Specifications for Utility-Connected Photovoltaic Energy System _PVES_ by hcj


									                                                                          NPS – Badlands National Park

     Specifications for Utility-Connected Photovoltaic and Wind Turbine Energy Systems

PART 1         GENERAL

Purchase and install a combination photovoltaic and wind turbine generation facility to replace
25%-50% of the power used at various locations within Badlands National Park.

These specifications cover the procurement of equipment, hardware, documentation, labor, and
supervision required for the installation of multiple grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) and wind
turbine (WT) systems. The systems shall be installed at Badlands National Park, South Dakota.
The installation site is located within the park boundaries.

General Information
One ground mounted PV system and one small scale wind turbine are included in this proposal.
Both systems shall be grid connected (i.e. no batteries). The installation of these systems is
contingent upon the successful negotiation of a net metering agreement with the serving utility
company; negotiation to be accomplished by the using activity. The National Parks Service must
approve all aspects of the negotiated agreement prior to the installation.

Using utility data from Badlands National Park, the system sizes were calculated. It was specified
that the combined system should be designed to meet at least 50% of the electricity used by the
building cluster nearest the installation site, called the Pinnacles District Complex. From this data,
it was determined that a monopole mounted 2 kW wind turbine and a ground mounted 8 kW
PV system at a slope of at least 30 degrees should be implemented. The buildings operate on
208 volt 3 phase electricity, of which there is a breaker with an electrical meter mounted on a pole
and sufficient capacity to accept the energy from the combined systems 20 yards from the proposed
site. A new sub panel may need to be added to the pole in order to add an additional breaker for the
renewable energy systems. For the energy calculations, it was assumed that the wind turbine would
have at least 20% capacity factor, and the solar system would have 100% solar access and be tilted
at 44degrees.

The contractor should assume that there is ample space for both systems to be implemented with no
shading obstructions and no wind obstructions.

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Site Location: Bad Lands National Park Pinnacles District Complex

 The Pinnacles District Complex is a large multiuse area with several buildings included on the
same electrical meter. A 208 V 3 phase electrical connection with an electrical meter is located
approximately 20 yards from the site that has sufficient capacity to accept all of the power from the
combined system. This connection site is listed as “Power Pole” in Figure 1 below. Figure 1 is an
aerial image of the site with the PV and Wind Turbine location labeled. Images of the power pole
components can be seen below in Figure 2 & Figure 3. Figure 4 shows an image of the proposed
site. The site location should be assumed to have the following characteristics.

      No shading obstructions
      No wind obstructions
      Sufficient area to accommodate both systems.

              Figure 1 – Pinnacles District Complex with the site location labeled.

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                         Figure 2 & Figure 3 - Electrical Tie-in & Meter

                               Figure 4 - PV and WT site location

Installation requirements:
     Turbine tower height must not exceed 45 feet.
     Turbine shall be monopole mounted.
     PV Panels shall be at least 24” above grade.
     PV Panels shall be tilted at 40 degrees or greater.

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Additional Requirements

Photovoltaic Panel Security System
Each individual installation shall include a photovoltaic panel security device. The contractor shall
propose a photovoltaic panel security device that is affordable and functional. Examples of
acceptable security devices include theft proof locking bolts, key locking mechanisms or electronic
alarm systems.

PV and WT Monitoring System
The selected photovoltaic and wind turbine systems shall include metering hardware and associated
communications and reporting equipment. Badlands National Park staff shall have the ability to
continuously monitor the performance and shall have access to 1 year worth of historical data.
System performance shall include at a minimum AC real power and energy. If the proposed
inverter does not include a monitoring system, the contractor shall propose a photovoltaic
monitoring system that is affordable and functional.

The contractor will be responsible for capturing all of the applicable local rebates and incentives for
the two systems. The contractor shall apply the local incentives to the proposal cost. The contractor
is responsible for handling all of the paper work associated with each incentive/rebate and the
contractor is to show this information in their proposal breakout.

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                                                                         NPS – Badlands National Park


The proposals shall be fixed price for an adapt-build contract meeting the requirements of this
Request for Proposal. The Contractor shall provide all labor, material, permits, supplies and
equipment to design, furnish, construct, commission, and monitor the solar system, including all
necessary devices and connections between inverter and main electrical service.

A. Description of Work

This work includes the purchase, equipment selection, permitting, bonding and installation of a
photovoltaic system. The system design and equipment specifications shall minimize maintenance

       a. Summary of the Work:

       The Contractor shall:
          1. Provide a design to accomplish the work described herein;
          2. Provide all labor, materials, equipment and supervision required to implement the
             design and to provide a fully operational system;
          3. Provide manufacturer start-up, testing and balancing; document final operation;
          4. Provide as-built documentation, drawings, O&M manuals and operator training as
             described in the Project Closeout section below;
          5. PV modules shall have a 25-year limited warranty that modules will generate no less
             than 80% of rated output under STC. PV modules that do not satisfy this warranty
             condition for any reason shall be replaced within two weeks. Warranties on any
             replacement PV modules shall be for 25 years from date of replacement. The
             respective shippers shall prepay shipping costs in each direction.
          6. All PV systems must carry a five-year warranty from both the manufacturer and the
             installer, including parts and labor. Warranty shall start on the date of Substantial
          7. Provide system maintenance for one year of operation from the date of Substantial
             Completion. Both routine and emergency call-out visits shall be included. Specify
             the number of routine maintenance visits that will be needed. Develop a Quality
             Assurance Plan. Emergency callout visits shall be made within 72 hours of
             notification by Badlands National Park. Routine maintenance shall consist of
             checking PV array DC output and inverter efficiency, and tightening interconnections
             and replacing as needed.

B. Roles and Responsibilities

Badlands National Park is the site owner and Field Inspector for the Work. Badlands National Park
will act as the contracting officer representative (COR) and all work schedules will be verified
through the designated individual.

Contractor -The contractor shall provide all resources necessary and furnish all materials to fulfill
and complete this contract. The contractor shall:
   1. Be solely responsible for the verification of existing site conditions, complete design,
      scheduling and construction of this contract work.
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2. Determine the techniques, means, method, and materials of installation to meet the
   requirements of this contract.
3. Ascertain site conditions that may affect required equipment clearances, electrical, control
   and mechanical requirements of this contract work. Include costs hereof.
4. Provide Badlands National Park a complete operational, balanced and warranted system as
   outlined in this Request for Proposals.
5. The support offices on site will be fully operational and occupied during construction. The
   contractor shall stage all contract work to minimize system downtime. Any system
   downtime shall be scheduled during weekends. Downtimes shall be approved by the
   Badlands National Park staff two weeks prior to the shutdown. Coordinate all work with the
   Badlands National Park COR or designated representative.

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                                                                         NPS – Badlands National Park




A. The work of this section consists of providing and installing a combination photovoltaic and
wind turbine generation facility to replace 25%-50% of the power used at various locations within
Badlands National Park.


A. A complete submittal of the wind generator, appurtenances and foundation system shall be
furnished, with scaled erection drawings, manufacturer’s erection directions, structural capacity
verification, color samples (if appropriate) and standard manufacturer’s warranty.

B. Foundation design for wind generator, stamped by a Registered Engineer. This shall include
concrete mix design.

C. Two copies of an Operation and Maintenance manual for the generator and all specified
appurtenances. This manual shall include manufacturer’s literature on the system constructed as
well as specific information and instruction on how the system was installed and how each of the
components relate to each other and to the system as a whole. The Operation and Maintenance
manual shall include a narrative description of the role and function of the system components and
how they relate to each other and the system as a whole, and shall include a complete set of design
drawings and system schematics.

D. Documentation of the licensing of the electrician who will be wiring the installation.



A. The contractor shall provide a complete single tower wind generation system package that meets
the following minimum/maximum characteristics:

Purchase and Install a system to include wind turbine and photovoltaic panels, must displace 50% of
power consumed at Pinnacles District Complex, which is approximately estimated at 31,000 KWH
for the year. System must be designed to provide enough electricity for peak consumption with is
rated at 16,800 watts. Design system based on two options: Option one is power grid tied, Option
two is a standalone design which isolates power generated through a storage battery system to
sustain approximately 26,145 KWH (one leg of the system) of the power consumed. Turbine height
cannot be more than 45 feet tall, due to visual impaction of surrounding natural setting. System
must reliably function year round without interruption.
System specifications: Turnkey installation of a 3.15 kW Solar system with 2-2.4 kW wind turbine,
system should include; roof mount type racking system, solar modules, solar inverter system, 2-2.4
kW wind turbine with interface, 45 foot tower, wiring, trenching/excavations, concrete, electronic
monitoring unit and applicable electric permits.
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Purchase and Install a photovoltaic system that will support Cedar Pass Fire Cache and Collection
Museum Storage buildings, approximately 8,400 square feet; including office and storage space.
System shall include photovoltaic panels which are rood mounted on a building with a southern
exposure, displacing 25% power consumed in these buildings, with a sufficient storage capacity
permitting utilization during winter months. Estimated total yearly electrical consumption is 86,159
KHW. Design system based on two options: Option one is power grid tied, Option two is a
standalone system, which isolates power generated to a storage battery system to sustain electric
consumed at these locations. System must function year round.
System specifications: Turnkey installation of a roof type racking system with enough solar
modules to offset power consumption demands from 10 to 25%, solar inverter, wiring,
trenching/excavation, concrete and applicable electrical permits.


A. The foundation for the turbine shall be designed by a registered engineer and in accordance with
the guidance of the manufacturer.

B. The concrete for the foundation shall have a minimum compressive strength of 4,000 psi and
may be precast or cast onsite. Concrete strength and consistency shall be in accordance with the
manufacturer’s established guidelines for withstanding the freeze thaw cycle.


A. Provide all wiring and electrical devices necessary to connect the specified wind generator to the
local electrical utility. The utility connection shall be a “net metering” configuration such that when
excess power is generated, the meter will run backwards. The utility connection shall include
automatic disconnect of the wind generator output from the grid anytime the grid is down. All
wiring shall be accomplished by a licensed electrician. Where located in traffic areas, all buried
electrical cable shall be placed in conduit.

B. All grid interconnection equipment shall meet the requirements of UL 1741 and Chapter 13 of
the NESC.

C. Provide a means of monitoring remotely, on a real time basis, the wind speed and turbine output.


A. Spare Parts and Tools: Provide one set of spare parts and tools regularly supplied with a new
engine generator unit, including all tools of a special nature necessary to properly service the

       a. Operation and maintenance data for review and approval:

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               1. Manufacturer's operation and maintenance data for engine, generator, controls,
       accessories, and instrument panels. Manufacturer's data shall include complete shop,
       service, parts, and other similar manuals.

             2. Complete materials list for all power generation system equipment and

               3. Vendor-furnished as-built drawings of the power generation system assembly and
       all controls. Control wiring schematics shall be specific to the installed system.

       b. Guarantee: Furnish a written guarantee warranty covering all materials and workmanship
       under this section for a minimum period of one year from date of final acceptance of the

NOTE: All systems would be power grid tied, if permissible by federal law agreements, limitations
on governmental indemnity acceptance in interconnection agreements. Systems may require a
sufficient storage capacity if legal issues cannot be resolved.

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