the annual meeting, I will be talking about last
year’s projects and events. why he had appointed a committee to
 Stephens related how and
 study plan to attend our annual meeting on Thursday, January 22,
Please governmental efficiency. He summed up the problem saying:
at The Firehouse. Join us for a delicious luncheon in a beautiful,
 The people of in Old Town. demanded that their socialize and see
historic settingCalifornia haveThis is a good time to government shall
 render The hourly pins will also be certain at this event.
friends. certain services and performawardedwork. These services
 and that work are being performed. soon be arriving. right, you
Invitations with more information willThe people have a Thank as to
 well, to expect and demand committee: Marty McKnew and Scottie
the planning and nominatingthat the costs be kept at the lowest
Hodges. point consistent with good service.
Museum Day will take place on February 7. All of the museums in
 He also urged modernization of that day, so we usually revision by
Sacramento offer free admissionthe constitution through have many
 amendments Capitol. We hope the will plan to convention.
visitors at the and to prepare for you holding of a work that day either
in the morning or in the afternoon. Last year, Maria Workman was
 The successful in organizing this event. Thank you, Maria, for
very governor hoped that state taxes would not be increased since
 the federal government would demand high taxes Maria at (362-
offering to be chair again this year. Please contactfor several years
8235) to participate. with the National Tax
 to pay for the war. He advocated cooperation
A new volunteer training class will start in February. If you know
 Association in establishing a general program of inheritance taxation.
anyone who will enjoy being a docent, please let Berndt know.
Interviews will take place this month. Plan to attend some of the
 He advised that the prohibition amendment would be submitted to
 the 1919 become acquainted with the acceptance. Then to review
classes to legislature and recommendednew volunteers and alluding to
some of the information.
 the recent fiasco in the August primaries, he suggested changes to
 correct want to thank the staff and each of His for making my year
Again, I defects in the primary election law. you message concluded
 with the hope very rewarding continue its
as president a the state would experience. forward advance in all
Hiram W. Johnson – 1911 to 1917
areas of activity.

California Governors transmitted the findings of
On March 20, 1919, Governor Stephens
his committee on efficiency and economy of California. The report
called for a reorganization of the existing commissions into a system
of departments and bureaus, with their heads directly responsible to
the governor. Hiram Johnson had been the first governor to ask for
this. Stephens observed that there were not enough days remaining
in the 1919 session to legislate a complete reorganization program,
but he believed that “so far as the people have given this subject
thought, I am convinced that they are not interested so much in the
structure of government as they are in an immediate reduction of
the cost of government while maintaining the same high standards of
efficiency. The governor stated that bills would be presented at once
to start implementation of the plan, but he urged caution and study
with particular reference to the idea of concentrating additional
power to the office of governor. He found the report an important
step forward which made the goal of reorganization a definite

(To be Continued)
Volunteer Spotlight
By Asleain Scotty Hodges
They are like two fine gems merged into one beautiful setting
while simultaneously enhancing their own special individual
qualities. She is an Ohio (“Buckeye”) native who moved to
Southern California while in elementary school. He is a native
Californian who grew up in the city of Arcadia, located in the
San Gabriel Valley area of Southern California. Both graduated
from high school in Arcadia (where she was a classmate of his
sister). She then attended the University of Southern
California and Stanford University, earning a degree in
Sociology. Her career includes 25 plus years with the
University of California at Irvine, with responsibilities ranging
from Director of Research Development to Chief Administrative
Officer in the School of Medicine. And needless to say, she is a
huge football fan especially of the USC Trojans.
She also spent 5 years at the City of Hope National Medical
Center as Vice President for Research Administration. During                    Bob & Marty Dennis
her tenure with UCI, she was privileged to be in a terrific two
year program where she worked for a federal research agency, the National Science Foundation, in
Washington, D.C. In this position, she travelled all over the United States (with her husband) during
which time, she says, they had a wonderful opportunity to explore American history. The two (Bob and
Marti Dennis) have been married for a wonderful and exciting 44 years.
As mentioned, Bob attended Arcadia High School where he was most active in scouting, camping, and
boating. As a Scout, he earned the rank of Eagle. After graduating in 1960, he attended Northwestern
University in Evanston, IL and later graduated with a Bachelors degree in Finance and Real Estate
from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Bob then went on to become a licensed Real
Estate Broker and his professional career has been primarily concentrated in the areas of Banking, Real
Estate Property Management, Commercial Real Estate Lending and Real Estate Sales. He too, not
surprisingly, is a huge fan of USC football.
You have no doubt heard, it’s a small, small world. Well listen to this. The two future life mates met
through a blind date while they were at USC. As you recall, Marti too attended Arcadia High School and
Bob’s sister was her classmate, however the two of them did not meet until they were in College. They
married in 1965. In 1969, they moved to the new Orange County city of Irvine. When they moved to
Irvine, it was the first master planned community in the United States while still being a working cattle
ranch. During their marriage, they have raised three children, Rob, Jill, and Jennifer; and are also blessed
with five grandchildren. Like the great parents they continue to be, they were very active in school
activities, and scouting as well as their Homeowners Associations. Bob served as a Scoutmaster for 5
years and on several Association Boards. In 1998, they moved from Irvine.
In 2002, Bob and Marti bought a home in Rocklin, CA to be closer to their daughter and her family. After
an extensive remodel of their new residence, Marti retired from UC Irvine and they completed their move
north in 2006. Marti says that from the time she and Bob decided they were going to relocate to the
Sacramento area, she knew she wanted to become active in Capitol events. Her first inquiries were made
entirely via e-mail with State Parks and subsequently with Patty Wood. She says she was eager to learn more
about the history of the state and specifically the Capitol building and began some self education to enhance
her knowledge and experience.
She joined CSCMVA in 2006 and Bob followed in 2007. He and Marti were perfectly in sync as far as
having one of their primary objectives be: to become active volunteers at the Capitol. Growing up on the
Lucky Baldwin Ranch in Arcadia and the Irvine Ranch in Orange County, Bob was always fascinated by
the state of California and its history. When Marti was introduced to CSCMVA through Patty Wood; Bob,
too, avowed his interest in becoming a docent and the rest we know is history.
  PAGE 6                                                                                   CAPITOL CLARION

Volunteer Spotlight                        Concluded
Marti says that she loves history and is an eager learner. In addition to the wonderful orientation
provided by the CSCMVA and State Parks, she says that she and Bob have done additional historical
research and have travelled to many historical sites in California. She loves meeting people, and hopes
that her enthusiasm for the Capitol as an important historical and political institution is conveyed to
visitors when they come to the Capitol. Bob seconds Marti’s response and adds that he has a strong
working knowledge and familiarity with the history of the entire State.
Marti has participated in Governors’ Day, Admission Day, and Camellia Day events, as well as a couple
of “training” events, acting as a Tour Guide for CSCMVA-sponsored events. She has also participated
in two costume sewing and one hat making workshops. She says that, “they were great fun and a
wonderful way to become better acquainted with fellow volunteers, while finalizing a
costume for CSCMVA living history events.” In addition, she has used her career experience to
help write a grant for resources to support CSCMVA activities, especially equipment needs essential for
Association presentations in local schools.

Bob has participated in Governors’ Day, Earthquake Day, and Election Day Living History Events. He
has also assisted with several of the outdoor events including Admission Day. He says that when time
allows, he would love to participate in more of the tours, especially those including Angel Island and
Hearst Castle.
Marti confesses that she enjoys meeting visitors who are interested in the Capitol and its history as well
as working and socializing with other CSCMVA volunteers. Bob concurs and says that he too enjoys
meeting, greeting, and helping all the people who come through the Capitol doors. In addition to
sharing information about the capital, he says, it is a lot of fun to talk to people from other states and
countries and learn about their particular activities at their historical sites. Of their travels, he relates;
“we have also visited with Docents in other locations. For example, the Washington State
capitol, other State park sites, and at visitor centers such as the one in Logan, Utah. We find
that we all have something in common: sharing a mutual interest in our community.”
Marti highlights three things that keep her interested in volunteering: 1) continuing opportunities for
learning and education; 2) the smart, interesting volunteers, and staff; and 3) meeting and educating
visitors to the Capitol. Bob adds that both really enjoy their interaction with all the volunteers and
staff. He says that each is a fun, interesting, and very professional group with whom to work. Marti
thinks the rewards of being a Volunteer include learning more about state government and history;
meeting the variety of interested as well as interesting visitors; and working with other dedicated
volunteers. Bob concurs and adds that he loves learning more including anecdotes, about the state of
California and its history.

Marti has earned her 100 hour pin which she says is “nothing compared to the kind of
accomplishments and dedication put forth by others.” Given time, I have no doubt that she and
Bob will amass many more achievements and awards. She has already earned the “Sew Me” award
for her assistance and participation in costume making activities. Some of us may never earn that
honor! Bob has earned his 100-hour pin and looks forward to becoming more involved.

We already know that football is an almost obsession with Marti; but did you know that she would love
to live in Washington, D.C. (with Bob, of course) so they could take advantage of all the wonderful
historical and cultural opportunities there. (Though, she admits that she would never want to be
farther away from their grandchildren, three of whom live in Wyoming, than they are presently.

If you’ve met Bob, it shouldn’t be a surprise that he loves teaching, sharing experiences and traveling.
Last April, he and Marti took a cruise through the Panama Canal and they thoroughly researched the
fascinating history and the building of the canal prior to their trip. During the trip, he fulfilled a lifelong
dream and caught a marlin in Cabo San Lucas! He did not tell me the weight of the marlin but it
seems to me that it is a monstrous task to reel those big fish in; so I say, Bravo! And Bravo to having
these two gems as members of our Volunteer Association!
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France’s River Cruises
by Bill Geach

We sailed from Vernon at 6:30 am and ate breakfast cruising
the Seine River. We arrived in Les Andelys at 9:30 am and
boarded buses to visit Les Andelys and see Richard Coer-de-
Leon’s Fort overlooking the city (Richard the Lion Hearted’s
Fort). Isabel, our Tour Director, explained that King Richard
built the fort in 1197 to keep France’s king from taking Rouen.
He used 6,000 laborers to build the fort by hand and it was
completed within one year. Now, it is just a ruin, the outer
walls have disappeared but the main building is still very
impressive. Despite all the work, the French king took the fort
in 1204. From the fort we could look over the entire Seine River
Valley and see our ship, the MS Bizet, moored in the river in Les
Andelys. What a beautiful sight on a crisp, clear Spring day.
We returned to Les Andelys and had time to wander into town
before lunch on board the Bizet. As usual we visited a beautiful
flower market. The flowers seem so much more colorful,
probably due to the temperate climate. It is a very quaint old
city and has a lovely old church, Notre Dame, with a 13th
Century nave, large organ and fine stained glass windows. We          Richard Coer-de-Lion’s Fort at Les
returned to the ship by 1 pm for lunch (who needed food?) We          Andelys
had the black bean soup with smoked sausage followed by a
“Williams Sandwich” which consisted of a baguette topped with
Williams pear, ham and gorgonzola cheese with apple celery
salad and garden lettuce. The soup was very good but the
sandwich left a lot to be desired – the apple celery salad was
just a slaw to me and the gorgonzola cheese overruled all the
other flavors of the sandwich. Dessert however was a smashing
success – “Café Glace” – vanilla and walnut ice cream served
with a mocha amaretto extract and lady fingers!! Dinner is at 7
At 2:30 pm there was a watercolor painting class. I quickly
learned why I would never be an impressionist painter (roller
painting walls are more my speed). Mary did very well. Maybe
our heirs will be able to sell her landscape with flower bed for
big money a 100 years from now! Who knows. Anyway, it was
a pleasant couple of hours spent while we set sail for Rouen.
At 5 pm there was a cheese tasting in the lounge. I could still
taste gorgonzola and didn’t want to confuse my taste buds so
we waited for the port talk prior to dinner. Dinner started with
“home made” liver pate with truffle oil topped with port wine
aspic and served with warm brioche. I love fried liver (can’t
have it anymore) and Mary loves liver pate. I had consomme.          Mary with another passenger doing
The hot appetizer was baked snails burgundy with a garlic bread      watercolor painting in class.
stick. I gave Mary mine! We both ordered breaded Atlantic
catfish instead of the lamb cutlets. The catfish was fine but the
cutlets looked superb (c’est la vie – such is life). Dessert was a
biscuit with cranberry parfait and plum compote. Meal would’nt
make the top of my list but who was hungry anyway.

(To be continued)
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Upcoming Events
                                                                              NOVEMBER 2009
                                                                    S    M      T   W    T    F    S

                                                                    1    2      3    4   5    6    7

                                                                    8    9     10   11   12   13   14
November 4, 2009 – Docent Training, Indian Museum                   15   16    17   18   19   20   21
                   at Sutter’s Fort, 10 am
                                                                    22   23    24   25   26   27   28
                   RSVP, Shelly Reimers, 324-0319
                                                                    29   30
                                                                              DECEMBER 2009
November 4, 2009 – CSCMVA Board Meeting, 1:30-3:30 pm               S    M      T   W    T    F    S

                                                                                1    2   3    4    5
November 26, 2009 – Thanksgiving Day – Capitol Closed
                                                                    6    7      8    9   10   11   12

                                                                    13   14    15   16   17 18     19
December 2, 2009 – CSCMVA Board Meeting 1:30-3:30 pm
                                                                    20   21    22   23   24   25 216

December 25, 2009 – Christmas Day – Capitol Closed                  27   28    29   30   31

                                                                              JANUARY 2010
January 1, 2010 – New Years Day – Capitol Closed                    S    M      T   W    T    f    S
                                                                                              1     2
January 21, 2010 – CSCMVA Annual Meeting Lunch                      3    4      5    6   7    8    9
                 11:30 am, Northridge Country Club                 10    11    12   13   14   15   16

                                                                    17   18    19   20   21   22   23

                                                                    24   25    26   27   28   29   30


 Volunteer Program website:

 Capitol Museum website:

 Volunteer Coordinator: 324-2405

 Assistant Volunteer Coordinator: 324-0312

 Tour guide office: 324-0333

 Capitol Tours daily 9 am – 4 pm, closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day

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