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									                              THE NTR CONNECTOR
                                            July 2008

         Nonprofit Technology Resources will launch its new Tech-Redi Program in August. The
staff will welcome 20 lucky people from the state’s Welfare-to-Work initiative to receive
training at NTR. Participants will receive basic computer skills, learn computer repair and work
in the warehouse. In addition, participants will learn clerical skills, retail store management,
eBay sales, data entry, office products like Microsoft Word and how to do more than surfing the
Internet with the computer. Participants that need help will also receive literacy training in order
to bring them up to standard.
         During the next few months visitors to NTR will see new faces working in the computer
thrift store, the warehouse and in the office. Welcome them and give them a hand.
         This program furthers NTR’s mission to not only provide people from disadvantaged
communities with access to computers and technology, but to also train them to use computers
and technology to improve their lives. The staff at NTR is excited about the Tech-Redi Program
and hopes it will help participants learn new skills to put their lives back on track.

         Charles “Chuck” Voegtle had been a carpenter for 20 years when he came to NTR as an
intern. The rest is history. He now works full-time as the dedicated manager of the computer
thrift store and will soon be teaching NTR’s A+ Certification course. How did a strapping
middle-aged carpenter come to join the staff at NTR? Voegtle’s wife had a problem pregnancy
and needed his help at home. While helping his wife with their twin sons, he realized he no
longer wanted to do carpentry and began to look into computers. Like other NTR employees,
Voegtle was taking an A+ training course with another program when he learned of NTR’s
computer thrift store. After visiting the store, he met NTR director Stan Pokras and quickly
arranged for an internship. As an intern Voegtle began by taking computers apart and sorting
         However, while in the warehouse one day, he noticed all of the different equipment that
could be sold to support the nonprofits’ programs. “One day I said to Stan, with all this stuff
around here, do you ever sell this stuff on eBay,” explained Voegtle. “Stan said he had been
looking for somebody to do that for years and I said, I can that for you. The day I took my A+
test and passed it was the day I started working here.”
         That was over two years ago. As a fulltime employee, Voegtle helps with computer
repair work and manages the store. He’ll also train participants in the new Tech-Redi program in
retail sales management and starting an eBay business. Additionally, he is continuing to develop
NTR’s upcoming A+ Certification course.
         Voegtle says NTR is the best thing that happened to him. “This is my home,” he
declared. “I couldn’t live without coming here everyday!”
         Don’t let his gruff exterior fool you. Voegtle knows everything there is to know about
NTR, loves the organization and is dedicated to its mission. So, say hi when you see Chuck in
the store.

       The next time you visit NTR check out its fabulous new look! NTR is renovating its
warehouse and offices. As a staff member said, “We’ll now be warm in the winter and cool in
the summer.” The renovations include new classrooms, an employee lounge/kitchen, a corporate
style boardroom and new office furniture. The renovation project is a longtime coming and well
deserved. Renovations were funded through a grant for the Tech-Redi Program.

The MakePhilly September Meeting
Scheduled for Sunday, September 14, 2008 from 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Location: University of the Arts, Industrial Arts Department
Information about MakePhilly can be found at http://MakePhilly.org
NTR is a sponsor of The Hacktory which is an offspring of the MakePhilly meetings.
For more information on or to register for Hacktory activities go to http://www.thehacktory.org.

Also noteworthy is IgnitePhilly on September 23rd. Stan Pokras will
be giving a talk at this. Doors open at 6PM, talks start at 7PM.
Location Johnny Brenda's (same as last time). For more information
see http://IgnitePhilly.org

         Nonprofit Technology Resources is located at 1524 Brandywine Street in Fairmount
                        Phone: 215/564-6686 Website: http://ntronline.org
                       The NTR Connector is written by Marilyn Kai Jewett

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