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Life After Adsense


Life After Adsense

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									               Life After AdSense
               Climbing The Internet Marketing Food Chain

                             Scott Boulch
Disclaimer: This report is based on my personal experience over the
last 3 years with the AdSense program, applied to over 3,000
individual websites. It is in no way a condemnation of AdSense as a
method to make small amounts of income as icing on the cake - - for
me, it’s just no longer the cake!

Confidential                      Page 1                      9/20/2006
           A Note From The Author, Scott Boulch

          This report is PART II of a two-part report.

     If you haven’t read PART I (“The Death Of Adsense”) yet, I recommend you go to immediately, and read PART I first.

       If you’ve already read PART I, congratulations! Most people shy away from
anything controversial.

      And let’s make no mistake; “The Death Of Adsense” has definitely stirred up
some controversy.

        But put all that out of your mind for now, because I’m about to introduce you to
a brand new method of monetizing traffic that’s proving to be far more profitable than

       Best part: I’m going to tell you everything you need to know in this report. I’ll
give you every detail you need to start your new, more profitable… Life After Adsense.

          See you on the flip side,

          Scott Boulch

Confidential                                 Page 2                                9/20/2006
                             Table of Contents

Controversy – A Special Update

Part II - Life After Adsense

               How To Quit Adsense And Start Making Real Money………………………………12

               The Two Biggest Mistakes Made By Online Marketers……………………….…….14

               How A Former House Flipper Now Makes $50,000 A Month By “Flipping
               Clicks”………………………………………………………………………………………………… 21

               Climbing The Internet Marketing Food Chain………………………………………… 26

               The Basic Components Of Click Flipping…………………………………………………31

               How Click Flipping Works…………………………………………………………………… 36

               Taking Click Flipping To The Next Level…………………………………………………46

               Cash Flow, Advertising, and Long Term Happiness………………………………….48

Confidential                            Page 3                            9/20/2006
                            Special update 9/20/2006

     All Truth Passes Through Three Stages. First, It Is
     Ridiculed. Second, It Is Violently Opposed. Third, It Is
     Accepted As Being Self-Evident.

       The internet and people in general, never cease to amaze me. The last week has
been a real eye opener into the power of the internet and the passion of people.

       As expected, I have been ridiculed and praised, threatened and solicited, second
guessed and reinforced, and most of all I have been introduced - - introduced to
thousands of like-minded, successful entrepreneurs.

      In the post-Adsense boom, some were discouraged yet hopeful that a better
method of online income was still out there; others had moved on a long time ago!

       I’ve heard life stories of the rise and fall of online careers, and met people that
once had great hopes of escaping the cubicle, only to see their hopes dashed in an instant
with the flick of a switch, by forces outside their control.

      I’ve also met a huge number of people who are, and have been, earning huge
incomes online and are always open to learning something new or old that can keep
them navigating the white water that is internet marketing.

        What was not expected was the breadth and depth of the communities’ readiness
for this information.

        It seems that the timing was right and the numbers speak for themselves. As I
write this supplement, at 9:00 pm Wednesday September 20th, we have now had over
24,000 people download “The Death Of AdSense” in 8 days.

       We hit #424 on Alexa on our highest day, and have had, at times, as many as 400
people an hour joining the site.

Confidential                              Page 4                                  9/20/2006
         The list of big names that picked this up and ran with it, unsolicited, distributing
it to their lists, reads like a who’s who of internet marketing.

        Even Adsense gurus have distributed this to their list, either out of fear of not
responding, or because they themselves know that things have changed, that the glory
days of Adsense are over, and have found the information valuable for their customers. I
applaud them for their courage.

        All were not so brave. Some are plotting right now, creating copy-cat sites and
campaigns to convince you that Adsense lives. Truth will be violently opposed before it
is accepted as being self-evident.

        Its OK kids, your customers know the truth, and eventually you will accept the
truth as well. Calling me a failure and justifying your argument by using the old “ well he
built junk sites argument” is misdirection - - nice trick Houdini! Why don’t we move to
higher ground before the current “Adsense Template Wars” turn into the “Adsense Still
lives” war?

       As one critic put it, he would always prefer a comedy over a tragedy, and I agree.
“The Death Of Adsense” was introduced as a stand alone report for a reason, and now,
you hold in your hands the good news.

But before we get to that, I need to clear up a
few things that might have created some
confusion, especially if you have been out
blogging or lurking!
          So here are a few interesting claims made by my detractors…

“Part II will never be free; he’s just going to sell us something.”

          Well let’s see, have you paid for this? Nope, must be FREE!

“This is just a pre-launch process and he’s just building anticipation to sell us some up
sell that REALLY teaches us how to DO-IT”

       Nope, the entire method I use to create big checks is between these pages.
Although it would be impossible to master the concepts that I spent years of trial and
error perfecting, my popcorn trail is well marked, follow along.

“He really doesn’t earn what he says, he’s photo-shopping his checks.”

        LOL! These people truly need to call Oliver Stone. In fact, earlier today I got a
call from one of my favorite reps and we just confirmed a wire transfer for last month’s
business in the amount of $26,644.55. That’s just one of the companies I work with! It’s
not really important to me that you believe that, only that it spends. And boy does it ever
spend well. It buys diapers, baby food, pays the rent, puts food on the table, paid the 50
cents for you to read this, and so much more!

Confidential                                Page 5                                    9/20/2006
“He’s only doing this to build a list.”

        Well Duh! We are in internet marketing kids. I didn’t have a list, now I do. All
the experts told me I needed one, so I figured I’d spend a week and get one! Although,
giving away the keys to my income-generation method is a high price to pay - - far more
than the 50 cents per name it cost me up front.

“He’s only paying Point Five cents per opt in not Fifty cents, he’s tricking us”

        Ok, you don’t have to be an English major or expert in math to make a fortune
online. Isn’t that great news? 99.99% of the people who participated in the affiliate
process knew that I was paying Fifty whole cents, the ones who made a federal case out
of it were reaching for straws, trying to discredit me, and are a pack of Wankers!

“He’s not really going to pay all those affiliate commissions. Who would be crazy
enough to pay Fifty cents unless he was selling something?”

        Yes I am, and Me! Don’t loose any sleep over it; again the checks are real, so I
can afford to pay for a few thousand names, or even 25,000 names!

“He’s only going to try to sell us something down the road.”

        How about this, FIRST I will show you how to make the money. Then, and only
then, I will show you places to spend it! Wouldn’t that be a nice idea for a change! As of
this writing, I have no product to sell. Although, the majority of you that have contacted
me want me to have a product and are asking for more, there’s just nothing for sale

“How can I get My Hands on that great Viral List software?”

        One of the biggest, most pleasant surprises I have had this last week is how well
the software performed. Together with a programmer, I highly modified some custom
scripts that I have been using for years for other purposes. We created what will
eventually be known as The List Virus.

        Although it was never our intention, we accidentally stumbled upon a huge
demand for something like this, and boy does it ever work well! We will probably release
this as a product a few months from now. Those of you that understand launch
techniques can back me up on this, this was an accident, or it would be ready now LOL!

To my volunteer editors!

        Thanks for being my perpetual off-site first grade teacher. I go and waste
perfectly good money on a college education when all I needed was you to follow me
around and catch every little typo or misspelled word!

       I’ve said it once, and you’re about to experience it again, I ain’t a good speller!
And I’m slightly lisdexic (did ya catch that?) Again, ya don’t have to be a good speller to
make it in this business! Just try to read for content, and get a life!

Confidential                               Page 6                                   9/20/2006
       There is one final thing that you should be clear on as it relates to Adsense. It’s
the use of misdirection by the “Gurus” who are violently opposing the truth!
Misdirection is when you have somebody focus on something in order to keep them from
seeing what is really going on. It’s a classic magician’s technique!

Read the following post from my Blog and see if you can smell the misdirection the
“Gurus” are using!

 The Last Battle Cry Of The Dying AdSense “Gurus”
       Last week when I launched “The Death Of AdSense, And the Return to Common
Sense” I knew there would be a backlash, I expected it. To be honest, I thought there
would be much more resistance.

Instead, what I have found in the last few days is pretty amazing.

      The people are telling me I was right… and the “Gurus” have mounted a hollow
argument to try to defend until the last, their stronghold of AdSense advocacy.

        They can‘t or wont admit the truth, and still save face, so here is the criticism I’m
getting from the “Gurus”.

        “Well of course this guy thinks AdSense is dead, he admits he built junk sites, and
its no wonder his earnings tanked, cause Google cracked down on junk sites”….yada yada

That’s it! That’s all they’ve got!

        In the end the Leviathan has rolled over to show his weak spot! And the last
breath hisses out as they, in private, realize that not only is the game up, but that I will
tell everyone why.

The defense they mounted was weak, and not based on logic.

       First the quality of the site determines the number of visitors, not the ads that are
displayed or the amount advertisers pay to show those ads. It’s a classic misdirection!
Hey look over here - - Not at the real problem.

       What they don’t want you to see or think about is the value per visitor. They just
want you to think that because I built junk sites I made less. Again, site quality
determines the number of visitors and I’m talking about how much you make per visitor!
Two completely separate issues!

Confidential                                Page 7                                     9/20/2006
        I admit that I built junk sites; I admit that I used to make a lot of money with
AdSense, and now I don’t. And I admitted to my list of 1,000 customers that had
downloaded my free page generator that AdSense was dead. Not because the junk sites
didn’t get traffic, they did, rather because monetizing them with AdSense no longer paid
well. It paid a fraction of the amount it did prior to smart pricing on the Same Amount
of Traffic. I had a similar experience on my white hats sites, same amount of traffic, less

          Come on boys, have the guts to tell your customers the truth!

       You see what they are not telling you is the critical component, but some of the
wise have figured it out and they are starting to see the man behind the curtain and
demand answers!

           Smart Pricing Killed AdSense. Period!
       This is what they deny, this is what they don’t want you to know or understand,
and they hope I won‘t explain to you in detail, but I will, right now.

       Yes, I had thousands of junk black hat MFA (Made For AdSense) sites. Now
before any “Guru” tries to condemn that activity, just take a look at the products they
have sold and training they have conducted in the past! Gotcha! Busted!

          As Paul Harvey would say, and now for the rest of the story!

         What I haven’t told you is not only did I have black hat sites; I also had white hat
sites, a lot of them. They were properly built, had great original content, had tremendous
visitor value, thousands of back links and on and on and on.

        The cry of the dying “Guru” is that if you just build quality authority sites, and
give visitors what they want, and have patience, and work hard, and stick with it, that
you will win in the end.

     Please! That reminds me of the lame speeches I used to get from my upline in bad
MLM deals, “just stick to it boy and eventually the riches will come”!

      I don’t know about you but I’m too old for “eventually!” I want to enjoy the
money while I’m still able!

         What is really ironic is that if you own “Good Quality Sites” your visitors are more
likely to find what they are looking for and less likely to click away from the site on an
AdSense ad in the first place!

       At least junk sites enticed them to leave via the AdSense highway fast and earn
you some money! Quality sites hold visitors, junk sites leave them running for the
AdSense door!

I digress.

Confidential                                Page 8                                    9/20/2006
So, come along with me and let’s do some math…

       Let‘s assume I have an awesome site on a niche topic that is built exactly how you
are “Supposed” to build the perfect content-rich site, blah blah!

       Let’s also Assume I’ve worked hard to get the thing popular, and it has some great
natural traffic to it, and it’s displaying ads for my niche - - lets say Home Improvement!

     Typically my site would display AdSense ads from Adwords advertisers like
Home Depot and Lowes.

Before “Smart Pricing” It earns about $100.00 a day on average.

I am a happy boy. Then Google decides to implement “Smart Pricing”.

       Lowes and Home Depot get the word that they no longer have to pay the same
bid amounts for clicks on Google’s content network (AdSense) as they do for Google’s
search results.

       Smart advertisers, (and by smart I mean all the ones with high price keywords, or
large budgets) now log in to their respective AdWords accounts and drop the bid price
for content, or worse - - they drop ads on content sites altogether.

       It just doesn’t take as much to be in the first position for an advertiser on the
content network as it does on the search network. Why? Because Adsense ads don’t
convert as well for the advertiser as do the search ads! So, they bid down on content!
There might be one foolish advertiser that hasn’t got the news, for a while, but that soon
changes and the bidding war spirals down. Adsense revenues per visitor plummet!

       Ok here is the math. If I’m a Home Improvement site wizard, and I’m getting the
same amount of traffic to my site, and the advertisers lower their bids in AdWords… does
my income go up, or down?

        If you guessed down you win! Its simple - - lower bid - - lower AdSense click
value, lower cash and prizes for the AdSense publisher. That’s me in this case, the now
disgruntled website owner making say $9.00 a day!

Oh and by the way, if $9.00 a day floats your boat, go for it!

       But just ask anybody that had, and I mean “had” large incomes with AdSense
from White or Black hat sites, and they will admit that smart pricing made their
earnings plummet.

       There are always exceptions to the rule, but here is The Rule: if you are making
more money with AdSense today than before smart pricing, or even the same amount,
you have more visitors than you used to and you get paid a lot less on each one! Maybe
you can make it up in volume - - No, sorry, that would be a black-hat technique.

Confidential                               Page 9                                  9/20/2006
         The value per visitor has plummeted because of smart pricing. I don’t care if that
visitor lands on the end all and be all perfect white hat site or a junk site, AdSense pays
less per visitor!

         So the fact that I had junk sites might have lowered my traffic, but the white hat
sites I had were getting just as much “Traffic” as they always had. It just didn’t pay well
anymore because the value per visitor plummeted.

       To sum it up, if you are in the game for a few bucks, AdSense is your game! I
need you to be an AdSense publisher for me.

        My strategy needs bottom feeders and I, the hunter, need to steal your visitors
(the prey) right out of your mouth!

I live higher up the food chain where the gold is!

And that is the harpoon that killed the Leviathan AdSense “Gurus“.

        Remember when they try to misdirect you; ask them point blank, if their earnings
per visitor has gone up or down since smart pricing? And if their AdSense checks are
bigger, how many more sites/visitors, etc., do they have now compared to before smart

        By the way, I’m originally from Missouri, the Show Me State. Just Log in to your
Google AdWords account - - you know, the one that creates those little AdSense ads in
the first place - - and prove it to yourself. Check under campaign settings and see where
smart advertisers can turn on or off the content (AdSense) network, then look at the ad
group settings and notice the separate bid area for content sites vs. search!

       No wait, I’ve got one better for ya! Here is a screen shot from one of my auto
insurance campaigns! (Next Page)

       Notice that I dropped my content bid to $0.14 cents from $1.91? That’s a 92.6%
drop in bid price.

          Ouch! Did I say $9.00? That seems too optimistic.


Confidential                               Page 10                                  9/20/2006
Confidential   Page 11   9/20/2006
               How To Quit Adsense And Start Making
                         Real Money

          Imagine for a second that you have a son and he starts his own lemonade stand.

          He comes to you, excited as can be, with a pocketful of change.

          “Dad, I made 27 cents today!”

          Turns out, your son was selling his lemonade for one cent a glass.

          And all the other neighborhood kids were selling their lemonade for $1 a glass.

          Here’s the million dollar question: “What would you tell your son to do?”

        I know what I’d say… “Son, stop selling your lemonade for one measly cent and
raise your price!”

          It’s a no-brainer right?

          Well, guess what…

    Selling Your Clicks For A Few Cents Doesn’t
             Make Much Sense Either!
        Sure, it’s “easy” to throw Adsense on your WebPages. It’s “easy” to sell off your
visitors for just a few cents a click. And that’s why so many internet marketers have
flocked to the Adsense game…

          The promise of easy money.

       I’m going a different route. I’m going to ask you to put in a small amount of time
and effort up front. That’s the bad news.

       The good news, you only have to do the work once. Unlike Adsense where you’re
constantly adding content, constantly fighting Google for rankings… and constantly
wondering what this month’s Adsense check will look like.

       I’m going to teach you a new method of creating large income from tried and true
components. You won’t ever have to worry about your pages being kicked out of Google
or any other search engine. You won’t ever have to wonder what this month’s income
statement will look like.

Confidential                                Page 12                                   9/20/2006
       And best of all, you won’t have to live on the bottom of the food chain. What’s
that? You didn’t know you were on the bottom? Well, I’ll explain more in the next
chapter but here’s what you need to know for now…

    “The Bottom Feeders Always Get Screwed!”
          You already know this is true. It’s a fact of life.

       But just because you’re bottom-feeding right now doesn’t mean you have to stay
on the bottom forever.

        If you’re ready to scrape yourself off the bottom of the food chain and step up to
the big-time profits… go on to the next chapter.

          Because the first step towards climbing up the internet marketing food chain is to

Confidential                                   Page 13                              9/20/2006
                 The Two Biggest Mistakes Made By
                     New Online Marketers

        Believe it or not, your success as an internet marketer may be hampered by only
two little mistakes.

       Once you discover these common mistakes, you may find that your income and
your online stability rise tremendously.

      MISTAKE #1: Relying On Natural or “Organic” Search Engine Traffic
As Your Primary Source Of Traffic

      Ah, the promise of “free traffic”. How many times has the “free traffic” song
seduced you?

          Of course, there is a problem with free traffic: Unpredictability.

       If you remember from “The Death Of Adsense”, my 6th rule of business was that
any venture I decide to invest in must be predictable. I want regular paychecks.

        Unfortunately, the only thing predictable about natural or organic search engine
rankings is that they change! And fate usually steps in and changes them just when you
started counting on the money!

       Just as you decide to spring for a new car or new house… by factoring in your
internet income… the well dries up.

                           White Hat or Black Hat?
          There are two ways to try and get to the top of the search engines.

       White Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) relies on the basics of good web
design, proper page layout, and back links, etc. Some new and old internet marketers
spend months or years building the perfect looking, content rich, above board, no
shortcut, fully tested, highly back linked, authoritative, high impact, hand crafted, well
indexed, white hat, site of all sites!

        They do this in good faith that they will be rewarded by the search engines for
their good behavior, like a kindergartner getting a gold star on their paper, only to wake
up one day and find that they have been abandoned, and big “G” just doesn’t love their
site as much as it used to!

        I know, I had several of my best all white hat, no tricks sites tank at the same
time, as other big name companies like BMW Europe for instance, so It wasn’t personal!

Confidential                                 Page 14                                 9/20/2006
        It’s still a good idea to make sure your sites follow the basic good practice
guidelines of “White Hat” SEO; however, many internet marketers are willing to bend
the rules a little bit in order to gain some quick cash.

        Enter: “Black Hat” SEO tactics. Black Hat can basically be summed up as trying
to trick the search engines into thinking your page belongs at the top of the search
engines for any given niche or keyword.

       Black Hat techniques are effective… but short lived. Example: In the “old” days,
webmasters would keyword-stuff their pages. Using an off-white font, they’d pack
thousands of “invisible” keywords on their WebPages. A human visitor wouldn’t see
these keywords, but the search engine spiders would pick up on the keywords and would
reward the site with a higher ranking.

       This worked for a while… and then it didn’t. This is the folly of all Black Hat
techniques - - they work great for a short while, and then they don’t work at all.

        The search engines aren’t stupid. As soon as some crafty internet marketer
thinks up a new way to scam the search engines, the search engines figure out a way to
detect the new system, and boot out the scammers.

                    What About Page Generators?
       Page generators came into popularity a few years ago, and for a time were an
extremely effective Black Hat method of getting great natural search engine rankings.
Natural might be an overstatement, because there is nothing natural about page
generation software.

       Page generators flew onto the radar as a result of the huge popularity of Traffic
Equalizer, the grand daddy of page generators. Traffic equalizer would basically look up
the results from a search engine for a specific keyword, and then create a page with the
search engine results as the content on the page.

       Seems logical - - use search engine results and feed them right back to the search
engine. You give them back what they just told you were the top 10 results for that
keyword. Then, do that for ten or twenty thousand keywords, one page per keyword, and
load up your new mega site!

       Wow did it ever work. Then it didn’t. And since that time a huge portion of the
internet marketing community (maybe even you), have spent countless hours, and
countless dollars looking for the next great quick-fix tool to replace Traffic Equalizer.

Page generators are the single biggest factor in the dumbing down of internet marketing.

Instead of using a real business model based on a sound foundation, marketers will buy
up and spend money on any fad product that promises the quick easy hit of natural
traffic, and those demons that mine the miners are happy to regurgitate yet another spin
on tricking the search engines.

Confidential                              Page 15                                   9/20/2006
               $30,000 A Month Gone Overnight
      Shining White Hat site or super-secret Black Hat site- - either way, you cannot
depend on the whims of the search engines and expect to maintain your sanity.

          Once again, how do I know this?

        Remember the Passive Income Software and the 3000 Black Hat sites? Well long
before that massive experiment, I had several Very White Hat sites ranked number one
on Google, Yahoo, and MSN for a few highly competitive keywords in the Real Estate

          It was worth sometimes as much as $1,000.00 a day to me.

         I remember the day I logged on to check my Yahoo ranking - - Number One (1)
to number 59 for my main keyword, overnight. Worse, later that month, Google decided
it didn’t love me either, and then depression set in! Not only was my number one
keyword gone, but my entire site, and income stream dropped with it… $30,000 a month
to less than $5,000, ouch!

          MSN soon followed suit. It seems like they are always the last to catch on.

       This re-indexing was one of the first of many since then, and there is no sign that
re-indexing will ever stop. At best, a good White Hat site takes a massive amount of
work to stay on or near the top, and can plummet at any time along with your income!
White Hat is not predictable!

       Contrary to what any “Guru” will tell or sell you; no amount of blogging, blogging
and pinging, back linking, RSS feeding, article content, tag and pinging, Blog spamming,
myspace hijacking, or any other quick fix technique will get you consistent traffic. It will
work, then it won’t. Black Hat is not predictable!

        In order to build a business, and be able to sleep at night, you cannot base your
income on “Black Hat” tomfoolery, tricks, or search engine scamming, or the huge time
sink of White Hat site building. You must have predicable traffic.

       Once you have a steady six-figure day in day out income, from a real business
model, then go ahead and screw about with White Hat SEO and Black Hat techniques if
you want - - just don’t invest more than 5% of your time.

                                So What Can You Do?
        Junk, tricks, scams, or good old White Hat site building, and relying on the blind
luck of natural search engine traffic is not a plan - - it’s a shot in the dark at best.

       In a minute, I’ll show you how to skip all the White and Black Hat techniques and
bypass the search engine ranking algorithms all together, yet still get meaningful traffic.

          But first, here is…

Confidential                                Page 16                                     9/20/2006
MISTAKE #2: Giving Away The Farm Or Selling Your Clicks Too Cheaply

      The old time detectives always knew how to get to the bottom of a case: Follow
The Money.

          Let’s take a page from the detective’s playbook and see where the money goes…

Jenny’s Amazing Journey On The Information
          Meet Jenny. Jenny is sitting in her dorm room, surfing the internet.

        At this moment, Jenny is searching for “Shakira Ringtones”. (If you don’t know
who Shakira is, just know that thousands of people are searching for her name every
day). As luck would have it, Jenny lands on your website! (I guess all that blogging, RSS
feeds, back links, content, etc) really paid off!

       Ok, Jenny’s combing through your website and she spots an Adsense ad that
draws her eye.

        “My, Oh My!” she exclaims. “This ad is perfectly optimized. I am almost unable
to resist.” With that she gives in to desire and clicks on your AdSense ad.

          Cha-ching! You just made some money! How much?

        Well, that’s the bad news. You see, the Google Adwords Advertiser (that’s the guy
who’s paying for the ad that Google decided to show on your website) is bidding at $0.10
cents a click.

          So the Google Advertiser just spent $0.10 cents… and you got $0.04 cents. We
don’t know exactly how much Google keeps from every transaction, but best we can tell
it’s a little less than half.

         You got $0.04 cents, Google got $0.06 cents. Everybody’s happy. But what did
the Google Adwords Advertiser get? Well - - he got a pre-qualified, Shakira Ringtones

                        At This Point I’ve Got To
                         Let You In On A Secret
       Turns out, I’m the Google Adwords Advertiser. Yup, little old me. So it was me
who just spent $0.10 cents on a visitor who’s interested in “Shakira Ringtones”.

       For a dime, I stole your visitor! But what am I going to do with Jenny? Here’s
where it gets really good. I’m going to have Jenny land on my website. On my site, I’m
going to try and get her name and phone number.

Confidential                                Page 17                               9/20/2006
      I know from experience that 1 out of 25 visitors will in fact enter their name and
phone number? Why? To get a Shakira ringtone of course!

       And the company that sells the ringtones is willing to give me $12.00 bucks for
every person willing to give up their name and phone number.

       So let’s do the math: To get 25 visitors to my site cost me $2.50 (25 visitors x
$0.10 cents a click).

          One person took me up on the offer to get a free Shakira ringtone.

          Cha-ching! That’s $12.00 gross profit! My net is $12.00 - $2.50 = $9.50.

                              That’s a 380% Return On Investment!
          And the best part is, I do this many times every single day.

       Now what if I told you there were thousands of ways to get this kind of return,
across hundreds of industries, without web design, selling anything, no products to ship,
no customer service, and it is completely passive? Interested?

I’ll let you think it over.

Maybe you want to stick with Adsense.

Let’s do the math:

If you sold me 25 clicks at $0. 10 cents a pop, then that’s $2.50! Not bad!

But don’t forget, Google takes a cut.

Leaving you with just 25 x $0.04 cents = $1.00.

I didn’t do any more work than you… but I made $9.50 and you made $1.00.

Does that sound fair? Does that even sound legal? Doesn’t that just piss you off?

        Oh, and to add more insult to injury, you spent tons of hours and lots of dollars
on getting that whole monster White Hat site up and running and popular. It took me
less than an hour to set up my monetization, including getting the advertising campaign
working, and then it was 100% completely passive. I just turn on the faucet and out
comes lots of $9.50 thank you notes!

Put another way, every time I send out a dollar it comes back with friends, lots of friends!
(Thanks David Bullock).

Confidential                                 Page 18                                 9/20/2006
                But What About “Adsense Arbitrage?”
         For those of you who don’t know, “Adsense Arbitrage” is the process of buying
traffic with pay-per-click programs, sending the traffic to highly optimized Adsense
pages and collecting the difference.

          The inventors of this system are on the right track… but this too will ultimately

          Here’s why:

        Google knows if your traffic came from Adwords, and they penalize you with
lower Adsense payouts, this makes it incredibly difficult to try and squeeze out pennies
of profit.

      It’s not just Adsense. This system breaks down across the board with Yahoo and
MSN too.

               These Two Problems Gave Birth To A
                  Powerfully Profitable Solution
       By now, you might be wondering what you can possibly do to make money on the

        I’m telling you to forget about natural search rankings. And, I’m telling you to
stop selling your clicks so cheap.

          So what’s the solution?

          You’ve waited long enough. Strap in and get ready to discover…

Confidential                                 Page 19                                  9/20/2006
                   Click Flipping

               I bargained with Life for a penny,
                  And Life would pay no more,
                  However I begged at evening
               When I counted my scanty store;

                 For Life is a just employer,
                 He gives you what you ask,
               But once you have set the wages,
                Why, you must bear the task.

                 I worked for a menial's hire,
                    Only to learn dismayed,
               That any wage I had asked of Life,
                Life would have willingly paid.

                         ….Think And Grow Rich, Page 41.

Confidential                   Page 20                     9/20/2006
           How A Former House Flipper Now Makes
           $50,000 A Month By “Flipping Clicks”

          You may have heard of “flipping” real estate.

       It’s the process of buying a run-down property on the cheap, fixing it up quickly
and then selling if for profit.

          It’s a brutal way to make a living… but the idea is sound.

      But I’ve developed an automated way to “flip clicks” online. A way to buy clicks
cheap… and sell them on the fly for much, much more.

          I call it “Click Flipping”.

      Click Flipping: The process of identifying and maximizing, multiple Profit
Pathways, using PPC traffic and converting that traffic with Cost Per Action offers.

        Profit Pathway: A specific combination of multiple, interrelated variables, that
create a positive return from the purchase and sale of website traffic.

          Wow, that sounds hard, I quit!

          Hold on, and before you scratch your head,

      It doesn’t have to be complicated to make you a fortune, so I’m going to break it
down step by step by telling you the story of how the process was developed.

          Why PPC (pay per click) and why CPA (cost per action)? Read on!

                            So What Does Work?
      So what does work? Where are the fortunes being made online, and more
importantly how can you profit like the big boys?

         My journey into Click Flipping first started when I got an accidental email from
an affiliate manager.

         For a while I showed up in the top natural search engine rankings for some very
big real estate keywords, and that triggered the affiliate manager to email me.

Confidential                                Page 21                                9/20/2006
        I didn’t even respond to her for over 4 months but saved the email! One day
when my AdSense revenues were dropping and I was looking for other ways to monetize
the traffic, I came across the affiliate manager’s email and decided to call her. After that
conversation I decided to put up an affiliate landing page to monetize the traffic that I
was currently sending to AdSense ads and see what would happen.

          Well, 48 Hours Later I was Kicking Myself in the Butt!

       I had been averaging about $50.00-$150.00 a day from the AdSense revenue
from this particular real estate site that at the time, was number one for a few choice

        Remember this was back in the day when content bids were not separate. The
cost per click, for the keywords I ranked well for, were probably costing the advertiser
$4.00-$6.00 each, and I made probably 40% of that in AdSense revenue. A $150.00
dollar day was huge! That’s a full time income right?

       48 hours later, and my idea of huge was forever changed! You see, I was getting
$27.50 for every visitor that came to my site and filled out a simple one page form!

        All of a sudden I was getting 20 to 30 people a day filling out the form at $27.50
each - - that’s over $800.00 dollars a day to you and me!

               I Had Given Away Over $90,000!
        One simple change, on one page of one website, multiplied my income by 5 times!
It didn’t take more than 30 seconds to calculate the lost revenue I had thrown down the
toilet by giving my traffic away, monetizing with AdSense. You see, I had my site at
number one for a few really hot keywords for months! I lost over $90,000 in potential
revenue, had I only monetized my site correctly. Remember this, it was the increased
value per visitor that made the difference, not any change in the amount of traffic I was

       I thought that maybe this was a fluke until I talked to my good friend John. He
was ranked near or at the top for a very long time for car insurance keywords and, like
me, earning a couple hundred bucks a day with AdSense as his primary revenue stream.

       Also by accident, an affiliate manager contacted him after seeing his site rank
near the top, and convinced him to run some car insurance offers. His income went from
$200.00 a day to over $1,000.00 a day overnight!

          We both have marks on our butts from kicking our own ass!

        Well it didn’t take long to realize that affiliate offers, a very certain type of affiliate
offer, specifically CPA offers or lead generation, paid way more than AdSense!

       I went from making around $4,000.00 to $6,000.00 a month with AdSense to
over $25,000.00 a month from just one of my sites, just by monetizing it like an adult!

Confidential                                  Page 22                                     9/20/2006
       Life was good! I was sitting at the top of the search engines in natural rankings
for some awesome keywords and getting a small fortune for it. I had learned how to
properly monetize traffic, my natural organic traffic….

Then the bottom fell out.

       Google made one small change and I watched in horror as my perfect little White
Hat, number-one site fell to the depths of search results that only a miner could find!

       In some cases my rankings disappeared completely, and it was as if my site no
longer existed on the internet. I could find it by typing it in, but it seemed I was the only
one who ever found it!

       Even perfectly built, White Hat, content rich sites, will get bounced from the first
page of Google on a regular basis for one simple reason! Every time it happens, people
like me resort to buying our position back in AdWords, and Google’s profit just went up!

      Well, I had some money; after all I was making huge checks, so I began the
“money-wasting” phase of my internet career.

       I opened up an AdWords account, put in the same top keywords that I used to
rank so well for, used Google’s suggested daily budget, created one ad for dozens of
keywords, put in my credit card number, and I was off to the races!

                                  My Horse Lost!
       I, like every Adwords newbie, did everything wrong! I finally put a stop to the
bleeding a few months into the experience and decided I didn’t know jack, about Pay-

          Enter Perry Marshall.

         At this point let me say two things: 1) Thank God for Perry Marshall, and 2) His
material is required reading for any Click Flipper, or anyone who ever hopes or wants to
profit from a predictable, consistent, source of traffic.

        I got a copy of the Definitive Guide to Adwords, and that, as it turned out, was the
starting point of my real internet marketing career!

        From that point forward I considered myself to be in internet marketing, not just
a hack, and although I hadn’t totally abandoned AdSense, I knew I had a wining formula
with CPA offers and PPC traffic.

          I now make less than $600.00 a month from AdSense and frankly I don’t care.

       I don’t have the time to waste searching for pennies. My focus from that day
forward has been on real online marketing.

Confidential                               Page 23                                    9/20/2006
       Perry’s book taught me the basics of Google Adwords, and just by making a few
simple changes to my AdWords account, I was able to turn my highly unprofitable
campaign into a very profitable campaign.

       I restarted advertising and paid to have my ad ranked between numbers 2 to 6 for
the same keywords I had always used. Now driving that traffic to my real estate offer
only cost me about $10.00 per conversion and I profited $17.50 per conversion.

         That’s 175% net profit, and through an ever increasing budget paid for with
profit, in cash, I ran up my monthly campaign budget to over $18,000.00! I was now
profitably competing with some of the biggest names in real estate, and laughing all the
way to the bank.

       I had overcome the two biggest mistakes internet marketers make. I no longer
gave away my traffic for pennies on the dollar, and I no longer depended on the whims of
the search engines for my visitors!

        And that brings me to the instruction on the back of every shampoo bottle you
will ever read!

       My new mission was to find other profitable offers, then drive traffic to them with
PPC traffic for what I would call a “positive income experience”!

         The great news was this; I could slap up a domain and website, drop in a new
campaign to AdWords and drive traffic to that offer in less than a day. I became an
affiliate for Commission Junction, Azoogle, and over a dozen other CPA networks and I
was off to the races again!

          Well, if there is one thing I’ve learned it’s that I have a lot to learn!

       The problem was, I had spent the better part of two years maximizing my White
Hat real estate sites and I knew real estate keywords inside and out. On the other hand, I
knew little or nothing about other niches. I kept telling my rep at Azoogle that I was
going to do big things soon, but I was really shooting rubber bands at the moon.

               Back To The Drawing Board Again
         I’m a big believer in asking the right question to get the answers you are looking
for so I just asked myself: “How can I recreate the positive income stream from my real
estate sites, in other industries?”

        Just like finding Perry’s book and making a few small changes to get my first
income stream profitable, I knew I was just missing small nuances that would make all
the difference in my following campaigns!

        I found great offers and would run campaigns and do all the basics, but I would
either break even or loose just a little bit each time.

Confidential                                   Page 24                                9/20/2006
        Not like the bleeding that occurred in my first AdWords campaigns, but still I was
not getting anywhere. My gut instinct told me that the missing link was testing!

       Testing, how boring is that? I had a stat program up and used the stats from
Google Adwords to test different ads against each other, wasn’t that enough? Not a

        As it turns out, there is a small fortune to be made in putting the right offer on
the right page, and driving traffic to that page from the right keywords, using the right

          The Right Keywords - > The Right Ad -> The Right Page
              -> The Right Offer = PROFIT PATHWAY

          Get one of those wrong and you’re sunk!

     I asked a better question, how can I identify the exact combination of
components to create a profitable campaign using PPC and CPA offers.

          I asked a better question and got a better answer as Tony Robbins would say!

        I started testing at the keyword level and developed a step by step process to
identify Profit Pathways.

        I found that the most critical component in the testing process was the keyword
that I was bidding on, and since I couldn’t use the standard Google conversion tracking,
(the proprietary process), I came up with a real winner!

       Click Flipping became easy, and once I identified a Profit Pathway, I simply
deleted the unprofitable keywords and turned up the volume on the remaining profitable

        Click Flipping is more than a method of testing and profit maximization; it is as
much a method of playing where the gold is as opposed to contextual advertising, and
living higher up the internet marketing food chain.

      In the next chapter, I’ll reveal how Click Flipping moves you up the internet
marketing food chain…

Confidential                               Page 25                                   9/20/2006
                 Climbing The Internet Marketing
                         Food Chain

        Click Flipping is what the grown ups do on the internet. It is again built on a
solid foundation of the basics, therefore has longevity and, more importantly, puts you
higher up the food chain where the gold is!

         First let’s look at the food chain of internet marketing, and then why we
specifically use PPC advertising to generate traffic, and use CPA offers to monetize that

Bottom Feeders:

       At the bottom of the food chain of internet income generation, we have the
Bottom Feeders, or contextual advertisers. This is any internet marketer that uses
contextual advertising as their primary, (the key here is primary), monetization source.

        It’s easy, simple, fast, and doesn’t require a lot of thought to become a contextual
advertiser. Just slap up a website, with or without content, and place the magic code on
the site that allows contextual advertising to be displayed. A partial list of contextual
advertisers are: AdSense, Yahoo Publisher Network, Chitika, Kontera, Search Feed,
Focalex etc…

       This member of the food chain settles for the scraps left behind by higher
members of the food chain, by allowing others to steal their website visitors for pennies
on the dollar, and sell those visitors for a higher price.

        Although it is an easy way into internet marketing, it cannot be expected to ever
create a long term, six-figure income for the average person.

      Remember Jenny back in her dorm room? In our Shakira/Ring Tone example, a
Bottom Feeder might get $0.04 cents a click for displaying the contextual ads on their


        Just above the Bottom Feeders are the Scavengers. Scavengers place themselves
just above the Bottom Feeder. These are the advertising networks that connect
advertisers to contextual publishers or “Bottom Feeders”, or directly to consumers with
ads displayed on their search engine results.

       Some examples of Scavengers are the same companies that produce the
contextual ads in the first place. Google with their Adwords program, Yahoo/Overture,
and Microsoft with MSN Ad Center.

Confidential                               Page 26                                   9/20/2006
        Scavengers earn their income from ad revenue for ads displayed in their search
results, and from the Arbitrage between what they charge advertisers to display ads and
the much smaller amount they pay to the Bottom feeders to actually place the contextual
ads on their sites.

         In our Shakira/Ring Tone example, the Scavenger will make the difference
between the$0.10 cents that the advertiser spends per click and the $0.04 cents it pays
out to the Bottom Feeder - - about $0.06 cents per click. Or, the Scavenger will make
the full $0.10 cents if they capture the visitors click from their search engine.


         A Hunter actually creates a transaction between a buyer and seller; what a
concept!. A Hunter adds value to the equation by converting a click into a lead or sale of
an affiliate product or service. Hunters get visitors to their websites by paying
Scavengers to display their ads in search results or by natural traffic to their sites.

      Click Flippers start out as Hunters, and in our Shakira/Ring Tone example, a
Hunter would make $12.00 per lead on the ringtone subscription.

Hunters play in a world that is at a much higher level of skill, knowledge and reward, and
six figure incomes are common place among Hunters.

Hunters actually go and get the customer and do something to add value. In return
they are paid from higher up the food chain for their good work!

Hunting Parties:

       Hunting Parties are companies that group together large numbers of Hunters.
They then aggregate the customers that this big group of Hunters has found, and take
them to market! They play middle man and live on the arbitrage between individual
Hunters and the Whales!

       Examples of Hunting Parties are Affiliate networks like Commission Junction or
Link share or CPA networks such as Azoogle, Modern Click or CPA Empire.

       They also add value to the equation by bringing large groups of Hunters to a
Whale, providing lots of leads, or customers, in one simple location to the Whales.

     They also make life easy for Hunters, by doing most of the web design, and
HTML coding for us.

      In our Shakira/Ring Tone example, the Hunting Parties often Keystone the
amount paid to the Hunter. Keystoning is simply doubling the amount. So if a Hunter
makes $12.00 for the ringtone lead in our example, the Hunting Party may make as
much as $12.00 a sale as well, charging the Whale $24.00 for the exact same lead or

       Hunting Parties are multi-million dollar companies, typically with employees,
and overhead, and huge capital at risk. They routinely cut monthly or weekly checks to
Hunters in the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Confidential                              Page 27                                  9/20/2006

      Whales are the Leviathans of all internet marketing. A Whale knows its lifetime
customer value, and spends the money necessary to acquire that customer for a profit.

       Whales employ of the use of many hunting parties, individual hunters, and even
hunt and scavenge on their own for customers.

        They are the end of the line in the food chain and our Shakira - Ring Tone
customer that they paid $24.00 to acquire, may represent hundreds, or thousands of
dollars in lifetime visitor value to the Whale.

          This is where we would all like to end up, or would we?

       It’s possible to move up and down the food chain, as well as to be on more than
one place at one time, along the chain. Companies often employ the use of affiliate
networks, and advertise directly at the same time, through ad networks like Google
Adwords, or by direct placements on other website properties.

                   The Facts Of The Food Chain
        Wherever you live on the food chain there are a few undisputed facts. The higher
you live on the food chain, the greater the reward and the greater the risk. The risk is
typically financial, and if you “Follow The Money”, it flows down the food chain from the
Whales all the way down to the Bottom Feeders, and customers flow up the food chain in

        Also, anytime you see Arbitrage in a vertical market like our ringtone example,
there is always room for more profit to be made.

        For instance, what if you were a Hunter who created such a large volume of leads
for a Hunting Party that you one day just called the Whale and said, “Hey, I’ve got lots of
customers here, and your paying $24.00 now, and I’m getting $12.00, why don’t I just
sell them directly to you at $18.00 each and we both win?”

       This is exactly what happened to me when I started the early stages of Click
Flipping. I eliminated Commission Junction from the food chain and dealt directly with
HomeGain, an undisputed Whale, selling them leads for $27.50 each as opposed to
$12.00 through Commission Junction.

        What if I took it one step further and decided that my lead flow was large enough
to create my own version of HomeGain, and sell leads directly to Realtors? Once again,
greater reward, as I believe HomeGain shoots for a return of about $90.00 per lead, but
also a huge risk financially and also a big pain in the ass.

       Can you imagine working directly with thousands of Realtors every day? Just
shoot me!

Confidential                                Page 28                                9/20/2006
         The Sweet spot in Click Flipping is somewhere between the Whale and the
Hunter. Striking a balance between the two can provide a passive six figure income and
the lifestyle to enjoy it!

        The other advantage of finding a sweet spot in the middle is time. It’s possible for
you to be a Hunter for dozens of affiliate networks and still have passive income. Try to
create one Whale situation and watch as your time disappears. True, there is a tradeoff
in income, but a seven figure income or at least a mid six-figure income just being a
Hunter is possible.

                        Hunting For Profits…
       Six-figure incomes are common place as a Hunter, and with lots of free time.
There is no need to risk huge capital or quit your day job as a Hunter. You can set up
passive income streams and Profit Pathways till your hearts content, and then just let
them ride!

        The important lesson here is to move up the food chain. As it turns out, its
actually much easier to get a six-figure income from operating as a Hunter than it is to
generate a few thousand dollars a year as a Bottom Feeder.

       The income using PPC and CPA networks is instantaneous, measurable,
dependable, passive and a lot less time consuming. For once you can sleep at night
knowing that you’ll be able to afford that G.I. Joe with the Kung Fu grip for your child at
Christmas and that quitting the industry of internet marketing, or worse, going back to
the cubicle, is not a concern.

        You will now be able to sit in the back of the room and anonymously earn a six
figure income stress free, as you toy with all those Bottom Feeders!

   Two Examples Of The Food Chain in Action!
       First we meet Jim. Jim likes red Hawaiian shirts and creates information
products (A whale), and he creates a new killer information product, and brings it to the
market and, he sells his product for $100.00 dollars. Knowing his life time visitor value,
Jim enlists the help of Click Bank (a Hunting Party) to bring lots of Hunters to the table.

       Bob, a long time internet marketer, cruises Click Bank, and sees that Jim is
paying a generous $40.00 commission on his new product. So Bob (The Hunter)
promotes Jim’s new product on his site.

        Being the savvy marketer that he is, Bob then takes things one step further and
enlists AdWords (a Scavenger) to advertise Jim’s new information product on the Google
search and AdSense content networks. Of course Bob pays $1.00 a click for search clicks
and $0.10 cents per click when the clicks come from the content network.

         Bob tests and tweaks his site and realizes that it takes approximately 20 search
clicks or 40 content clicks to sell one of Jim’s products. Even after advertising costs, he
still nets $20.00 and $36.00 profit respectively from the sale of Jim's product.

Confidential                               Page 29                                  9/20/2006
      Jim is sitting by and smiling at this point, as he makes $60.00 each time this
happens. Bob is smiling too, because he’s making lots of $40.00, and $20.00, and
$36.00 thank you notes.

       Google happily charges Bob the $0.10 cents a click or $4.00 per conversion, and
also happily pays Joe a percentage of that $0.10 cents a click.

        Enter Joe (the Bottom Feeder), Joe is a website owner as well, but Joe is a
contextual advertiser. Joe is happy to build sites all day long, and place contextual ads
on his sites, sending his visitors up the food chain to Google, Bob, and Jim!

       Joe gets a fair amount of traffic to his site and happily makes $0.04 cents every
time somebody clicks on one of his Adsense ads. Every 40 clicks on his ad he makes

      Joe makes $1.60, Google makes $2.40, Bob makes $36.00, and Jim makes

                     Poor Joe, If He Only Knew!
      Let’s take a look at a campaign that hits a little closer to home. “The Death Of

       I’m paying $0.50 cents for every confirmed opt in (Whale), there are dozens of JV
partners mailing their lists (Hunting Parties), and thousands of affiliates (Hunters)
blogging, and posting, and re-mailing their lists.

      Then there are even some savvy Hunters that have advertised “The Death Of
AdSense” through Google’s Adwords program (Scavenger).

       Here is the best part - - some of those ads are running in the content network,
(see where I’m headed with this one LOL!).

        That means, that the very same AdSense “Gurus” that I speak so highly about in
“The Death Of AdSense”, that have contextual advertising optimized so well all over their
sites for the term “AdSense”, are actually displaying ads for “The Death Of AdSense”!

          It’s true, I’ve seen them! (he said as they scramble to look at their sites!)

          Classic! ROTFLMAO!

         Some of you reading this may find this little food chain thing too simplistic, but it
can be applied to any sales channel in the entire internet marketing world and if you lay
it over the moving parts, it’s instantly apparent where the gold is!

Confidential                                  Page 30                                     9/20/2006
               The Basic Components of Click Flipping

      The two basic components to Click Flipping are Buying PPC traffic and
Monetizing it like an adult with CPA offers!

       Ok, I can hear the screams now from all those jaded internet marketers that have
waited all week and went through all the whole AdSense is dead thing.

“Do you mean to tell me that this is the big mystery - - PPC to CPA

          Well, Yes, and No!

       The way most people deal with PPC advertising, and the way most people run
CPA offers is dead! Been there, done that, lost my t-shirt!

        Click Flipping is different; it takes PPC to CPA to a whole new level. Because it’s
a back to the future concept, it’s not based on a fad, and once you are earning income,
you can finally sleep at night knowing that your income is not subject to search engine

       And Ill let you in on a little secret. Have you ever heard me say “Adsense is
dead?” Well it just may come back to life. Google is working on their very own, CPA
network, as we speak. Google is not stupid!

Google’s new CPA network!

        This was sent out to a select group of AdSense publishers recently. Google is in
fact testing out it’s own CPA network!

“The Google AdSense team would like to invite you to test a feature that provides you
with a new way to earn revenue from your website by hosting ads that are
compensated based on a Cost-Per-Action [CPA] basis. These ads are very different in
that you will be able to choose amongst a selection and you will also have more
flexibility in promoting them...”

       If you think the writing is not on the wall, think again! Yes you can be ahead of
the curve this time! Before the rest of the internet marketing world discovers this!

       As much as I believe AdSense is dead as the huge money maker it was, I believe
Google’s GCPA network will rock! It may bring back the glory days of big Google checks!

          How does it feel to be ahead of the game for a change?

Confidential                                Page 31                                 9/20/2006
        Why Pay Per Click for Traffic, and Why
       Monetize with CAP or Affiliate Networks.
          Cold Hard Fact: The Money Is In The Money!

       I was having a conversation with the master of Tagucci testing the other day,
David Bullock. David and I were discussing the plight of internet marketers and the
common problems we saw in the marketplace and I mentioned my The Money Is In The
Money Quote to him. He cracked up, and instantly knew what I meant!

         You will forever hear from “Gurus” that “the money is in the list”, “the money is
in the testing”, “the money is in the viral nature of your site”, “the money is in the up
sell”, “the money is in the proper launch techniques”, “the money is in the Whatever”.


         The Money Is In The Money! Simply put, you won’t be here to build, launch, or
profit from a list, backend, viral site, up sell or testing, if you don’t make some money,
and make it quick! You will be back in the cubicle complaining to your co-workers that
internet marketing is a scam, and that only a few really make any money!

        Your first goal in internet marketing should be to survive internet marketing, and
not to be one of its victims!

   For That, My Dear Friends, You Need Cash…
              And You Need It Now!
        The goal in any entrepreneurial endeavor is to survive to fight another day. Far
too many would-be internet millionaires are back to the cubicle before they really even
get started or have a good understanding of the internet marketing world.

          In order to do well, you must first, survive the process.

          So then Why PPC traffic?

        PPC traffic is instantaneous, measurable, and dependable, produces consistent
results and as long as it’s properly measured and tested, will allow you to start
earning profit right now.

        There is no waiting for Google’s sandbox, or White or Black Hat techniques to
kick in, you turn on the faucet, and out comes traffic. You can place yourself a the top of
the search engines, and therefore, get a huge flood of traffic right now, today, go to the
front of the line and do not pass go!

Confidential                                 Page 32                                9/20/2006
               Next, Why CPA or Affiliate Networks?
       CPA networks are almost 100% populated with a certain type of offer - - Pay Per
Lead Offers. Affiliate networks can also be valuable, but within those networks you
should focus first on Pay Per Lead offers as well.

       Pay per Lead offers are quick, painless, and easy to measure. They provide a
quick hit of cash, and are very profitable.

        Imagine the difference a website visitor experiences when they visit the following
two sites.

                      A Tale Of Two Web Sites
        In the first example, a visitor, Bob comes to a Whale’s website. Lets assume it’s
an auto loan site and on that site Bob completes an auto loan application. Then Bob is
required to fax in proof of income, verification of employment, a credit report is pulled,
then a loan officer contacts Bob and sets up the loan for a specific vehicle.

        Bob is further required to give the VIN number and exact make and model, and
the options on the car for which he is hoping to get a loan. Then at some point Bob
either gets the car loan, or not. All along this process, there are huge holes where Bob
can bail out or get rejected, and if that occurs, no cash and prizes!

        Now let’s take Bob and assume he lands on one of our Click Flipping Hunter
sites. There he sees a brief description of the auto finance offer. Bob is encouraged by
the fact that the site states that all credit is accepted and then he simply fills out a form
with his name, address, email, and phone number, and clicks submit! Cha Ching! - - We
just got paid around $16.00!

         Now Bob is still going to be re-directed to fill out the whole application and go
through the process, but we as Hunters have already been paid, and are on to our next
visitor, regardless of the outcome of Bob’s loan.

           A Shocking Concept: Adding Value To The
        All of the risk is on the shoulders of the Whale site and we are on down the road,
as they say in the car business!

        We as Hunters have added Value to the equation by advertising for, and then
converting a surfer, Bob, into a prospect. Bob has at least taken a baby step toward
getting a car loan, by raising his hand and filling out a form!

      We got a small part of the total potential profit, but we got paid regardless of the
outcome, thereby eliminating our risk!

Confidential                               Page 33                                   9/20/2006
        A check will come once a month, sometimes once a week, and depending on the
network, can often be wire transferred once you get going. We are paid, cash and prizes
in the bank, and we are on the boat long before Bob even completes the process in many

       It’s a kinder gentler income, and you may find like many Click Flippers that
staying here at this exact sweet spot in the food chain is more enjoyable than anywhere

        There is also a list of other benefits in using a CPA network, especially when
you’re just getting started. There are obvious examples like no product to ship or deal
with, and that means no returns, the income is instant, the income is almost always free
from charge backs, there is no collection of payment from the Whales to get your
earnings, just plug into the network, run the offers, and get paid.

       One of the biggest advantages of using a CPA network is time to market. CPA
networks don’t just mark up the leads by 100% without adding value themselves. Many
have in-house creative departments and designers or use offers that have already been
supplied by the Whales. Translated, this means very little if any web design is required
on your part as a Hunter!

         You can usually just design an appropriate landing page and then link directly to
the offer, or in many cases, wrap the offer with a little extra text or html with your
affiliate code embedded in the link!

                                   Speedy Profits
       The time to market is amazingly fast. A Click Flipper can have a new offer up, on
a new domain, advertised, and creating income in less than a day (and in most cases less
than an hour), once you get the hang of it!

      CPA networks also have ad reps! Yes, Humans, with telephone numbers, and in
many cases instant messenger ID’s! Here is the best part; their salary depends on how
much money you make! Yep, they want you to succeed. The more you make, the more
they make!

      It’s been my experience that ad reps are your best friend and yet another secret
weapon in our arsenal of income.

        They can tell you what offers are converting best, what offers work best for PPC
search, offers that are exclusive to their networks, (less competition) and in some cases
they may even allow you to run an offer exclusively!

        I currently have an offer up from one CPA network that is not currently available
to any of the rest of the network, and it’s been producing a six figure income for me for
months now. I was able to get the offer simply by getting to know my ad rep, and
demonstrating that I could produce a healthy volume of leads.

       Also, a dirty little secret about ads reps! Get to know them well, and help them
make a lot of money, and sometimes you can up your profit with a simple phone call.

Confidential                              Page 34                                  9/20/2006
       I have on many occasions negotiated a higher payout just by asking. I usually
have justification if the offer requires expensive keywords or doesn’t convert as well as
other offers.

         40% More Profits From One Phone Call
        One phone call could raise our example payout of $12.00 for the Shakira
Ringtone to lets say conservatively, $13.00. With a cost of $2.50 per conversion, that
raises our ROI from 380% to 420% just with one phone call! That’s an extra 40% or
$400.00 dollars per thousand spent in AdWords!

          CPA networks are also plentiful!

        Piss off a Commission Junction and you’re done! There are only a few networks
of that type, and because of that they have all the control and power in the relationship.

       CPA networks are plentiful, as of this writing there are well over 50 that I know
about! If you don’t like one, just replace the offer link with, in many cases, the same offer
from another network, boom done!

                           Lots to Choose From
CPA networks have literally hundreds of offers in hundreds of industries, each with
pre-made graphics and cut and paste HTML code. You can earn as little as $0.75 cents
each time a visitor enters their email address, all the way up to $35.00 to $45.00 for
some offers! I have even seen offers for subscription services, like Vonage phone service
that will pay out as much as $100.00!

       By incorporating PPC advertising, some very basic web work, and monetizing
with CPA networks we have a foundation laid to make a fortune.

     Click Flipping by design accomplishes a few key goals.

     •    It gets you to the money fast!
     •    It gets you higher up the food chain, where the gold is!
     •    It limits risk.
     •    Its runs automatically when it’s built.
     •    It is a long term strategy built on the basics.
     •    It’s not subject to search engine whims; therefore it can be counted on.
     •    It’s just plain fun to make money, this way, and this fast!

    The foundation is laid, but we are not quite there yet. Now we need to use this
foundation to quickly identify and maximize Profit Pathways. That is what separates
Click Flipper from the rest of the herd, and that’s where the real fun begins!

Confidential                                 Page 35                                 9/20/2006
                          How Click Flipping Works

OK, you have waited long enough; here are the meat and potatoes of Click Flipping.

The goal of Click Flipping is simple, identify Profit Pathways and then maximize them
for total revenue.

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, but not in click flipping! In
reality, and for our purposes, the shortest distance between a visitor starting a search
and completing a CPA offer, is a specific combination of variables. This can be a long
and winding road.

When a website surfer uses a search engine to locate something, here are just some of the
potential variables involved in getting them from point A to point B!

What keyword did they type in?
What time of day did they type it in?
What ad was displayed?
What position was the ad displayed in?
What Headline did the ad have?
What body text did the ad have?
What is the URL of the site in the Ad?
What Display URL did the ad have?
What type of landing page was displayed?
Was the landing page using a 1 step or 2 step Process?
What was the background color of the page?
What Headline did the landing page have?
What Sub-headings are on the landing page?
What photographs were on the Landing Page?
What position were the photographs?
What body text was on the landing page?
What Call to action was on the landing page?
What offer was being promoted?
What is the conversion value of the offer?
How many fields must the user fill out to complete the offer?
Is the Offer page a 1,2,3 or more step process?

And here is the kicker!

What combination, of each of the variations, of each of the above variables, creates

It’s been a long while since statistics class, but I can tell you with certainty that the
combinations and permutations of the variables above are in the millions!
In English that means that there are more than one million pathways a visitor could take,
and some will produce profit, some will most certainly not!

Confidential                               Page 36                                  9/20/2006
Click Flipping is the process of working with those variables to create profit.

The first step in the process if to break down the variables in to groups, then identify the
variables with the highest impact on our profit.

          Front End Variables:
                What keyword did they type in?
                What match type was the keyword?
                What ad was displayed?
                What position was the ad displayed in?
                What Headline did the ad have
                What body text did the ad have?
                What is the URL of the site in the Ad?
                What Display URL did the ad have?

          Back End Variables:
                What type of landing page was displayed?
                Was the landing page using a 1 step or 2 step Process?
                What was the background color of the page?
                What Headline did the landing page have?
                What Sub-headings are on the page?
                What photographs were on the Landing Page?
                What position were the photographs?
                What body text was on the page.
                What Call to action was on the page?
                What offer was being promoted?
                What is the conversion value of the offer?
                How many fields must the user fill out to complete the offer?
                Is the Offer page a 1,2,3 or more step process?
                What time of day did they type it in?

        There are obviously a lot of variables to test here and finding the exact
combination of each one of these sets of variables that leads to profit can, at first anyway,
look like a daunting task.

          “Wow, that looks hard, I quit”

          Stay with me!

        If we ran a split test on every combination of every variable possible in the visitor
path, it would take years and countless hours to find profitable combinations; however,
there is a way to get to profit, quickly, beat out 90% of the competition and then, and
only then, refine your testing to maximize profit.

        Remember, once you have the oxygen mask on, you can survive, and save the rest
of the plane.

       One of the biggest breakthroughs in testing recently has come out of the
industrial engineering world. Tagucci testing, very simplified, is the ability to test
multiple variables and their influence on each other, all at the same time.

Confidential                               Page 37                                       9/20/2006
        David Bullock is the foremost expert on the application of Tagucci testing in the
online environment and has broken new ground, taking what seemed like impossible
offers to profit from, and turning them from a losing proposition to a huge money maker.
He was able to gain in some cases as much as 200% to 400% increases in conversions by
applying Tagucci testing to landing pages.

       One of the key elements of Tagucci testing is the ability to determine what
variables have the most influence on outcomes. For instance, the background color of a
landing page may have very little affect on conversions, while the headline of a landing
page may have the most influence.

       The majority of testing, testing platforms, and software, typically focus on
landing pages, the back end of a visitor’s path to profit.

                      Testing From Front To Back
     Click Flipping approaches this process from the front end and measures the
number one critical variable in the equation on the front end - - Keywords!

       By far the most critical and most overlooked variable that can determine a
winning or losing campaign is the actual keyword a visitor uses to find your site and

        Based on what keyword a visitor uses, you can greatly improve your conversions
if you know what keywords to bid on in the first place. The trick is finding out what
keywords lead to conversions and what keywords lead to a losing campaign.

       Let’s look at an extremely simplified example using Jenny and her Ringtone
search and some simplified sample numbers.

        The first thing we will assume in our example is that we set up a brand new
campaign, an Adwords Ad, and we advertise for the following keywords in order to sell
the same Shakira Ringtone offer we have been using all along. We let our campaign run
for a few days and get back the following data from our AdWords Account.

         Here is a list of keywords, impressions, click-through rates, costs per click, total
clicks, and total cost, listed by keyword.

               Keyword             Impressions   CTR     Clicks     CPC    Cost
               Shakira                9000       1.0%      90       1.00   $90.00
               Shakira lyrics         1800       1.5%      27        .75   $20.25
               Shakira fan club       1500       3.0%      45        .25    $11.25
               Shakira Ringtone       1200       4.0%      48       2.50   $120.00
                           Total     13,500               210              $241.50

        In our example Campaign we ran Adwords ads and got 13,500 exposures,
resulting in 210 clicks and a total cost for the campaign of $241.50.

Confidential                                Page 38                                    9/20/2006
        We log in to our CPA network to check our daily stats and find out that we have
actually created 14 conversions at $12.00 each for a total income of $168.00.

                       We Just Lost $73.50! Ouch!
       90% of all internet marketers stop here and abandon the Campaign
assuming it’s not profitable. But as a Click Flipper, you will soon see that there is
huge profit in this campaign, we just haven’t done our homework yet.

        First, let’s look at a few things about our sample. The click-through rate is very
small for our most general term Shakira and gets better as we get narrower with our
keywords. Also the cost per click varies, and spikes on the term Shakira Ringtone!

         Most advertisers will just come straight at an audience and try to convert the
traffic with brute force, by bidding on the most general term Shakira! They overspend on
general keywords, and will leave a huge percentage of the market on the table. What
they leave behind converts far more profitably and that gives us the opportunity to get to
the customer, sideways, and earn huge profits.

          Let’s go back to our table and take a look.

                Keyword              Impressions   CTR    Clicks   CPC    Cost
                Shakira                 9000       1.0%     90     1.00    $90.00
                Shakira lyrics          1800       1.5%     27      .75    $20.25
                Shakira fan club        1500       3.0%     45      .25    $11.25
                Shakira Ringtone        1200       4.0%     48     2.50   $120.00
                             Total     13,500              210            $241.50

          What’s missing?

       The biggest hole in our sample campaign is the lack of information we have, at
the keyword level.

       What keywords led to conversions and what keywords just cost us money. We
don’t know at this point.

       At this point some of you are screaming conversion tracking code! Yes it’s true;
Google provides conversion tracking code to measure keyword performance.

        By placing a small block of html code on your thank you page, you can measure
the effectiveness of a given keyword.

          Great! No Problem, I’ll just paste the code on the….. Wait a second, thank you

       If I send my traffic to a CPA offer, and they fill out the form on the advertiser’s
website, how can I get that visitor back to my thank you page?

          You Can’t!

Confidential                                  Page 39                                9/20/2006
                          The Dilemma Of CPA Offers
            And herein lays the dilemma of CPA offers. They are hugely profitable but
    typically, you have no control over the landing page since it is created by the advertiser
    or CPA network. Back end testing is out of the question, and since the thank you page
    that displays after a conversion is also designed by the advertiser and your visitor sees it
    long after they have left your site, how can you measure front end variables???

            I found out almost by accident that the exact right combination of keywords on
    the front end could lead to a fortune, but when I tried to re-create this with other offers I
    ran smack into this dilemma!

          But, I’m not willing to accept no for an answer. So I went on a search for better
    answers. I asked, “can I place some html code on your page please?”


           “Can I place a small 1 by 1 pixel on your thank you page, that can be coded to send
    the conversion data back to me?”

              No, not unless you’re another Whale, or at least a Hunting Party.

           Can I pass a variable along with my affiliate id, and then see conversions
    according to that sub-id?

              Yes! Bingo! Cha-Ching!

           Problem Solved, now let me show you why you would want to go through the
    trouble in the first place before we walk through it together.

          Back to our table, I’m going to show you the result of applying the Click Flipping
    method to our ringtone example. We get keyword level data out of the process!

Keyword             ID    Imp      CTR    Clicks   CPC       Cost      Con%     Leads   Income   Profit
Shakira             100    9000     .1%     90     1.00       90.00     5.55%     5      60.00    -30.00
Shakira lyrics      101    1800    1.5%     27     .75        20.25     3.07%     1      12.00     -8.25
Shakira fan         102    1500    3.0%     45      .25       11.25    11.11%     5      60.00     48.75
Shakira             103   1200     4.0%    48      2.50      120.00    6.25%      3     36.00     -84.00
         Total            13,500           210               $241.50                    168.00    -73.50

              Ah Ha! Now we can see where the profit is, and where the bleeding is!

            So we frantically go into our Adwords account and delete the “Shakira”, “Shakira
    Lyrics” and the “Shakira Ringtone” keywords

    Confidential                                   Page 40                                   9/20/2006
             Now take a look at the same results after we eliminate the unprofitable keywords!

Keyword           ID    Imp    CTR    Clicks   CPC       Cost    Con%     Leads   Income   Profit
Shakira fan       102   1500   3.0%     45      .25      11.25   11.11%     5      60.00    48.75
      Total             1500           45                11.25              5     60.00     $48.75

          Wow what a difference a little testing can make! The same campaign, same offer,
   and our profitability went from -$73.50 or a 30.43% Loss to a whopping $48.75 or 533%
   gain on the exact same campaign! Plus we only used $11.25 to create our profit. Even if
   we were profitable in the first example it’s always better to find bargain keywords that
   produce, and then turn up the volume on those keywords.

          Our next logical step in this campaign would be to max out the daily amount we
   spend on the keywords that create profit, and find more bargain keywords!

          This example, while very accurate, also leaves out the fact that there are hundreds
   and hundreds of keywords for “Shakira” and for each artist we can think of! So we can in
   very short order come up with thousands of keywords, test them, and then keep the good
   and trash the bad!

                                      $1,000 A Day
           Why is this such a big deal? Well is $48.75 over a few days realistic for ringtones
   keywords? Nope, try $1,000.00 a day, net profit! I’ve made as much as $1,000.00 net, in
   a single day from ringtones!

          I used ringtones and will continue to use them as test cases, and examples
   because they are very common offers on CPA networks, and have as many keywords as
   you can dream up and test. I’m really not worried about competition.

         Anyway, let’s get back to how we separate the zeros from the heroes in our
   keyword list!

           In order to get data back at the keyword level we need to pass a tracking code
   unique to each keyword through to the CPA networks, and then look at the conversions
   for each code.

           While I was developing the Click Flipping method, I started passing the actual
   keyword through to the networks. It doesn’t have to be a number, so I would pass the
   actual keyword like “Shakira fan club” on to the CPA network. Big Mistake!

          You might as well give your competition the loaded gun and paint a target on
   your head! Remember Whales can be Hunters too! I soon found my ringtone offers up
   against the actual ringtone advertiser’s offers, for obscure keywords where I was the only
   advertiser the day before!

   Confidential                                Page 41                                 9/20/2006
Cold Hard Fact: The advertiser is watching and can and will steal your keyword

        So I quickly needed a slightly more sophisticated method to pass along the
correct IDs to the CPA networks, and changed to using numbers associated with each
specific keyword.

          OK for all you wanna be Click Flippers get out your spreadsheets!

        The first step in the process was to assign a specific ID number to each keyword
in your list. This is easy enough to do in Microsoft Excel, and you just keep a master list
of keywords for every campaign and ad group you run, making sure that you never use
the same ID number twice.

          Let’s start a sample Excel spreadsheet to show the process:

  ID       Keyword
 100       Shakira
 101       Shakira lyrics
 102       Shakira fan club
 103       Shakira Ringtone

        Then we need to track on Google’s side, what keywords the visitor actually used
to get to our ad. In addition to conversion tracking, Google will allow an AdWords
advertiser to use specific landing pages assigned to each keyword!

         So let’s use one of my test domains. The www-
is a trick, not a mistake. I will cover this later in a future newsletter.

         Now I can go in to my Google Adwords account, and tell Google to send all my
visitors that find my ad, based on the “Shakira” keyword to a unique page on my site
such as, then I can tell Adwords to send
traffic from the keyword “Shakira Fan Club” to /shakira_fan_club.html

        For each keyword in my list I can develop a separate page. That way, I can pass a
different sub-id from each page to the CPA offer, containing the number associated with
that keyword.

        So a visitor that uses the keyword “Shakira Fan Club” lands on my specific page
coded for that keyword /Shakira_fan_club.html and on that page I have the same
headline, sub head, body text, and offer description as all my other pages with one
exception. On this particular landing page I add a sub-id to the end of the link that goes
to the actual CPA offer, thereby passing the keyword ID for “Shakira Fan Club” ID #102,
through to the CPA network.

Confidential                                Page 42                                  9/20/2006
        The way I do this is by adding a tracking or sub-id to the end of the link that leads
to the actual offer. When I first set up my main template page, I log in to the affiliate
area for the CPA network and grab the link to the offer page, they usually look something
like this:

        Almost every CPA network, regardless of how their offer links look, will allow you
to add a tracking, or sub-id to the end of the offer link, thereby allowing you to pass
through the number associated with each keyword. The format is different for each
network so you need to check with your ad rep and make sure you build the links

       Lets look back at our spreadsheet and build the link for the
/shakira_fan_club.html page.

  ID       Keyword
 100       Shakira
 101       Shakira lyrics
 102       Shakira fan club
 103       Shakira Ringtone

       See the &subid=102 at the end of the link? Now I can log in to the CPA network,
and usually in real time watch and see what sub-id numbers get clicks, and get

        With a little spreadsheet magic it’s pretty simple to find out at that point where
the profit is. You simply look up the average cost per click in Adwords for each keyword
that got clicks, calculate the total cost for each keyword, total conversions, total revenue
and profit or loss.

  ID        Keyword           Ave CPC     Clicks      Cost     Con      Income     Profit
 100     Shakira                1.00        90        90.00     5        60.00     -30.00
 101     Shakira lyrics          .75        27        20.25     1        12.00      -8.25
 102     Shakira fan club        .25        45        11.25     5        60.00      48.75
 103     Shakira Ringtone       2.50        48       120.00     3        36.00     -84.00

        This is the basis for the Click Flipping method. After additional refinement and
testing, I got fancy and used tracking links in Adwords that passed a variable to a single
landing page, and then used some simple PHP code on the landing page that grabbed the
keyword ID from the tracking link, and added it on to the end of the link to the CPA

         If you are tracking dozens of artists lets say for our ringtone example, and dozens
of potential keywords for each artist, the process becomes infinitely easier if you use a
little programming horsepower.

Confidential                               Page 43                                   9/20/2006
         Even so, the process is simple to implement and once you run through your first
offers it’s a snap to recreate the process.

Keep in Mind That a Little Work Here Upfront
    Can Lead to a Huge Monthly Income
        I have several sets of keywords that I have tested this way and refined over time
to the point that I can use them on any offer in that particular niche, and be guaranteed a
profit. For most of those keywords I have little or no competition, simply because I
continued to refine and test my keyword level conversions. There is even a way to grab
the actual keyword that the visitor used on the search and add it to your keyword list!
These are underground, highly profitable keywords to test.

       I have repeatedly used two of these keyword lists with dozens of offers, some that
created as much as 600% ROI!

        The keyword lists you develop in this process are your equity and secret weapon
in the Click Flipping process. Competition is not a big factor either. With proper
keyword research and testing you can actually have one offer up against another similar
offer for the same keyword and profit from both!

       I have found that in testing, running concurrent ads at position 1-3 in Adwords
and another ad at position 3-6 both were profitable. The best news is there was only a
30% crossover in leads. In short, more money was made by advertising against myself
than with a single offer up.

      Don’t forget we also can take a fully tested set of keywords and apply them to
Yahoo/Overture and MSN AdCenter to rake in more total lead flow!

Confidential                              Page 44                                  9/20/2006
                        You Are Almost Home!
          Now its just a question of tracking your individual keywords performance.

        Going back to our example we deleted three keywords and became very
profitable. Without keyword level testing we would have abandoned the campaign, and
that is what 90% of other internet marketers will in fact do!

        So just by adding the keyword level tracking to your arsenal you will beat out 90%
of the competition!

       Your job each day as a Click Flipper is to log in to your AdWords account and
monitor your average cost per click for each keyword, then pull the clicks and
conversions from your CPA network for each sub-id and add the data back in to the
spreadsheet to find the gold!

       Once you identify profitable keywords, you can peel off the unprofitable keywords
from your campaign, and turn up the volume on the remainder, and let it run!

         Your work is now over, and you have new Profit Pathways up and running that
can earn huge returns month after month. The process involves some manual labor at
first, but then runs continuously as long as the CPA network runs that offer.

        It’s also necessary to monitor your campaigns over time. As you test other
elements, your cost per click should go down, making your campaigns even more

Confidential                               Page 45                                    9/20/2006
                   Taking Click Flipping To The Next Level

            So you have made it this far, you have now eliminated 90% of the competition
    just by paring down your keyword lists and finding the profitable ones!

           Although keyword level testing will get you past 90%, to truly become a Click
    Flipper, you need to keep refining the process.

          A profit pathway that only measures keyword conversions is still missing a huge
    amount of the profit. Let’s go back to our now profitable example one more time.

Keyword             ID    Imp    CTR    Clicks    CPC      Cost    Con%     Leads   Income   Profit
Shakira fan club    102   1500   3.0%     45       .25     11.25   11.11%     5      60.00     48.75
           Total          1500            45               11.25              5      60.00    $48.75

           What if we added to our testing, multiple AdWords ads, and then went to work on
    the landing pages.

             Let’s assume that in the example above, we have our daily budget for Shakira Fan
    Club maxed out and we can only get 1,500 impressions. There simply isn’t any more
    traffic in Adwords for that keyword in a given day!

           Once we are finished with the entire Click Flipping process we can always play
    around with Yahoo/Overture or MSN AdCenter to get more traffic, but for now, how do
    we raise our earnings from this Profit Pathway and crank it up?

            In the example above we are getting 5 leads from every 1,500 impressions. What
    if we tested multiple ads in Adwords instead of just assuming ours was ok? Using
    Google’s automatic ad rotation, we can very easily, and very quickly, split-test numerous

                             Cranking Up The Profits…
            What if we upped our click-through rate by just 1% , from 3% to 4%. We would
    now have 60 visitors to work with, and by increasing our click-through ratio, Google will
    raise our position, or lower the average cost per click we pay, or both, based on their
    profitability formula.

             Let’s assume that our average cost per click, as a result goes down to $0 .20 cents,
    due to the increased click troughs. To understand why this would happen, lets look at
    the numbers from Google’s perspective. 1,500 impressions at a CTR of 3% equals 45
    clicks, times $0 .25 cents or a total revenue to Google of $11.25. But by raising our CTR
    to 4%, we get 60 clicks at$0 .20 cents or $12.00 in revenue to Google, they cut us a break
    and we spend more money with them, it’s a win-win.

    Confidential                                 Page 46                                 9/20/2006
           So we have raised our CTR to 4% increasing our visitors from 45 to 60 and
    lowering our cost per visitor to $0.20 cents from $0.25.

              Now let’s work on the landing page.

            5 leads out of 45 clicks is an 11.11% conversion rate! By any standard, that is a
    great conversion rate, but what if through testing we raise that to just 13.5%?

           I have multiple sites up running offers that consistently get 14% and as high as
    20% to 40% conversions!

              At 13.5% of our new number of clicks, we get 8.1 leads so let’s call it 8 leads.

          Below is a before and after example, showing the new profitability of our

Keyword               ID    Imp       CTR    Clicks    CPC      Cost     Con%      Leads   Income    Profit
Shakira fan club      102   1500      3.0%     45       .25     11.25    11.11%      5      60.00     48.75
    Before: Profit=$48.75 and ROI=533%

Keyword               ID      Imp     CTR    Clicks    CPC      Cost     Con%      Leads   Income    Profit
Shakira fan club      102     1500    4.0%     60       .20     12.00    13.5%       8       96.00    84.00
    After: Profit=$84.00 and ROI=800%

           Our ROI increase was 267%. If we translate that in to dollars, we are now making
    an extra $267.00 dollars every time we spend $1,000.00 in advertising money!

          The $267.00 represents free money! We just tested, tweaked, and maximized, a
    few more variables, and strengthened our Profit Pathway!

            Now let’s try something really fun! Remember those looser keywords? How about
    this one.

Keyword        ID      Imp      CTR     Clicks    CPC         Cost      Con%      Leads    Income    Profit
Shakira         100     9000     .1%       90     1.00        90.00     5.55%       5        60.00    -30.00
    Before: Profit -$30.00 ROI= -33%

           What if we raised the click through rate from .1% to .2% just a one tenth of one
    percent increase, and worked on the landing page to get our conversions up to 8.5%?

Keyword        ID     Imp       CTR     Clicks    CPC      Cost         Con%      Leads    Income    Profit
Shakira         100    9000     .2%       180      .70     126.00        8.5%       15      180.00    54.00
    After: Profit $54.00 ROI= 142%

            Even keywords that were previously unprofitable can be made profitable with the
    right testing and tweaking!

           The key is to find as many Profit Pathways, as possible, and once you have found
    them, maximize them, turn up the volume, and repeat.

    Confidential                                      Page 47                                    9/20/2006
               Cash Flow, Advertising, and Long Term

But I don’t have the Money Blah, Blah, Blah,….

      Let me ask you a hypothetical question. Let’s say that I asked you to give me
$100.00, and in return I would, the very next day, give you back $200.00.

          How often would you want to do that?

There are two right answers:

          1) Everyday


          2) “Can I give you more than $100.00 a day?” is the best right answer!

        I don’t care if you start with an ad budget of $10.00 a day or $5.00 a day just
start. I guarantee you that if we sat down and made a list of all the money you have
spent generating “free” traffic, or chasing pennies buying AdSense stuff, we would find
more than enough to fund the startup of Click Flipping.

       Every unread eBook, every unopened home study course, every seminar that
faded to memory a few weeks later, never to be acted upon! You have probably spent
thousands of dollars on stuff that did not result in a positive financial experience!

        Click Flipping is instant gratification! You get results with Click Flipping in real
time! Once you are finished identifying a Profit Pathway, you can ramp up the campaign
at your own pace!

       It will be necessary for you to manage your cash flow over the first 30-60 days,
and from then on you’re running on profit!

       Here is an example of how your income could progress if you use slow growth
with zero risk!

        Let’s assume that you initially test a campaign and find just three Profit Pathways
within that campaign that result in a modest 150% ROI. Let’s also assume that you have
exactly $200.00 scraped together including the money from your couch cushions,
children’s piggy bank, and some cash from a blood donation!

Confidential                                Page 48                                 9/20/2006
       Here is a table that illustrates the cash flow in our example over time, assuming
that you re-invest 100% of the original $200.00 and resulting profit back into
advertising each month, and then repeat this process over 12 months!

                 Month       Ad Budget      ROI       Return         Profit
               August           $200.00    150%         $300.00       $100.00
               September        $300.00    150%         $450.00       $150.00
               October          $450.00    150%         $675.00       $225.00
               November         $675.00    150%       $1,012.50       $337.50
               December       $1,012.50    150%       $1,518.75       $506.25
               January        $1,518.75    150%       $2,278.13       $759.38
               February       $2,278.13    150%       $3,417.19     $1,139.06
               March          $3,417.19    150%       $5,125.78     $1,708.59
               April          $5,125.78    150%       $7,688.67     $2,562.89
               May            $7,688.67    150%      $11,533.01     $3,844.34
               June          $11,533.01    150%      $17,299.51     $5,766.50
               July          $17,299.51    150%      $25,949.27     $8,649.76

        At the end of a year you have a Profit Pathway that produces in excess of
$100,000 dollars a year in positive cash flow! Even if you stopped reinvesting, at this
point, you could still pull out $8,649.76 each and every month!

          Let’s look at the same example using a more aggressive approach!

        Rather than slowly rolling up our campaign to the point where it’s generating that
six-figure a year income, let’s assume we are greedy, impatient, and have access to credit.

        As a side note the credit doesn’t have to be yours! How great would it be for a
partner that sees the ROI and Profit Pathways you developed, loaning you their credit
line, and you giving them back a healthy return for the use of the credit?

          Here’s what we could have done in our theoretical campaign!

                 Month       Ad Budget      ROI       Return         Profit
               August        $17,299.51    150%      $25,949.27     $8,649.76

         After testing and I must stress, AFTER testing not during testing, we just slap
down the Visa or MasterCard, and Boom! Instant six figure income! By the time the
first credit card bill comes we are generally paid by the CPA network, and we can then
payoff the first months advertising, and incur little or no interest! You could in this
example use all of the income from the first month $25,949.27 to payoff the first months
advertising, and part of the second months.

        If you continued to apply all of the profit back to the balance, in this example you
would be on an all cash basis by the third month. Or if you have incentives like frequent
flier miles, and are disciplined, then by all means use OPM to fund your six figure

Confidential                               Page 49                                  9/20/2006
       Sound Too Good to be True? A Six Figure
           Income in Less Than 30 Days!
                        Here Is A Very Recent Case Study

        Julie is 32 years old, and a medical recruiter from Dallas, with zero background
in internet marketing or web design. I started working with Julie in June just before she
was due to go on maternity leave July 1st.

        She had very little savings, and a modest amount of debt, around $9,000. She
had no way to replace her income or cover the expenses during maternity leave, and was
also ready for a career change. We identified a small test campaign from one of my
favorite CPA networks, and loaded it up using the Click Flipping methodology.

         In a matter of days we had a new Google Adwords account opened for Julie, and
an affiliate account with the CPA network. We also put up a simple one page Hybrid
landing page with the offer. After three days of testing we were getting a 200% ROI!

       At this point I asked Julie what she would like to do. Let it ride, was the answer I
got back! Julie did have over $50,000.00 in available credit line on credit cards; most of
them had a zero balance. So we let it ride! We turned up the volume on the campaign
and when the dust settled at the end of June, we had spent $8,525.82!

        We had to place a few telephone calls to the credit card companies explaining the
new charges but all went smoothly during the month! Now imagine this, Julie went from
no savings, $9,000.00 debt and the prospect of going on maternity leave with no cash or
way to replace her income, to a six figure income in 30 days! Julie was paid $17,727.05
for the month of June and had a net profit of $9,201.23. That’s a 208% ROI!

       As a follow up, as of September, Julie has paid off 100% of her debt, has a
passive six-figure a year income, and the best part, she is a full time stay at home mom!
Her baby was born 6 weeks early and she will reluctantly admit that other than paying
her credit card bill each month, and checking her stats occasionally, she hasn’t really
worked at Click Flipping either!

        It Is Truly A Set It And Forget It Income!
        Julie plans on getting much more involved after things settle down with her new
baby, and learning more about internet marketing, and web design, but in the meantime,
she just reaps the rewards of the single offer that churns out a six-figure net income for

       The Money is in The Money, she can always learn internet marketing down the
road as a hobby!

Is this just luck, or an isolated incident. No way!

Click Flipping by definition leaves nothing to chance or luck.

Confidential                                Page 50                                9/20/2006
        It’s a way of efficiently asking the question, is there profit to be made with this
offer and these keywords? Not all offers produce this type of income, some product far
more, some less, and some offers just aren’t profitable in a PPC to CPA model.

        Regardless of the outcome, you will know in days not months exactly where the
gold is or isn’t, and how to maximize it!

      Question: Scott, How Do I Know This Will
                   Work For Me?
          A: You Don’t! You don’t know until you know, then of course it’s too late!

      Click Flipping as a methodology is proven. There are a select few that make an
enormous income from it, and it’s about to become the next big wave in internet

       Your decision to put any time money or effort into it is another matter, and a
matter of personal preference.

        After spending the last few years navigating the white water of internet
marketing, I can say with complete confidence that I have found a permanent home in
this niche! The rewards are huge, and the income meets every single criterion I came up
with and more!

        There are hundreds of screaming voices of internet marketing “Gurus” out there
all jockeying for your attention and dollars. Each professes to have the end all be all
secret, tip, trick, technique, software, or method, to get you the income you’re looking

      Then, there are a few of us, sitting in the back of the seminar room, quietly
making passive, six figure incomes, while we learn about all the neat things internet
marketers are doing.

       Remember, the Money is in the Money! Why don’t you just earn it first, then you
can go play with all the “Guru” toys with your now free time!

      I would encourage you to take the next step, and sit at the round table of the 3%
who make money, and have a blast doing it!

               One Final Note… And Our Future
       I’ve just handed you the keys to the kingdom. The pages of this report contain the
most profitable knowledge I’ve gained over the past few years.

        I now have a life style that I used to only dream about, I earn my living adding
value to the equation, and I love getting up each day and actually digging for gold!

          And it all started with just a burning desire and a will to succeed.

Confidential                                 Page 51                                   9/20/2006
      With this report in your hands you have much, much more than I did. I’ve
removed all the obstacles from your success. Just follow the map I’ve already laid out.

         The process of going from understanding to mastery takes time, practice, and the
ability to keep learning. But now you have the foundation, a solid foundation to build on
that truly is worth your time.

          Assuming you are reading this report in the September 2006 timeframe….

                  I Have Nothing To Sell Today!
          (Crap, I forgot to call my bookie)

      I have had a huge amount of feed back over the last week since the release of “The
Death Of Adsense”.

          Perhaps some of you may want something more.

         There is no way in 50 or so pages that I could possibly put all of the education,
learning and experience I have had becoming a Click Flipper! Had I attempted to do that
here, it would be like giving you a drink from a fire hose. That would be too much, too
fast, to really learn the process. That being said, I can, and will continue to give you

   There Are Many Possibilities For The Future
               Of Click Flipping.
       Would you like me to personally guide you through the Click Flipping process
and help you set up your Profit Pathways?

       Perhaps you’d like to join a tiny community of Click Flippers, each dedicated to
creating a stable, monthly fortune, with the Click Flipping process.

        Maybe you would like to partner with myself or some of the key people I work
with, to fund your ad campaigns for proven Profit Pathways, and split the profit until you
are on your feet and funding your ad budget without the use of credit.

        Finally, you may be interested in an automation project I have been working on
that allows me to work Click Flipping painlessly each day.

       By opting in and downloading and reading these two reports, you have raised
your hand and said I am looking for more than just a few dollars of Adsense income.

       You already have the keys to the kingdom! If you are reading this report, then
you already have a username and password that was issued to you when you first visited
“The Death Of Adsense” site.

      Keep It! It will unlock other websites in the near future. Those that missed the
window of opportunity will not be allowed in.

Confidential                                   Page 52                            9/20/2006
                          What You Can Do Today!
          For now there are 3 things you can do to move forward, and they are all Free!

1)    Make sure that these two email addresses are white listed in your email client
program, so as not to miss critical updates, and announcements. and

2)      Complete the following survey! This is probably the single most important next
step you can take. It will allow me to gear what comes next, based on what you want, and
need. The survey is completely anonymous, and no personal information is collected. It’s
short, takes less than 5 minutes to complete, and just like my favorite tests in school,
most of the questions are multiple choice!

        This is the favor I ask in return. If you found this information valuable, then take
the time to click on the following link,
or if you are reading this from a printed version, type this link in your browser

3)       Finally, set yourself up with at least 2 CPA networks. Once you have opened
affiliate accounts with them, spend some time digging around and getting to know the
offers that are there. Under normal circumstances, you must have active websites,
geared toward a niches that would fit the offers from that CPA network. The application
process can also take as much as 2 weeks.

         I realize that some of you may be new to internet marketing, and may have very
few, if any websites built. That’s ok, under a special arrangement with Modern Click;
we can get fast, free approvals, even if you are a beginner! To qualify for instant
approval, you must use this special coded link

          Modern Click:
          (Automatic Approval)

          For experienced marketers that currently have websites to work with; you should
          also apply at the following CPA network.

          Azoogle Ads:

I have enjoyed this process and getting to know you, I hope we meet in person, or at least
by phone one day soon.


Scott Boulch
(Non Guru)

P.S. It was Free!

Confidential                                Page 53                                  9/20/2006

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