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									 Meridian Energy
                                 developing renewable energy generation

Meridian Energy is New Zealand’s largest            Meridian Energy is a significant electricity       Our commitment to renewable
electricity generator. We have a commitment         retailer and we have customers throughout          electricity generation
to producing electricity from renewable wind        the country.                                       For many years, New Zealanders have enjoyed
and hydro resources. We believe that renewable          Meridian Energy also has a subsidiary          some of the cheapest electricity in the world.
generation is the sustainable answer for            company, DamWatch Limited, based in                But right now, New Zealand’s population and
New Zealand’s current and future                    Wellington, which specialises in dam safety        demand for electricity are growing fast and
electricity needs.                                  advice and surveillance services.                  within less than ten years, our current
   Meridian Energy is a State-Owned Enterprise          We take our responsibilities to New Zealand    generation facilities will not be able to
and therefore 100% New Zealand owned.               and the environment very seriously. As part of     keep up.
As a generator, we own and operate nine             a comprehensive environmental management              At Meridian Energy, we believe that to
South Island hydro (water) power stations           system, we work closely with local organisations   ensure a secure supply for all New Zealanders,
– eight in the Waitaki hydro scheme, plus           and the Department of Conservation to              we need to focus on the following vital areas:
the Manapouri power station.                        preserve the natural environment and protect
   We own and operate New Zealand’s largest         native plant and animal life.                      Using energy wisely
operational wind farm – Te Äpiti – and we are           We are proud of our involvement with local     Meridian Energy is committed to using our
also investigating further sites for potential      communities within our generation areas. We        resources wisely and responsibly. An important
wind farms.                                         support community and sporting activities, the     part of that is helping all our customers use
                                                    arts, and vital non-profit organisations.          energy more efficiently.
              Meridian Energy’s power station statistics

          Statistics                                   Tekapo A           Tekapo B           Ohau A       Ohau B & C     Benmore         Aviemore       Waitaki       Manapouri       Te Äpiti

          Average annual energy output                 138GWh             833GWh            1140GWh        958GWh        2215GWh         942GWh         496GWh         5025GWh        370GWh

          Station generation capacity                  25.2MW              160MW             264MW         212MW          540MW          220MW          105MW           710MW         90MW

          Number of generating units                 1 x 25.5MW          2 x 80MW           4 x 66MW      4 x 55.5MW     6 x 90MW       4 x 55.5MW     7 x 15MW 7 x 121.5MW 55 x 1.65MW

          Net head                                       30.5m             145.7m                60.3m      47.5m           92m            37m           21.5m              170m         -

                                                      1 x vertical       2 x vertical      4 x vertical   4 x vertical   6 x vertical   4 x vertical   7 x vertical    7 x vertical    55 x
          Turbine details                              Kaplan             Francis           Francis        Francis        Francis        Francis        Francis          Francis      NM 72
                                                        turbine           turbines          turbines       turbines       turbines       turbines       turbines        turbines

          Using energy more wisely reduces overall                              technology incorporating advanced meters                      Unlike gas or coal, wind and hydro
          energy use, which helps protect our                                   with two-way communications to a central                  generation do not produce damaging carbon
          environment and reduce our customers’ energy                          service platform.                                         emissions (greenhouse gases). Renewable
          bills – the potential savings can be significant.                                                                               power generation will also help New Zealand
              Meridian Energy supports the Energy                               Making our existing facilities                            meet its commitments under the Kyoto Protocol.
          Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA)                          more efficient                                            Most importantly, it’s what New Zealanders
          in working towards a 20% improvement in                               Since Meridian Energy was established in 1999,            want. A survey by EECA in 2004 showed that
          national energy efficiency by the year 2012.                          we have made significant investments in                   82% of New Zealanders approve of wind
          We work with EECA to provide practical, simple                        enhancing our existing generation assets.                 generation, and 79% of hydro.
          ways for our residential and business customers                          The major project in those six years has
                                                                                                                                              New Zealand is uniquely placed to take
          to save energy.                                                       been the refurbishment of the Manapouri hydro
                                                                                                                                          advantage of wind as a source of energy.
              We also have two strategic business units                         station. At the end of 2004, this massive project
                                                                                                                                          We have one of the most consistent wind
          which aim to help customers use energy                                was 62% finished, and on track for full
                                                                                                                                          energy resources in the world, with higher than
          wisely and efficiently – Energy for Industry and                      completion in 2007. The refurbishment will
                                                                                                                                          average wind speeds in numerous locations
          Arc Innovations.                                                      increase Manapouri’s generation capacity from
                                                                                                                                          around the world.
               Energy for Industry helps some large scale                       710MW to 840MW.
                                                                                                                                              Our Te Äpiti wind farm now provides
          customers make significant savings by investing
          in, owning and operating their on-site                                New generation                                            electricity for around 45,000 average homes,
          energy assets.                                                        At Meridian Energy, we believe the best solution          and when our Southland wind farm at White
              Arc Innovations provides advanced                                 for New Zealand’s future energy needs lies in             Hill is fully operational, it will provide enough
          metering solutions that improve energy retailers’                     using our own renewable resources, in particular          energy to power the 30,000 houses in the
          operational efficiencies and support the                              wind and water. There are many good reasons               Southland District and Invercargill city area.
          provision of new value-add services that                              to use renewable resources. New Zealand has                   Meridian Energy has decades of knowledge
          can assist customers to better manage                                 water and wind in abundance. As sources of                and experience in the generation and delivery
          their energy consumption. These services are                          energy, they complement each other – if one               of renewable energy. We’re fully committed to
          provided to the wider energy market and are                           source such as wind isn’t readily available, we           it – because we believe it’s right for our country
          enabled through the deployment of new                                 can use the other – hydro.                                and our future.

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