Greening Prisons
# S-1-07
graphic - agency provided photos-
Caption: Photos: FCC Victorville, CA, site and energy saving wind turbine

"This task was the first of its kind incorporating renewable
energy with originality, effectiveness, and replication for the
Bureau (of Prisons)."
In adhering to Executive Orders 13123, 13432 and the Energy Policy Act 2005,
the Federal Bureau of Prisons at FCC (Federal Correctional Complex) Victorville,
CA actively responded by installing a 750 kW wind turbine and a 74.5kW
photovoltaic array with new integrated HVAC controls for a total savings of 13.2
billion BTU’s since construction to FY 2006.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons awarded an Energy Savings Performance
Contract to NORESCO LLC, in FY 2004 for the purpose of implementing energy
conservation measures at FCC Victorville. This concept was to bring clean
renewable energy to a secure Federal prison site. This task was the first of its
kind incorporating renewable energy with originality, effectiveness, and
replication for the Bureau.

The Bureau of Prisons has installed the first Wind Turbine and photovoltaic array
for the Department of Justice with triumphant success. This forward thinking
approach has been written about in the Boston Business Journal
2005/03/07daily6.html) and on the FEMP web pages
newsevents/fempfocus_article.cfm/news_id=7366). This innovation and forward
thinking has fostered the replication of eight new national ESPC projects for the
Bureau in FY 2006.

FCC Victorville measured and verified energy savings of $1.1 million from
conception to FY 2006 with:
    combined BTU savings of 13.2 billion,
    environmental CO2 reduction of approximately 2230 tons,
    SOx reduction of 468 lbs and
       NOx reduction of 22 lbs.

Once the contract term expires the Federal Bureau of Prisons will take control of
the wind turbine and photovoltaic system thus ensuring the production of
renewable energy at a Federal site.

FCC Victorville installed this technology under the DOE Super Energy Savings
Performance Contracting agreement that is costing the BOP, FCC Victorville, the
taxpayers, no Federal funding. This installation is being paid in full by energy
savings, rebates, and incentives from the State of California and the local utility
company. A related local outreach energy program has been implemented for
both staff and inmates.

Alan Edwards
National Energy Manager
Federal Bureau of Prisons
Administration Division
U.S. Department of Justice

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