Proposal Writing Template by dox21414


									Proposal Writing Template                                         Name:

Use this form to take notes as you research an idea for a proposal. Attach separate sheets of paper as
needed. To develop your proposal more fully, review the Evaluation Criteria for Writing Proposals and
make sure you have met all the requirements. Only proposals meeting the evaluation criteria will be
approved by Simcon for posting to the international community.

INTRODUCTION                         Issue Focus Area: ( _______________________)
Statement of the Problem

Context: Define the
problem and its extent or
significance (list facts,
statistics, causes, effects,
etc.). Attach additional
paper as needed.

Target: What specific part
of the issue will your
proposal address?


What is your solution to
the problem?

What specific steps are
necessary for
implementing the
solution? Attach
additional paper as
Feasibility (The practical aspects of the proposal)

Which countries and/or
organizations will be
responsible for carrying
out the solutions ?

How will the solutions be
enforced? How will you
get other countries and
affected parties, like the
individuals your solution
affects, to adhere to your
solution or policy?

What are the
consequences for
countries, organizations
or individuals if they do
not comply with your

How will the solution(s)
in the proposal be

Analyzing your Solution (Not part of the actual written proposal, but be prepared to explain this in class)

National Interest: How
does this help your
country? How does it
represent your
government’s views?

Audience: What countries
will be receiving your
proposal? How does your
proposal serve their
national interest?

Impact: What might be
the negative
(unintended) effects of
your proposed solution?

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