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					                   STRATFORD CONNECTION
                               Stratford College, 1930-1974
 Spring Edition                                                                      May, 2007

                                                              LEE ROBINSON
                                                                 “Miss R”

                                                You probably remember Lee Robertson running up
                                                and down the hockey field at Stratford. It won‘t
                                                surprise you at all to know that this ―energizer
                                                bunny‖ is going full speed down the field of a
                                                fantastic caring life.

                                                Lee taught in the Physical Education Department at
                                                Stratford College (and Hall) from 1956-1972,
                                                sometimes as its only member. She was in charge of
                                                May Days and October Days and numerous other
                                                events. Her earlier dedication prepared her for a
                                                continuing life of service.

When asked what were her favorite memories of Stratford, she quickly replied October Days.
―everyone had a chance to play, everyone was special.‖ Lee quietly led the graduation processionals as
Marshall. Today, she continues to quietly lead by approaching life believing that ―everyone is

Lee has been a member of the Pilot Club for 43 years. She has served as President of the Pilot Club of
Danville and is now President of the Dan River Region Pilot Club. Under her guidance, a major
project has been sponsorship of the Alzheimer Wing of Loyalton of Danville. The Club participated in
a ―memory walk‖ raising $1.600. This amount won first place for Business and Organizations. In
addition, the Homeless Shelter, Doves, God‘s Storehouse, the Pittsylvania Humane Society, and the
Danville Humane Society have all been beneficiaries of Pilot Club endeavors.

A new Pilot Club project enables Pam Ayuso, a Stratford alumna who teaches Spanish at Tunstall
High School, with a Spanish translation program. Pam is busy having her advanced Spanish classes
translate ―Brain Minders Buddies,‖ a program which teaches children to protect their brains for life.
The translations are then taken to children in elementary schools.

Lee began volunteering for the Red Cross in 1964 while she was teaching at Stratford. She handles
emergency services on Wednesday nights and weekends, giving 24-hour a day on call service. She is
entrusted to provide verification of need for service. The Cabin Creek fire or necessity for military
leave are instances of her most interesting and valuable experiences.
Would you believe she has time to work in coordinating ―City Beautiful‖ volunteers? Factor in
helping with genealogical research at the Danville Public Library.

A sketch of Lee Robertson would not be complete without reference to her love of dogs!!
Sue Groff and Lee Robertson owned a kennel and raised Siberian Huskies and Samoyeds. They
moved to Dean Fitz‘s house and took care of ―Connie‖ and ―Defoo.‖ Lee is presently owned by two
Corgis: ―MacRobbie‖ and MacBeavie.‖ Queen Elizabeth shares her passion for Corgis, which have
big ears and no tails.

Lee finished Longwood College in 1947 and attended Smith College and UNC-Chapel Hill for
graduate work. The morning she graduated from Stratford Hall in 1945, all of her class went to
Elizabeth‘s Hill to make a wish. Her wish was to come back to Stratford and teach. Aren‘t we glad
her wish came true

                                                     Action—keeping her busy and involved in the
                                                     the lives of many junior Fauquier County
                                                     citizens. Barrett was one of five profiles
                                                     written up in the Fauquier Times-Democrat
                                                     Weekend, Warrenton, VA as people who made
                                                     a difference in 2006.

                                                     Barrett helped to organize Bright Stars, a
                                                     kindergarten and re-kindergarten program
                                                     similar to Head Start that assists children from
                                                     low income families whose income is too high to
                                                     qualify for the Head Start initiative. The
                                                     program is also known as the Virginia
                                                     Preschool Initiative and has 18 children
                                                     enrolled in Fauquier County. She described a
                                                     need for additional assistance for children in
                                                     situations where they are not receiving support
                                                     at home or don‘t have some of their basic needs
                                                     met. Bright Stars and Head Start are the first
                                                     steps in the right direction, according to
   Tommy and Barrett enjoying a Cruise
                                                     The former director of after school child care
                                                     at Highland School left her position of 20 years
          Tommy and Barrett Dowell                   and began working with Fauquier Community
                                                     Child Care. Barrett recently wrote about a girl
                                                     she had worked with who had gone on to a
Ask Barrett Dowell (Class of ‘56) how many           prestigious college and was excelling in her
children she has, and she‘ll tell you she has 159.   studies. This, she said, is the motivation behind
The number reflects how many children she            her hard work.
works with in the many roles Dowell plays in
the Community. She said that when she‘s not
working with the C. M. Bradley Elementary                  HOMECOMING 2008
School after school program, she‘s serving on               Weekend of October 3-4
the board of directors for Fauquier Community
                                                        Mark date . Plan to be here.
                                                           Grads in the News
                                                 LEFTOVERS had its premier performance for
                                                 South Florida as well as for the new Hollywood
                                                 Playhouse on April 28, 2007. The theatre was
                                                 packed and there was a standing ovation. Stratford
                                                 alumnae Carol Younkin (‘71) and Christine
                                                 Cosentino (‘71) combined their talents to present a
                                                 musical/comedy in two acts about the homeless,
                                                 done with delicacy and kindness with respect to a
                                                 very timely issue which endlessly surrounds us. The
book and lyrics, written by Carol Younkin, were performed by eight talented actresses and actors.
The lively musical score of fifteen original songs were composed by Christine Cosentino and
performed by talented musicians. The director of the production was Jeff Kiltie.

Carol (Author/Lyricist) is a native Virginian and attended Stratford College and Radford University,
where she earned degrees in Music and in Theatre. Since then, she has traveled throughout the
country, working with numerous theatres, including the Los Angeles Shakespeare Company, where
she appeared as Ophelia and as Lady Macbeth. Other favorite roles include Jenny Diver (The Three
Penny Opera), Dr. Livingston (Agnes of God) and April Green (The Hot‘l Baltimore). Carol appears
in television commercials, industrials, and in voice-overs. She had the lead role in the feature film,
―Murder Wishes.‖ Currently, she is a Magnet Coordinator in Houston Independent School District,
integrating Arts in the classroom curriculum.

Christine (Composer) is originally from New York. She was the church organist in grammar school,
Glee Club pianist in high school, and her first compositions were heard while attending Stratford
College in Danville, Virginia, where she wrote the words and music to the school‘s Alma Mater. She
performed as solo vocalist and piano accompanist to pop singers and international bands while
cruising with four major shipping lines. Chris has been performing at the Tower Club for the past
two years and currently instructs piano to all ages and levels of musicianship. Chris has now
expanded her expertise by the writing of the entire score to LEFTOVERS, marking her debut as a
professional musical composer.

    NOTE FROM “75” POTENTIAL                          on May 12, 2007. I have been married for
                                                      seven years to my second husband,
I just found the website about Stratford              Richard Dunst. He is in sales. I have
College.   I am from Cornelius near                   kept up for the past 32 years with Alisha
Charlotte, NC. I would have graduated                 Sides Wilson (Concord), Ansley Mays
from Stratford in 1975, but it closed in ’74          (Charlotte), Marianne Morgan (Concord),
and I finished my last years at Queens                and Met Simpson (Chicago) all from
College. I have a Masters in Education                Stratford. Please post my information in
and have worked as faculty and                        alumnae news.
education department chairperson for 22               Home: 17100 Grenache Court, Cornelius, NC
                                                      28031 704-896-2130 or 704-770-6446
years in NC and SC community college
                                                      Work:      Dede Barr Dunst, Early Childhood
system. I have a 22-year-old son from my              Program Coordinator, Mitchell Community
first marriage who is graduating with BS              College, 704 Cherry St. Center, Statesville, NC
in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech               28677 E-mail
           Tracy Meyer (‘74) Smith
             and husband, Dale

Dale and I are in the midst of our sixth year in
Singapore, teaching at the Singapore American
School and loving it. I have a dream job (for
me) of sorts, teaching Middle School Drama
full-time! Dale handles a philosophy course
(right up his alley), Foundations of Knowledge,
along with a psych course and a history course
in the High School. It‘s a huge school (with
3,700 students) and all the amenities of home.

Travel from here has been terrific, as you may imagine. Within 2-4 hour flights are Thailand,
Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia. Suffice to say that visitors have plenty to do besides
enjoy the sites of Singapore!

After graduating in ―74, I followed Dr. Austin to a job in Range, VA, where I stayed for but a year—
but loved it! Then it was Lancaster, PA for a long spell at Lancaster County Day School – and from
there (in ―82) it was out to Sri Lanka, teaching in a small British school there. Five years later I was in
Jakarta, Indonesia, in the huge international school there, where I remained for nine wonderful years.
Then it was time for a Stateside breather, and I moved to Durham, NC to teach at Durham Academy –
where I met (and three years later) married Dr. Dale Smith, who was in the history department there.
We are having a ball together, seeing the world. Dale and I taught for two years at the American
Community School in Beirut, Lebanon, and from there, straight to Singapore.

We‘d love to hear from you – and better yet, host you when you come to visit Singapore and
surroundings! Of ―Stratford Ladies,‖ I‘ve exchanged emails over the years (and rarely seen) Nancy
Nickel Groff and Frances Cone Harrell. I‘d love to expand my list of contacts from Stratford days.

I hope this newsletter finds each of you well and excited about the next reunion
planned for October 3-4, 2008. Mark your calendar now for this special week-end!
Stratford House has generously offered to host our website for alumnae and friends
of Stratford College. Therefore, this will be the last “mass newsletter mailing” as you
now can access them at and click on Stratford College
Alumnae. Our website is a great way to keep updated on our alumnae so please
check it often. If you do not have access to a computer, we will be happy to continue
to mail a newsletter to you but you must notify Nancy Nelson, 123 Grove Park Circle,
Danville, VA 24541 of your request. Also, please remember your annual dues of
$15.00 to remain an active member of the association. Please remit dues to Carol
Anne Kernodle, Stratford College Alumnae Association, 417 Dogwood Drive,
Danville, VA 24541. All information , registration forms, etc. will be forthcoming
by mail to each of you concerning the reunion and posted on our website as the
time draws closer. Have a wonderful summer and we look forward to seeing you in
                                    Carol Anne Kernodle
Nancy Oehrle Buckner (’71)                                    IN MEMORIAM
e-mailed the following:
“Just about the best news I can
share is that I have a new
granddaughter, Kennedy Grace
Harcourt, born August 27, 2006 to
my son Hill and his wife , Jennifer.
Obviously, she is my first! I also
married again after being            a
widow.      John and I married
February 25,, 2006 – what a
wonderful year!

Need Some Help With This Request.
                                                              Jane Appleton Bond
I received an e-mail from a former Stratford            Beloved Art Professor and Friend
student and the e-mail was accidentally erased                   June 26, 2006
leaving me no e-mail address or other
information for me to contact her. If anyone                  Isabelle Pyle Johnson
has information regarding married name, an e-                  Alumnae Secretary
mail, mailing address, or telephone number                        May 22, 2007
that you can send me, I‘d like to respond to her.
                                                            Mary Lyons, January, 2006
She wrote: ―I didn‘t graduate from Stratford,            Helen Hutchison, February, 2007
but I went there in my freshman year. I left the          (These girls were roommates at
next year after my father died. My name then               Stratford Hall in Class of ‗59
was Linda ―Jo‖ Williamson. I have tried                      and both died of cancer.)
several times to locate Anne Sites who was my
roommate and played the lead part in the plays       Mary-Elizabeth Agnes Watson Killian ‗48
with me. I am divorced and have six children                       April, 2006
and nine grandchildren and live in                           Beloved student/friend
Pennsylvania. I work for a pharmaceutical                      of Hall and College
company and have recently really enjoyed
traveling to Australia, New Zealand, and
Africa, which has delayed my thoughts to
retire. I did recently get together with some
girls from high school. What fun that was to
see a bunch of people you knew 53 years ago.
Hope this gets to you and if you have any ideas
how I could find Anne, it would be great.
(I‘m hoping that some of you who were at
Stratford in the Fifties will be able to put me in
touch with her. I do not have any information
on Anne Sites or Linda ―Jo) Nancy Nelson
at ebonelso@gamewood.n\et
The 1950 class in the Fabulous Fifties is still fabulously active and in touch with one another. Their
class sponsor was Catherine (Nappy) Wyatt. May Watkins Best ―50 of Orangeburg, SC helps to keep
them connected by staying in touch, collecting data, and writing their newsletters. They regularly
have class reunions as well as small group reunions. They have held several reunions in Danville, in
Greensboro, NC, in Norfolk, VA and other locations of suitable proximity to their traveling needs,
plans, and activities. Their closeness as students at Stratford College has continued through their
adult life bringing together families, children , grandchildren and more friends. They have shared the
good times celebrating marriages, births, hobbies, sports, travels. theatre and the arts, and just
relaxing at favorite vacation spots. And they have shared losses and comforted one another in times of
pain and stress.

In her most recent newsletter, May Watkins Best wrote:
Our summer has included several short day trips to SC beaches. We have been to Edisto Beach and
Hilton Head and enjoyed watching the grandsons play in the sand and the ocean. The trips down and
back have been very pleasant. Live oak trees meet over the middle of the roads making a beautiful
drive through. Lovely old historic churches dot the roadsides, and the experience of the drive is one of
peaceful beauty. Abbott and I were sad to learn of the death of Arthur Carvolth in June. We enjoyed
getting together with Art and Barbara over the years. – in Myrtle Beach, Sanfee, Charleston, and
Orangeburg, SC. I have visited at their lovely home in PA. and Art was always a wonderful host. We
have many happy memories. Art and Barbara were a delightful and special couple. We were glad
that Barbara‘s sister Janet and Janet‘s son Spencer came from Ireland to be with Barbara in June to
give her support. Our sympathy is with Barbara.

Barbara Heaney Carvolth wrote:
Have stayed home this year primarily because Arthur was not well. He slipped quietly away at home
June 4. Have been looking after our company since then and will until it is sold. My sister Janet will
be coming over for Thanksgiving, and we will go to Ft. Myers. Beach.

                                         BITS AND PIECES

The College web site was designed to keep Stratford alumnae connected and informed as well as to
preserve the College‘s legacy and historic value to the community.

Please check your personal information to make sure that name changes, addresses, zip code,
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Newsletters are written for you and about you. Please take the responsibility to see that a
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Also, please keep us informed of obituary announcements to be included in the newsletters.
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