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									                     Literacy Center Menu 04-20-09 to 04-24-09

 Book Clubs
  Book: ________________________
  Chapters to Read: __________________

   Reading Class Work
      1. “Woodsong” Sequencing Diagram

 Spelling Words Center
  1. Spelling Word Sort (sort spelling words by ending (-el, -le, -al, -il)
  2. Put Spelling Words in ABC Order
  3. Extra Credit: Spelling Word Search

 Vocabulary Center:
   1. Vocabulary Log (7 words)
   2. Vocabulary “Woodsong” Crossword Puzzle
   3. Extra Credit: Vocabulary Word Expert

Listening Center: listen to “Woodsong” Counter at 213
 Tuesday - Group 1: Alex, Vanessa, Breana, Ray
            Group 2: Kaylie, Dawson, Libby, Cameron
 Wednesday- Group 1: Will, Leyci, Eric, Seth
              Group 2: Jovan, Enoch, Heaven, Louie
 Thursday – Group 1 – Jessy L., Jessy S., Nathaniel, Manny
             Group 2 – Jermane, Gianni, Matt, Chris, Hannah

Thinking/Writing Center
      1. Compliment Puzzles – Read the directions on the Activity Sheet. You must
do BOTH sets! Make sure to note the extra credit offered on the bottom!

 Library:
Monday - Alex, Vanessa, Breana, Ray, Kaylie, Dawson, Manny, Matt
Tuesday – Libby, Will, Leyci, Cameron, Eric, Seth, Jermane, Chris, Hannah
Thursday - Enoch, Heaven, Louie, Jessy L., Jessy S., Jovan, Gianni, Nathaniel

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