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					    AFCEE/TDV Chemistry
    UFP-QAPP Fact Sheet

What is the UFP-QAPP?                                          • Better predictive planning ensures more efficient
                                                                execution. The UFP-QAPP worksheets ensure
The Uniform Federal Policy for Quality Assurance Project        consistency, facilitating faster document review and
Plans (UFP-QAPP) is a consensus document developed              project approval process. Field crew and laboratory
by EPA, DoD, and DoE to implement a standard system             staff benefit from readily available standard
for collecting or using environmental data at federal           operating procedures and clearly referenced QA/QC
facility hazardous waste sites. The purpose of this             requirements in a single, comprehensive document.
consolidated guidance is to assist environmental
professionals streamline a systematic planning process         • A “graded approach” provides flexibility when
(SPP) for quality program planning; reduce review time,         drafting project plans. The UFP-QAPP’s graded
revisions and cost; and increase the success rate for           approach enables project planners to tailor the
quality program plan (QPP) approval.                            plan’s level of detail based on a project’s intended
                                                                use of the results and the degree of confidence
Systematic Planning Process (SPP)                               needed in decision making.
                                                               As the single standard for project/program planning
The SPP is based on the scientific method and is               documentation, the UFP-QAPP eliminates common
designed to ensure data collected support the project’s        documentation issues among AFCEE, contractors, and
goals and objectives. Similar to the scientific method, the    regulators, including format, contents, terminologies,
UFP-QAPP SPP identifies the problem to be addressed            procedures, supporting documentation, expectations,
and the questions to be asked, and examines previous           and review process.
data that have been collected. The data collection effort
is then designed specifically to meet the project’s goals      AFCEE’s Transition to the UFP-QAPP
and objectives, including the exit strategy. All field and     Format
research activities, as well as data evaluation criteria are
designed and established by key program stakeholders           The UFP-QAPP will eventually replace AFCEE’s Quality
early in the planning phase. At the end, the right type,       Project Plan (QPP), which includes the Model Work
quantity, and quality of data will be used to more quickly     Plan, QAPP and Field Sampling Plan (FSP), contractor
answer crucial project questions, thereby eliminating          Health and Safety Plan (HSP), and if applicable, the
unnecessary rework, and ensuring sound project                 Construction Quality Plan (CQP). In some cases, based
conclusions.                                                   on project or regulatory needs, it may be necessary to

Benefits of Following the UFP-QAPP
The UFP-QAPP benefits all areas of environmental
• Through systematic, and more upfront stringent
  planning, the UFP-QAPP is designed to assist
  environmental professionals effectively collect
  and analyze field data. For example, the guidance
  document contains a manual and comprehensive
  worksheets to ensure completeness and consistency
  early in a project.

Integrity • Service • Excellence                                                                       August 2009
    AFCEE/TDV Chemistry
    UFP-QAPP Fact Sheet

submit the Work Plan and FSP as separate deliverables.      Approved base-wide or generic plans should not be
However, this practice is not the preferred approach and    discarded, but rather referenced in appropriate parts
does not facilitate a streamlined review process. It is     of project-specific plans.
also recommended that the HSP and CQP be attached
as appendices to the UFP-QAPP to facilitate consolidated    What Guidance is Available to Help
QPP review. In summary, the UFP-QAPP, with combined         Prepare a UFP-QAPP?
or separate Work Plan and FSP and attachments, will
be the integrated deliverable version of AFCEE’s QPP        The UFP-QAPP is a two-part document. Part 1, the
deliverables. The UFP-QAPP may reference procedures         UFP-QAPP Manual, provides guidance for preparing
and criteria in the AFCEE Model documents as approved       QAPPs for environmental data collection or analysis
by the project team.                                        using a systematic planning process. Part 2 includes
                                                            three helpful tools:
In contrast with the legacy AFCEE Model QAPP, which         • Part 2A, QAPP Workbook - Contains blank
includes only the project analytical and data quality        worksheets that will assist with the preparation of
requirements, the UFP-QAPP is the comprehensive              QAPPs by addressing specific requirements of the
project blueprint, integrating those elements in the         Manual.
traditional AFCEE Model Work Plan, QAPP, and FSP. The
UFP-QAPP is the framework through which systematic          • Part 2B, Quality Assurance/Quality Control
planning integrates all technical and quality aspects        (QA/QC) Compendium - Outlines minimum
for the life cycle of the project, including planning,       QA/QC activities that should be included in a QAPP
implementation, assessment and decision making.              for all Comprehensive Environmental Response,
                                                             Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) projects.
Applicability                                               • Part 2C, Example QAPPs - Provides several example
                                                             QAPPs that are based on the requirements in the
Beginning the Summer of 2009, the UFP-QAPP format            Manual.
should be applied to:
                                                            Additional guidance and tools (including a library of
• New projects under AFCEE’s environmental restoration      successfully implemented UFP-QAPPs, fact sheets,
  contracts that do not already have a QPP                  and FAQs) are offered on the AFCEE/TDV Chemistry
• New or existing AFCEE projects that require changes       Web site at: www.afcee.af.mil/resources/chemistry.
  to the existing QPP components where there are:
                                                            Additional Information
       - New investigation requirements, or
                                                            Questions on technical aspects of the UFP-QAPP
       - Changes in project requirements that need
                                                            implementation should be directed to the project
         to be documented, or
                                                            manager or AFCEE Technical Directorate (AFCEE/TDV
       - Issues that are not already addressed in the       Chemistry) at afcee.chemistry.support@brooks.af.mil.
         existing QPP                                       Contract-related questions should be directed to the
                                                            appropriate Contracting Officer.
Previously written and approved project-specific and
basewide QAPPs will not require revision, and will remain
acceptable for ongoing data collection and analysis until
the projects are completed or project principals have
determined that switching to the UFP-QAPP is necessary.

Integrity • Service • Excellence                                                                     August 2009