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                                                                                           MARCH 2010

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    Rabbi’s Ramblings

    Dear Chaverim,

    Pesach arrives late this month, which means it is
    early this year!

    Passover is our people’s root freedom narrative. It
    is here we connect ourselves with Jews throughout
    the millennia to our essential community epic.
    Almost two thousand years ago the early rabbis
    understood this so well that they created the basic
    text we still use — the Haggadah. What a great
    word for this little instructional text — the Telling.
    We could also translate it as the Narrative. And
    what a story: the search for physical and spiritual
    identity and freedom, and for the Source that
    provides direction and meaning for the search.

    Each year we sit down and ask the same questions
    our ancestors did. Or, at least we read the same         That is what community is all about — connecting
    ones from the Haggadah. Yet, each year we ask            our past to our present, to create our future
    them in a different light, for we are not the same                       together. The rabbis of old had a
    people we were the Passover                                              clear purpose when they designed
    before. We have grown and                                                the Haggadah as they did. They
    changed. The world around          “Living on purpose requires           wanted to tell a story with spiritual
    us has changed. Still, we                                                values, values that they wanted
    sit together and look back            us to find what we love
                                                                             learned and integrated into their
    into our collective spiritual      fiercely, give it all we’ve got,      lives and the lives of generations
    experience to find old, and                                              to come. They had a vision and
    then new, meaning in the            and then pass it on, as if it
                                                                             put it to paper. We continue to
    words that leap from the            were a torch, to those who           live that vision,
    page into our souls — if we
    let them.                                      follow.”
                                                                             What is your vision for Or Ami?
                                                                             What is it that we as a Kehillah
    Our ancestors chose to be                                                Kedoshah, as Congregation
    continuing members of the             -DAWNA MARKOVA
                                                                             Or Ami, could do and should
    Jewish community. They                                                   do? What are the spiritual and
    created a narrative that they                                            communal visions of who we
    hoped would keep us linked                               are and who we may become? What would your
    to our past, resonate powerfully in our present,         Or Ami Haggadah be? How would you present
    and motivate us to create our future. So far it has      our story to ensure that our purpose and dream
    worked amazingly well. Jews who are only loosely         continues to evolve and grow?
    connected to the Jewish community gather around
    the table to celebrate some form of Passover. They Happy Passover and Chag Sameach!
    continue to feel connected.
                                                             Rabbi Ben

PResident’s message
Alex Simon

Or Ami Runs on Faith, Funds                     membership and vitality of our youth
                                                groups, the creative energy on Sunday        Ben	Romer,	Rabbi	(381-7894)
Or Ami is a thriving                                               morning and the host     Alex	simon,	President (266-1676)
community           of                                             of activities from       elaine	Ragone,	Cantorial Soloist
talented, creative and                                             adult education to the          Emerita	(740-8673)
compassionate souls                                                caring committee. To       David	Goldsmith, Director of
joined together by                                                 make sure we can               Education	(740-0869)
our love of Judaism.                                               fund our innumerable
Our synagogue runs                                                 programs at the level    Congregation Or Ami Beacon
on the boundless                                                   of excellence we          March 2010, Issue No. 171
energy of Rabbi                                                    have come to expect,        Published monthly by
Romer, the talents of                                              please consider a gift       Congregation Or Ami
David Goldsmith and                                                to Or Ami over and          9400 Huguenot Road
our religious school                                               above what you have       Richmond, Virginia 23235
teachers, and the                                                  pledged. It can be to         Phone: 272-0017
innumerable good                                                   the General Fund or             Fax: 272-3931
works of our many                                                  to any of the many        Email:
dedicated volunteers.                                              other funds. The
                                                                   Board just established
    But Or Ami also runs on money —             a new fund for scholarships for Youth
                                                                                               David	Dorfman	(285-5571)
for mortgage payments, maintenance,             Group events. I know many of us are
                                                                                                  First Vice President
salaries, utilities, and all our fixed costs.   still struggling with the effects of the
                                                                                                Linda	heuser	(272-2887)
We just started an endowment with               recession, but I know that for some, the
                                                                                                    Vice President
part of Anna Fischer’s bequest, but we          recession is over or never had a serious
                                                                                               Alan	Freedman	(768-4732)
do not have an endowment built up               impact. To those who are able, I urge
                                                                                                    Vice President
over generations by successful business         you to make a special contribution to
                                                                                                Michael	Glass	(550-7568)
people to fund our operating costs. We          any of our funds, to pay your pledge on
do not have the wealthy families to             time, and to consider increasing your
                                                                                               Marsha	hanzel	(320-1487)
whom some synagogues and churches               pledge in the future.
                                                                                                  Financial Secretary
turn for large donations; and frankly
                                                                                             Meredith	Wilkinson	(550-1559)
we are a healthier community because
                                                                                                 Recording Secretary
we are not dependent on a few of our
                                                                                               ellen	hofheimer	(741-7426)

   Our membership is once again up this
                                                                                                  Directors At Large:
year but due to the economic downturn
                                                                                                 stan	Feuer	(379-5956)
we have more families than usual
                                                                                                Bruce	Gould	(230-4103)
needing forgiveness of their pledges
                                                                                              John	Mark	Joseph	(323-3238)
and our average pledge is lower than
                                                                                                Judy	Katzen	(741-1226)
last year. Pledges are also being paid at
                                                                                               Gerald	Margolis	794-7586
a somewhat slower rate than last year.
                                                                                                 ed	Levine	(755-4318)
                                                                                                heather	Nees	(608-1280)
       I know you appreciate all the
                                                                                                Nancy	Nelson	(285-9108)
energy here at Or Ami; the increased
                                                                                             stefanie	Papps	(510-590-6809)
attendance at services, the increased

a note fRom mR. g                        Director of Education

    Dear Parents and Grandparents,

    Passover is the holiday when every Jewish
    parent and grandparent becomes a member of
    the Religious School faculty. “You shall tell your
    child on that day,” says the Torah, referring to
    the exodus from Egypt. If you think about it, the
    Passover Seder is basically a history lesson!

    Luckily for parents and grandparents, our
    ancestors came up with a lesson plan and text thatThe hagaddah contains a variety of activities,
    makes this job a lot easier — the hagaddah. It    such as searching for the afikomen, making a
    is truly a masterpiece of educational theory and  Hillel sandwich, singing fun songs like “Chad
    psychology:                                       Gadya” and “Who Knows One?”
                                                      The hagaddah also engages all of the senses.
    The hagaddah encourages the child to question. Can there be a more effective way to illustrate
    In fact, it provides the first four! See how many the bitterness of slavery than biting on a piece of
    other questions your children may have.           horseradish root?

    The hagaddah recognizes that every child at every      So parents and grandparents, I hereby hire you
    age has a different way of learning. Hence the part    to be teachers for the Seder. The pay is low, but
    about the four children – one wise, one stubborn,      the rewards can be very gratifying. If you need
    one shy, and one too young to ask a question.          assistance, please contact the Rabbi, me, or any
    Tailor your Seder to the age and temperament of        of our faculty.
    your child(ren). For the younger kids, try making
    believe that you were slaves, even using costumes      Chag Sameach,
    or puppets. For teens, have a discussion about         David Goldsmith, Education Director
    how freedom means more responsibilities.

                   Religious school teacheRs needed
                       foR the 2010-11 school YeaR
    We will have a few openings for teachers in
    the Or Ami Religious School for the 2010-
    11 school year. No experience necessary, but
    preferable. You do need a love of children
    and a desire to learn more about Judaism as
    you teach. Three hours every Sunday, paid or
    volunteer. Curriculum furnished.

    This could be one of the most rewarding
    part-time jobs you’ve ever had. For more
    information and to apply, contact David
    Goldsmith, 740-0869 or email OrAmiSchool@
Religious school calendaR                           class seRvice dates set
Sunday, March 7                                     It is an Or Ami tradition for each class to write
  • Religious School, grades K-9, 9:00 am - noon    and lead a Shabbat service. Class services are
  • Torah Tots, 10:30 am - noon                     usually preceded by congregational potluck
  • Chanting with Elaine for 5th & 6th grades       dinners hosted by the parents of the class
                                                    members and open to the entire congregation.
Monday, March 8
 • Confirmation Class, 7:00 pm
                                                    Dates for Class Services:
Sunday, March 14
  • Daylight savings time begins – Set clocks       • Fourth and fifth grades: March 19th (7:30 p.m.)
    forward 1 hour Saturday evening                 • Sixth and seventh grades: April 16th (7:30 p.m.)
  • Music with Holly for K-4th grades               • Confirmation class: May 18th (7:30 p.m.)
  • Chanting with Elaine for 5th and 6th grades     • Eighth and ninth grades: May 21st (7:30 p.m.)
Monday, March 15
 • Confirmation Class, 7:00 pm                      Each class family is responsible for bringing a dish for the
                                                    potluck AND a desert for the oneg. The parents are responsible
Friday, March 19                                    for the set-up and decoration of tables for the potluck, as well
  • 6:15 pm Congregational potluck dinner           as the clean-up afterwards.
  • 7:30 pm Class service for 4th and 5th grades    The parents should also coordinate the purchase of:
Sunday, March 21                                             • Paper plates & cups, plastic tableware, paper
  • Religious School, grades K-9, 9:00 am - noon                tablecloths, table decorations
  • Torah Tots, 10:30 am – noon                              • 2 challot (the plural of challah).
                                                             • Wine & grape juice for the kiddush
Monday, March 22
                                                             • Sodas & ice
 • Confirmation Class, 7:00 pm
Sunday, March 28                                    Mark your calendars and plan to attend them all!
  • Religious school, grades. K-9, 9:00 am – noon
  • Model Passover Seder, grades K-9
Monday, March 29                                       IN CASE OF INCLEMENT WEATHER:
 • First Passover Seder — no confirmation class      Check your email for closings. Call the Temple
                                                      272-0017, Ext. 3 for special closing message.
Sunday, April 4 – Sunday, April 11                    Closings will be run on the local TV stations
  • No Classes – Pesach and Spring Break

                                                           toRah Readings foR maRch
                                                        Holy One. Don’t get        framework from which we then
                                                        hung up on the terms,      must begin to define our own way
                                                        dig deeply into your       in today’s world. Our reading this
                                                        feelings and wonder.       week begins a long journey of our
                                                                                   ancestors’ attempts to create and
                                                        maRch 13/14                define what can be considered
                                                         • Torah: Vayakhel/        living a holy and sacred way
                                                         Pekudei Exodus            within a community. I challenge
                                                         (Shemot) 35:1-38:20-      each of us to re-read this and the
                                                         40:38                     coming week’s parashiot with this
                                                         • Haftarah: Ezekiel       in mind.
                                                         (Yechezkel) 45:16-
                                                         46:16                     maRch 26/27
    maRch 5/6                                            Why do you belong         • Torah: Tzav, Leviticus (Vayikra)
    • Torah: Ki Tissah Exodus               to Or Ami? What do you hope to           6:1-8:36
      (Shemot)/Shabbat Parah 30:11-         derive from connecting with this       • Haftarah: Malachi (Mahlachi)
      31:17; Numbers (Bamidbar) 19:1-       Kehillah Kedoshah? Why come on           3:4-24
      22                                    Shabbat? What do you get — and         Do you come into Or Ami and
    • Haftarah: Ezekiel (Yechezkel)         what do you give? What are your        feel a sense of reverence for our
      36:16-36                              spiritual gifts that you can offer     spiritual home? Is there a right
    I hear this “I don’t believe in God”    to our Sacred Community? How           way to create that idea and feeling?
    a lot. Well (and I say this — a lot),   would you define and describe          Does it have anything to do with
    “I don’t believe in the God you         being “filled with the Holy Spirit”?   how we dress? What should the
    don’t believe in.” We need to stop      We find this spiritual concept in      rabbi wear? Does it matter? What
    trying to fit such challenging ideas    this week’s double reading. Each       are the limits before we don’t
    and entities as God into small,         soul within our community has a        invite someone onto the Bima?
    convenient packages. Moses              unique gift to offer. No one is left   Just what is appropriate? In our
    appears to tarry a bit too long on      out. In our reading, we see that       reading we find that the Kohanim
    Mt. Sinai and the people panic,         those who have deep artistic talents   really dress out. They don ornate
    demanding that some image be            find their inspiration from the One    outfits and often must change
    created that will represent some        who can inspire each of us. Be         them. Part of the discussion is that
    aspect of God. Aaron, the Kohen         willing to let that inspiration grow   they are approaching the Holy,
    Gadol, even helps them along.           and bring it out into the open.        and shouldn’t they show up well
    Oops. Why the need for some                                                    dressed? And certainly they can be
    physical presentation? I think they,    maRch 19/20                            spotted from the crowd. No doubts
    as my students and many others,         • Torah: Vayikra Leviticus (Vayikra)   would there be from Israelites
    are stuck in an immature spiritual        1:1-5:26                             when they came forward to offer
    plane when it comes to what             • Haftarah: Isaiah 43:21-44:23         something.
    God can and should be. While            Reform Judaism does indeed
    we move along in our everyday           ask each of us to live within a
    sophistication we often are stuck in    Jewishly structured life. Our
    adolescent spirituality. No wonder      challenge as Reform Jews is
    we reject the idea of a simple,         to know what is traditionally
    convenient God. We should. Your         asked of us, and then make
    challenge is develop a more mature,     the hard decisions of what we
    sophisticated understanding for         will do. Leviticus presents
    your interconnectedness with the        us with an incredibly rich

 all in the familY
Rabbi RomeR in the communitY:
                                                                                   Building Fund
Last month, Rabbi Romer:                                                           • In memory of Bill Hirschman - Art & Kay
• attended the Richmond Jewish Federation Executive Board
                                                                                   General Fund
                                                                                   • Jonathan Lebolt
• delivered the Invocation at the National Day of Prayer for                       • Adrienne H. Hudgens
  the Healing of HIV/AIDS prayer breakfast,
                                                                                   • In memory of Bill Hirschman;
• attended the Chesterfield County Public Schools                                  • In memory of Shirl Tandlich - Ginny
  Multicultural Council meeting as a new member,                                     Engler
• and attended the RISC Clergy Caucus.                                             Refurbishment Fund
                                                                                   • In memory of Shirl Tandlich - Herold &
                                                                                     Ellen Hofheimer
condolences to:
                                                                                   Torah Fund
• The family of longtime Or Ami member Shirl Tandlich on                           • Get well to Deb Cohen, Tony Booth, Jeff
  her death on January 31st. May her name be for a blessing.                         Haykin, Barnette Silbert, and Maria Rice -
                                                                                     Renee Gould
• Mitch Gordon on the death of his uncle, Milton Gordon, on
  February 7th. May his name be for a blessing.                                    Contributions to a fund of the Congregation
                                                                                   may be made in honor or in memory of a family
                                                                                   member or a friend to any of the congregational
Refuah sheleimah - sPeedY RecoveRY to:                                             funds, such as the Dorothy & Bernard Packer
                                                                                   Educational Endowment Fund, Building Fund,
• Deborah Cohen, Terry Goldman, Yvonne Goldman, Jeff                               Congregational Discretionary Fund, Flower
  Haykin, Herold Hofheimer, Sam Katzen, and Andy Resnick.                          Fund, General Fund, Harvey Lampert Memorial
                                                                                   Garden Fund, The Scholarship Fund (in memory
                                                                                   of David & Clara Sack, Margarete Hirsch, and
Be sure to let us know when something special happens in your family, so that we   Susanne Hirt), Sustenance/Social Action Fund,
  can pass the word along to the rest of the Congregation                          or another fund mentioned elsewhere.

  neW membeRs
  Jonathan Lebolt
  10231 Pondera Road
  Richmond, Virginia 23235 - Tel: 683-4536

  Ernest and Carolyn Mendel
  13622 Northwich Drive
  Midlothian, Virginia 23112 - Tel: 744-6353

  Adam and Jeannine Moss
  2096 Lakeview Drive
  Powhatan, Virginia 23139 - Tel: 592-9695

                 YahRzeits* (memoRial anniveRsaRY)
                                       These names will be read on the following dates:
    Mar. 1    Johanna Zuckerman            3/ 5/10           Mar. 15       Ion Vladescu                             3/19/10
    Mar. 1    Zoltan Elfer                 3/ 5/10           Mar. 16       Margaret Hofheimer Lewis                 3/19/10
    Mar. 3    Billie Hendren               3/ 5/10           Mar. 17       Dorothy Frankel                          3/19/10
    Mar. 4    Louis J. Silverman           3/ 5/10           Mar. 18       Sidney Todras                            3/19/10
    Mar. 5    Muriel Engler                3/ 5/10           Mar. 18       Sidney Schwartz                          3/19/10
    Mar. 5    Rita Hirschman               3/ 5/10           Mar. 19       Betty Wiener                             3/19/10
    Mar. 5    Sidney S. Prince             3/ 5/10           Mar. 20       Louis D. Kessler                         3/26/10
    Mar. 6    Paul Doss                    3/12/10           Mar. 20       Clara Sack                               3/26/10           oR ami caRes
    Mar. 10   Morris Goldstein             3/12/10           Mar. 20       Harry Ganderson                          3/26/10
    Mar. 11   Bernard A. Horwitz           3/12/10           Mar. 23       Betty Zimmerman                          3/26/10              Please let the Temple
    Mar. 11   Myron Schwartz               3/12/10           Mar. 26       Sophie Geiger                            3/26/10            office or Rabbi know if
    Mar. 12   Solomon Ingber               3/12/10                                                                                      a family member is in
                                                             Mar. 26       Harold “Buddy” Horwitz                   3/26/10
    Mar. 12   Abe Roberts                  3/12/10                                                                                      the hospital or if other
                                                             Mar. 27       Celia Rosenblum                          4/ 2/10
    Mar. 12   Rubin Matz                   3/12/10                                                                                    situations arise when the
                                                             Mar. 27       Ethel Grandis                            4/ 2/10
    Mar. 13   Ceil Weingart                3/19/10                                                                                     congregation may be of
                                                             Mar. 28       Greta Montgomery                         4/ 2/10
    Mar. 13   Jeanette Goldsmith           3/19/10                                                                                      assistance or comfort.
                                                             Mar. 28       David Kay                                4/ 2/10
    Mar. 14   Bernard Roland Petroff       3/19/10                                                                                        Changes in hospital
                                                             Mar. 29 Bernice Martha Gersh                           4/ 2/10
    Mar. 14   Riki Jacobs                  3/19/10                                                                                       privacy rules prohibit
                                                             Mar. 31 Elaine Halberstadt                             4/ 2/10           officials from contacting
    Mar. 15   Nathaniel Heifetz            3/19/10
    Mar. 15   Sarah Steinman               3/19/10          *Yahrzeit: Remembering on the Anniversary of a Death
                                                                                                                                           the Temple, so we
                                                            The yahrzeit is a time of remembering the dead by reciting the Kaddish,    aren’t always aware of
Contributions to Or Ami memorializing a loved               lighting a 24-hour candle, and remembering the person who has died.
                                                                                                                                       situations unless family
one may be sent to the Or Ami office. You may                                                                                             or friends notify us.
specify a fund to which the contribution should            SAYING KADDISH
go, such as the Andrew Lendvay Teacher and                 The last column of the Yahrzeit list gives
                                                           the Shabbat service at which your loved
Music Education Fund, Continuing Education
                                                           one’s name will be read. Please call Maria
Fund (Adult Education), High Holy Day Fund,
                                                           at the Temple (272-0017) if you would like
Landscaping Fund, Library Fund, Music                      to change the date a name will be read, or if
Fund, Oneg Shabbat Fund, Refurbishment                     you wish to add to the list.
Fund, Religious School Fund, Torah Fund, or
another fund mentioned elsewhere.                        Please call the Temple office if you would like to
                                                               change the date a name will be read.

     congRegation oR ami’s mission statement
     Congregation Or Ami, “Light of My People,”              creative liturgy, and prayer based on Jewish
     is a dynamic, sacred community — Kehillah               thought.
     Kedoshah — welcoming people of all ages                 Gemilut Chasidim: deeds of loving kindness,
     and backgrounds who seek spiritual fulfillment          actively embracing our sacred responsibilities
     and involvement grounded in                                               to each other, our community,
     principles of the Reform Jewish                                           our nation, and our world.
                                                                                          Thus, individually and as a
     We affirm fresh pathways and                                                         congregation, we interpret
     approaches to our core values:                                                       the tenets of social action and
                                                                                          ethical imperatives in our lives
     Torah: Jewish study, education,                                                      through our relationship with
     knowledge, and values.                                                               Torah, prayer, and tikkun olam
     Avodah: Jewish prayer, worship,                                                      (making our world whole.)
            bbYo Reunion scheduled foR maY 2010
If you were in B’nai B’rith Youth       is not to be missed. Virginia       Negrin at albertnegrin@verizon.
Organization (BBYO) during the          Council in the 1970’s included      net or visit our facebook group
1970s in Virginia Council, this         the following chapters: Cohen,      page: VA Council BBYO 70’s
reunion is for you. On May 22nd         Tikvah,Tip Levin, Ruach, Kruger,    Reunion. There you will find
and 23rd at the Weinstein JCC           Simcha, Deborah, Chutzpah,          pictures, friends, and more
there will be a BBYO reunion for        Commonwealth, Dr. Israel Brown      detailed information. Registration
anyone who was a member at any          (DIB), Blachman, Old Dominion,      is on our website www.
time from 1970 through 1979.            Korel, Monarch, Fine, Katan and
Whether you were a MIT/AIT              Hamovit.
starting your BBYO career or a                                              We look forward to seeing you.
graduating senior, this gathering       For more details contact Albert

oatY neWs                               Rabbi Ben drove out and hung out    It was great to meet with
Sydney Nees                             with us in the lodge. Lots of new   Jewish kids from other small
                                        friendships were quickly made.      congregations. We all are looking
On Friday January 22nd, 2010,                                               forward to getting together again!
11 members of OATY piled                After returning to the temple,
into two SUVs and headed west           everyone changed into warm
to Harrisonburg, Virginia. Our          clothes and sat down to dinner
destination was Temple Beth El,         and a quick Havdalah service.       Keep your eyes open for our
where we would meet up with             Afterwards, we staged a color       really amazing new t-shirts as
other small youth groups from all       wars food fight! Each team was      well as more information about
over Virginia.                          named for a different Passover      the pancake breakfast! We’re also
                                        food — gefilte fish, matzo, hard    working on a few social action
On Saturday we spent the day            boiled egg, and charoseths.         activities and will fill you in when
at Massanutten four seasons             Everyone played all kinds of        we have specifics.
resort. Some went skiing, some          games and we put together small
snowboarding, and others went           bags of toiletries for the local
tubing, stayed in the lodge, or         women’s shelter.
splashed to the indoor water park.

               uPcoming oatY events
                •   March 6             Karaoke night for Richmond area 8th – 12th graders
                •   March 7             OATY meeting
                •   March 12-14         Thevent (NFTY-MAR regional event)
                •   March 28            OATY meeting/games day
                •   April 22-25         Spring Kallah (NFTY-MAR regional event)
                •   April 30            OATY service at Or Ami
                •   May 1 (tentative)   Pancake breakfast fundraiser at Or Ami

                            social action haPPenings -                                        Marilyn Breslow

     There is a lot on the table now at the Virginia General Assembly, city    If you are interested in joining the social action
     council, and our county boards of supervisors. Our state and our local    committee, please call Marilyn Breslow at 272-0939.
     governments are struggling to deal with revenue shortfalls that are
     placing education and other important programs in peril. We need to
     be engaged in these decisions.
                                                                               Holidays are lonely for service personnel overseas.
                                                                               We can help by funding Seder kit packages provided
                                                                               by the Jewish Welfare Board Jewish Chaplains
                                As our friends at the Virginia Interfaith
                                                                               Council. Each package contains a “taste of home,”
                                Center for Public policy say: the budget is
                                                                               including the traditional items of Passover. A $25
                                a moral document. What does it say about
                                                                               donation pays for a Seder package and contributes to
                                our morals when we cut programs that
                                                                               additional projects for the military and their families.
                                educate our kids only to give away millions
                                                                               To support this gift to the troops, please designate
                                to big business? It is incumbent upon us to
                                                                               your contribution to Or Ami with the notation:
                                write or call our representatives and urge
                                                                               “Passover packages.”
                                them to invest wisely for our future. Please
                                stay informed and communicate your
                                concern. There is excellent background
                                information at the Virginia Interfaith
                                Center for Public Policy’s website at:         Richmonders Involved in Strengthening Our
                              Community (RISC) Update
                                where you will find updates on legislation,    What is happening in RISC?
     alerts, and information on how to communicate with your legislators.      Well there has been a leadership change, and we are
     If you would like to attend hearings, we can organize from Or Ami.        back to work on three key issues:
     Please email Marilyn Breslow at and we
     will send out the information in an attempt to present a united front.      1. Developing a substance-abuse treatment
                                                                                    program for the Richmond City jail system,
                                                                                 2. Encouraging MCV health care to effectively
     Our social action committee continues to arrange monthly                       get the un/under insured into a PCP model of
     opportunities to bring smiles to                                               treatment,
     seniors in assisted living at Beth Shalom Gardens. The next visit           3. Developing and a better model than out-of-
     will be March 21, from 3 - 4:45pm. Wii has been popular, and we                school suspensions for disciplining school
     have a request for visitors to play poker and Mah Jong. Others                 youth.
     have expressed an interest in learning and singing Hebrew and
     Yiddish songs. If you play an instrument, a lunch serenade would be       Progress has been made on all fronts, and we’ll
     welcomed. If you are interested in giving a few hours, call Carol or      continue to push for changes. We need your help
     Don Fruhwald at 272-5017 or email .                        — great numbers of people from all congregations
                                                                               to coming to our rallies and actions can make a big
                                                                               impact. The Rally is on March 22nd and the Action
                                                                               on April 22nd. Plan to come and make your voice
     To stay abreast of how Jewish social teaching applies to national and
     international issues, visit the website of the Religious
     Action Center of Reform Judaism of the Union for Reform Judaism.
                                                                               Don Fruhwald
     The site is full of information and ideas to enrich our understanding
                                                                               RISC Liaison
     of how to live faithfully. If you want to join Or Ami’s social action
     committee, call Marilyn Breslow at 272-0939. We meet the third            Social Action Committee
     Wednesday of the month at Or Ami.

                                                communitY neWs

adult education                                                     LiMiTeD	OFFeR
Stephanie Papps                                            gReenWood memoRial
February’s mini-mester was a great success.                     Or Ami—Azalea Section
Thank you to all of our wonderful instructors
-- Ken Kendler, David Goldsmith, Joel
                                                    Dear Congregants:
Moses, and Heather Nees!
                                                    Due to the increased cost of sites at Greenwood
In March, we will be offering a Model Seder
                                                    Memorial Gardens, the cost of sites within our
class, led by our own Laura Petrella. This
                                                    section is going up as of June 1, 2010.
class will be on Wednesday, March 10 from
7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at Or Ami. Laura will teach
                                                    Please take this time to consider your future
us the ins and outs of conducting a Passover
                                                    needs. Pre-planning offers significant financial
Seder. This class is a must for anyone
                                                    advantages and can help make a very difficult time
who has never conducted their own Seder,
                                                    a bit easier for your family and loved ones.
or hasn’t conducted a Seder for a while.
Everyone is sure to learn something new.
                                                    If you have any questions concerning the purchase
                                                    of these sites, please feel free to call me at 741-
Please contact the office or Stefanie Papps
( to sign up for
the class. There will be a $5 fee for this class.
Also, in March, our Reel Theology                   Ellen Hofheimer
movie series will be featuring The Ten              Chair,	Cemetery	Committee
Commandments on Sunday, March 21 at
6:00 p.m. Be sure to join us for this classic

PassoveR ReciPe exchange!
Sunday, March 14, 2010 12:30-2:30 p.m.

Tired of being afflicted?! Want to try something new?
Maybe you have a great recipe your family loves or
you are looking to change it up a bit this year. Join us
on Sunday, March 14 for a recipe exchange and tasting!
You must RSVP to the office by Wednesday, March
10th to let us know if you are coming.

There are two ways to participate: Bringing a dish to
sample and copies of your recipe (All dishes must be
suitable for Pesach!) or just come to taste and get some
new recipes.

Please RSVP so we will know how much to prepare
and how many recipe copies to make.
                                         March 2010 – Congregation Or Ami                          	

            sun                           Mon                       Tue                       Wed                          Thu                          Fri                        sat
                               	                          1	                      2	                          3	                          4	                          5	                        6	
     	                             	Confirmation		            	                       	Richmond	Quilt	Guild,	    	                           	Bon	Air	Artists	          	Torah	study/Brunch,	
                                   Class,	7	p.m.	                                      9	a.m.	–	4	p.m.	                                        Assoc.,		                   10:30	a.m.	
                                   	                                                   	                                                       9	am	–	12:30	p.m.	          	
                                   	Personnel	Committee	                              	Lunch	&	Learn		                                       	                           	OATY	Karaoke	
                                   Meeting,	7:15	p.m.	                                 with	the	Rabbi,	12	p.m.	                                	shabbat	
                                                                                                                                               service,	7:30	p.m.	
                                                                                                                                               Shabbat Across
                             7	                           8	                      9	                        10	                          11	                         12	                      13	
     	Religious	school,	          	Confirmation		            	                       	Lunch	&	Learn		           	Board	                    	shabbat	                  	Torah	study/Brunch,	
     9	a.m.	–	12	p.m.	             Class,	7	p.m.	                                      with	the	Rabbi,	12	p.m.	    Meeting,	7:30	p.m.	         service,	7:30	p.m.	         10:30	a.m.	
     	Torah	Tots,	                	                                                   	                                                       	                           	
     10:30	a.m.	–	12	p.m.	                                                             	Model	seder	Class,	                                   	Thevent	
     	Bagel	Breakfast,	9am	                                                           7	–	9	p.m.	                                             (NFTY-MAR		
     	OATY	Meeting	                                                                                                                           Regional	event	
     	special	By-Laws	                                                                                                                        3/12	–	3/14)	
     Board	Meeting,	2	p.m.	
     	Richmond	Folk	Music	
     society,	2	p.m.	
     Mark Campbell and the
     Campbell Family Band
                            14	                         15	                  16	                            17	                          18	                         19	                      20	
     	Daylight	savings	           	Confirmation		            	                       	St. Patrick’s Day	        	Membership	Comm.	         		Congregational	          	Torah	study/Brunch,	
     Time	Begins	                  Class,	7	p.m.	                                      	                           Meeting,	7	p.m.	            Potluck	Dinner,	6:15	pm	    10:30	a.m.	
     	Religious	school,	          	                                                   	Lunch	&	Learn		                                       	                           	
     9	a.m.	–	12	p.m.	             	Finance	Committee	                                with	the	Rabbi,	12	p.m.	                                	shabbat	                  	Movie	Night,	6:30	pm	
     	                             Meeting,	7:30	p.m.	                                 	                                                       service,	7:30	p.m.	         The Ten
     	Passover	Recipe	            	                                                   	social	Action	Comm.	                                  4th & 5th Grade Class       Commandments
     exchange,		                   	Bulletin	Deadline	for	                            Meeting,	7	p.m.	                                        Service
     12:30-2:30	p.m.	              April	Articles	
                            21	                         22	                  23	                            24	                          25	                         26	                      27	
     	Religious	school,	          	Confirmation		            	                       	Lunch	&	Learn		           	                           	shabbat	                  	Torah	study/Brunch,	
     9	a.m.	–	12	p.m.	             Class,	7	p.m.	                                      with	the	Rabbi,	12	p.m.	                                service,	7:30	p.m.	         10:30	a.m.	
     	Torah	Tots,	                	                                                                                                           Friday Night Live           	
     10:30	a.m.	–	12	p.m.	         	RisC	Rally	                                                                                                                           	Richmond	Folk	Music	
     	Beth	shalom	                	                                                                                                                                       society,	8	p.m.	
     Gardens,	3	-	4:45	p.m.	                                                                                                                                               Jeni and Billy	
     	Reel	Theology	Movie	
     series,	6	p.m.	
     The Ten
                            28	                         29	                  30	                            31	                            	                           	                            	
     	Religious	school,	          	                            Congregational        	Lunch	&	Learn		           	                           	                           	
     9	a.m.	–	12	p.m.	                                         passover seder,         with	the	Rabbi,	12	p.m.	
     	Torah	Tots,	
                                                               5:30 p.m.
     10:30	a.m.	–	12	p.m.	
     Model Seder                                               	
     	OATY	Meeting/	
     Games	Day	
     neW membeR social - JanuaRY 2010

                                                communitY neWs
                                   maRch folK music conceRt
     REsCHEdULEd - OLd TIME dANCE MUsIC ANd sONG                       COAL, HARd LIvING, ANd REdEMpTION

 This Richmond Folk Music Society performance was               Acoustic duo Billy Hankins and Jeni Kemp will
 postponed twice because of snow - the makeup date is           draw you into captivating narratives of heartache
 Sunday, March 7th, at 2:00 pm. Doors will open at 1:15.        and hard living, of true-life blues and unexpected
 The Campbell Family Band, made up of master fiddler            grace. Images of coal and crowns, trash and trailers,
 Mark Campbell, his wife, Marty Gravett (cello and guitar),     and glass and gasoline recur, and Jesus and the Great
 and their daughters Molly, (fretless banjo and mandolin)       Speckled Bird are never far off.
 and Mauren, (cello, vocals, and guitar), continues the old     Visit Jeni and Billy’s website at www.jeniandbilly.
 tradition of passing music down through the family.            com .
                                                                For more information about Richmond Folk
 You can visit Mark’s website             at   http://www.      Music, and to purchase $12 advance tickets                                visit               (e-mail
                                                                 or telephone
 For more information about Richmond Folk Music,                804-647-7856. Tickets at the door are $15.00.
 and to purchase $12 advance tickets, visit www.                 For more information about Richmond Folk Music, and to (e-mail richmondfolkmusic@                purchase $12 advance tickets, email richmondfolkmusic@ or telephone 804-647-7856. Tickets at the  , or call 804-647-7856. Tickets at the door are
 door are $15.00.                                                $15.

                      fRiendlY WelcomeRs needed on an
                            occasional shabbat!
 If you agree that Or Ami is a              or more specific dates. You will          and a program to everyone.
 “welcoming” congregation —                 receive a reminder email a few          • Introduce      yourselves    to
 or if you want it to be — a few            days prior to each chosen date.           everyone you do not know.
 minutes of your time is needed on        • On Friday night, arrive 15-20          Of those you don’t know to be
 an occasional Friday night.                minutes before the service and         members already (whether you
                                            remain at the door leading into        know them or not):
 We need members to volunteer to            the sanctuary for approximately         • Engage them in conversation.
 be one of two Shabbat “meeter/             15-20 minutes after worship             • Ask if they are new to services
 greeters.” As a meeter/greeter             starts (for a total of about 30-40        at Or Ami.
 you welcome all who come to                minutes).                               • If they are by themselves,
 worship on the Friday night(s) of        • Along with one other meeter/              suggest seating near another
 your choosing. You could be the            greeter, welcome everyone and             member with common interests
 first member some of our guests            hand out copies of the liturgy            (for example, college age with
 encounter, and 30 to 40 minutes                                                      young adults).
 of your time could make the
 difference between Or Ami being                                                   In other words, make Shabbat
 a welcoming congregation — or                                                     worshippers feel welcome!
                                                                                   We need you for dates in this and
 It’s easy to do:                                                                  the coming months. Please email
  • Email or call Judy Katzen                                                      or call ASAP to be part of Or
    (; 741-1226)                                                   Ami’s welcoming community.
    to arrange to volunteer for one
                                   communitY neWs

Did you know Or Ami has a Facebook page?
Search for us at “Or Ami” and request to join. We
are hoping to start making good use of this page.

       ReciPe RemindeR
       Deadline is May 1st!
Don’t forget — I am still                                Many Thanks to
collecting recipes for Or                                Bobby Silver and
Ami’s upcoming Cook Book.                             Cavalier Construction
Send me some of your favorite                          & Remodeling Co.,
holiday/family recipes! It’s                           Inc. (804) 342-1000
easy, just send it to me in an                        for all the repair work
e-mail (heather510@sprynet.
                                                        they do at Or Ami.
com) or drop it off in the
Temple office with COOK
BOOK marked on it. I can’t wait to share all of
the delicious results with you!                         2010 enteRtainment
—Heather Nees                                                  booKs
                                                      The 2010 Entertainment Books are here!
          Please donate!                              For more information and to purchase an
  Please continue to remember those with              Entertainment Book, please call the
  insufficient income faced with high food costs,     Temple office at 272-0017.
  and bring non-perishables to the synagogue for      Buy a 2010 Entertainment Book and support
  the Food Bank.                                      Or Ami at the same time!

               gift shoP
We have a beautiful selection of gifts for Shabbat,
Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, births, Hanukkah,             membeRshiP lists
and more. Mezuzahs, candlesticks, Kiddush cups,       Membership Lists (December 2009) are
and jewelry are just some of the items we carry.      available on the racks on the wall outside the
Items not found in our Gift Shop can be ordered.      Sanctuary. If you are unable to come to the
Catalogs are available for you to view. Contact       Temple to pick one up, call Maria in the office
Renee Gould.                                          and she will mail one to you.

     communitY neWs

     caKe auction - febRuaRY 2010

                                   communitY neWs
exclusive to oR amians...                                   movie night at oR ami
     Rent-a Yenta
                                                                  SATURDAY, MARCH 20th, 2010
Or Ami yentas now offering full service Bar/Bat
Mitzvah party and event services. Sit back and relax
as we craft exquisite, handmade decorations, arrange
                                                                             "The Ten
artful presentations, and make sure that your SIMCHA               CoMManDMenTs”
                                                            Thus sayeth Moses: “This dazzling animated
Now booking for the Fall. Call Dell at 741-0489                    epic is a perfect Passover movie
                                                              for the entire family. It features the voice
                                                                    talents of the very gifted Ben
 shaRe YouR nachas With us!                                 Kingsley, Christian Slater, Alfred Molina, and
Have you had something just plain old nice happen to                 Elliot Gould. Don’t miss it!”
you? Perhaps it’s something spectacular like a new
grandchild or a fabulous report card. Maybe it’s just             fRee admission and
a day when there was nothing left TO-DO on your list.               RefReshments!
Have your received an Honor from the Rabbi? These              laRge WidescReen foRmat!
are Shehecheyanu moments! Some are somber like a                  fun foR eveRYone!!!
yahrzeit but important nonetheless! Share them with us
at Or Ami not only in word but by bringing something
to Oneg. Let’s start a tradition of sharing birthday cake
or homemade pie together. Perhaps your moment will
be spending the time with your child to make cookies,
or cupcakes, or something for Oneg. It is just one
more dimension of who we are and how we can come
together and share your special moment! (And don’t
worry if too many people bring, that there will be too
much! There’s no such thing as too much dessert!)

            bulletin deadlines

 In order to ensure that you receive your Or Ami
 Bulletin on time, we have established monthly
 deadlines for submission of information to be
 included in the Bulletin. These deadlines will be
 published in the Bulletin several months in advance
 and are final - no information will be accepted after
 the deadline date.

   The deadline for the April Bulletin will be the
        morning of Thursday, March 15th.                     “There comes a special moment in everyone’s life, a
                                                            moment for which that person was born. That special
 For the May Bulletin, the deadline will be the
 morning of Thursday, April 15th. Your articles can         opportunity, when he seizes it, will fulfill his mission
 be faxed (#272-3931) or emailed (office@or-ami.             — a mission for which he is uniquely qualified. In
 com) to the office 24 hours a day, seven days a week.      that moment, he finds greatness. It is his finest hour.”
 Your cooperation is appreciated.
                                                                          - Winston Churchill

                             Tree of Life                            donation foRm
     Use this form to make a donation to Congregation Or         lines are recommended for the best spacing between lines.
     Ami’s building fund through participation in the “Tree      The top and bottom lines may have about 19 letters and
     of Life.” Leaves may be used to mark a life cycle event,    spaces, and the middle lines may have about 23 letters
     to remember a family member or friend, or to honor an       and spaces. These numbers may vary depending on the
     individual’s accomplishments. A good way to remember        lettering used. (For example, a “W” takes up more space
     someone special who has passed away, is to note a           and an “I.”)
     significant accomplishment or their dedication to family,   The leaf is approximately 3¼ inches long by 1½ inches
     friends, an organization, or career.                        wide, and is a “brushed gold” color. Below are four
     Each leaf may include up to four lines, however, three      examples:

          IN HONOR OF                              BAR MITZVAH OF
        RUTH GOLDSTEIN’S                           MICHAEL SMITH
      COMMITMENT TO OR AMI                          APRIL 15, 1996

            IN HONOR OF                            25TH WEDDING
        DR. DAVID M. COHEN’S                      ANNIVERSARY OF
        25 YEARS OF SERVICE                    HARRY AND BETTY LEVY
            TO MEDICINE                            JULY 12, 1993

 Please fill in the information below:

          Line 1: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

          Line 2: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

          Line 3: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

          Line 4: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

          Your Name:


          Telephone:                              Email:

 Donation per leaf is $200. Three leaves may be requested for a donation of $500.

         Send completed forms and payment to:
           Congregation Or Ami
           9400 Huguenot Road
           Richmond, Virginia 23235

 Congregation Or Ami’s Board of Directors reserves the right to edit requests, upon consultation with the donor.

                                                                          A GE

                         F              O
                 O RD




     A Passover Tradition
       Kosher For Passover
              JOPK RaF

                            out-of-town family & friends
     Can help support your school by shopping 24 hours a day at our website:
           free sHiPPinG on all orders oVer $75.00 from our weBsite
                                         See back for more information

                                                                                          11/3/2009 9:28:07 AM
                                                              MISS CHOCOLATE PRESENTS
                                                                    PASSOVER 2010
      Dear Congregant:

      We will be conducting our annual PASSOVER CANDY SALE during the month of Januar y. We will be selling Kosher for Passover candy and confections along with some
      useful kitchen items. Every edible item will have a cer tification of Passover Kosher Supervision. Our Personal consideration will be given to all or ders, however large or
      small. Let us take care of your Passover holiday needs. If you are interested in purchasing Passover candy, macaroons, etc., please fill out the order form below and
      mail it back with the correct payment. Your check must accompany your order. Please make check payable to our organization. T hank You!

     ITEM #         PASSOVER ITEM DESCRIPT ION              QTY.    PRICE      TOTAL         ITEM #         PASSOVER ITEM DESCRIPT ION                QTY.      PRICE TOTAL
     2386     CHOCOLATE MINT DIAMONDS (P)                             $8.50                   2508    CASHEW BUTTER CRUNCH (D)                                    $9.00
     2501      VANILLA MACAROONS (P)                                  $8.00                   2531    LOLLYCONES (D)                                              $5.50
     2529     FRUIT SLICES (P)                                       $14.00                   2542    ALMOND CARAMEL CLUSTERS (D)                                $11.00
     2535     DARK CHOCOLATE MATZO (P)                               $13.75                   2553    CHOCOLATE CARAMEL DAISIES (D)                              $10.00
     2541     SEDER MINTS (P)                                        $10.50                   2562    MILK CHOCOLAT E MATZO (D)                                  $13.75
     2560     ALMOND BARK (P)                                        $10.50                   2590    ALMOND KISSES (D)                                          $15.50
     2564     CHOCOLATE COV. MACAROONS (P)                           $11.50                   2593    MILK & DARK CHOCO. ASS’T. (D)                              $15.50
     2591     RASPBERRY CHOCO. JELLIES (P)                           $11.50                   3577    ALMOND BUTTER CRUNCH (D)                                   $14.00
     2642     CHOCO. COV. MATZAH CRACKERS (P)                        $13.75                   758     MICROWAVE SPLATTER SHIELDS (3 PC)                          $12.00

     3000 CHOCOLATE FEST IVAL POPS (P)                               $5.50                    1657    STAINLESS STEEL GRAT ERS (3 PC)                             $10.50
                                                                                              1701    CRAZY FT. CUPCAKE HOLDERS (4 PC)                             $8.50
                    GREA T VALUE!!!!                                                          2197    FLEX IBLE ICE CUBE TRAY                                      $7.50
                  BUY 4 A ND SAVE!!!!                                                         4651    DOUBLE SPOON REST                                           $12.50
     9500 CHOCOLATE FEST IVAL POPS (P) 4 PACK                         $18.00                  6856    EXPANDABLE TRIVET                                            $9.00
     2500 LOLLYCONES (D) 4 PACK                                       $18.00
                                                                                                                                                              TOTAL –A:

                       ON OUR WEBSITE.                 TOTAL –A:                                                        GRAND TOTAL:
      Name: ________________________________________ _________________________________Phone#:_____________________________________________

      Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
      This is our Passover promotion. Please bring or mail in this order form with your check payable to our or ganization. All orders must be received by ____________.
                        CONGREGATION OR AMI
                          ANNUAL PASSOVER
                           POT-LUCK SEDER

                  TUESDAY, MARCH 30, 5:30 P.M.*
                DONATION OF $10/Adult and $5/Children under 13
   To help defray our costs – please pay at th e door or when reservations are made
            For additional information or for late reservations, call the Temple office at
         #272-0017/fax #272-3931. Guests are very welcome, but must make reservations.
                                            I promised to bring:
                                                 and help with
        Retain this portion as a reminder. Cut out and return lower section as your reservation
                   Congr egation Or Ami, 9400 Huguenot Road, Richmond, VA 23235
                                            by March 16, 2010

Na me                                                                   Phone #
Number a ttending Sed er                               Adults,                            Children (up to 13)

                                 I WILL BRING (Check one or more)
MAIN COURSE :         Beef             Chicken            Turkey                Fish           Vegetarian
VEGETABLES:           Green Salad               Cooked vegetables              Potato Kugel
DESSERT:              Fruit Salad               Cake           Cookies                 Other
                                ALL FOOD SHOULD BE FOR PESACH
            (No flour, noodles, yeast products, beans, lentils, peas, corn, corn syrup, peanuts, or rice)
                  Food should be ready to serve preferably in a disposable container, covered,
                and please label your serving utensils and non-disposable dishes with your name.


                         CALL ME TO HELP WITH (Check one or more)
____Table and Chair Set Up              ____Clean Up             ____Preparation of Ritual Foods and Seder Plates   21
                          good-bYe PaRtY foR John-maRK

     While we are sad to see him go, we congratulate John-Mark on being named the Chief
      Archaeologist for the Island of Guam. He will be going there to help them preserve
     their culture (as Jews, we all know how important that is!!!) and will be missed in the
                                         Or Ami family.

 Passover Haggadah Fundraiser
  Your first or last name
       printed here
Each Passover Haggadah can be personalized with a different

Finally! A Haggadah that is easy to complete in its entirety!

The Promise Haggadah offersa complete Passover seder service
for everyone in the family. It is written so that children can
understand Passover concepts and appeals to adults with its
beautiful interpretations and illustrations.

   lY             •  Forever a keepsake for your family.
on                •  A percentage of all sales are donated
 $11 !               directly back to Or Ami.
                 • The seder service is complete and
             Please return this order formwith full payment made payable to Or Ami.

 Order your Personalized Haggadah
 Your family information (as to be printed on the front of each, individual Haggahad, i.e.
 “Rachel’s Haggadah” or “The Cohen family.” Please print VERY clearly.

 Name_______________________________             Qty________
                                                                  Total number of personalized
 Name_______________________________             Qty________
 Name_______________________________             Qty________
 Name_______________________________             Qty________
                                                                  Qty___ x $11 each = ______
 Name_______________________________             Qty________
 Name_______________________________             Qty________
                                                                  Haggadahs will be shipped
                                                                  directly to Or Ami.
                                                                  For more information, please
                                                                  contact Renee Gould at
 Name of organization________________________________
                                                                  804-379-5752. Haggadah
                                                                  orders are due no later than
                                                                  February 12, 2010.
                                                             NON-PROFiT	ORG.
                                                             u.s.	POsTAGe	PAiD
  9400 Huguenot Road | Richmond, vA 23235 | (804) 272-0017     RiChMOND,	VA	
                                        PeRMiT	#261

                                                             Return Service Requested

Dr. Ben Romer, Rabbi
Alex Simon, President
Elaine Ragone, Cantorial Soloist Emerita
David Goldsmith, Director of Education

Affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism

     The Or Ami Beacon Issue 171 - March 2010

        Bagel Breakfast!
When? Sunday morning, March 7th, 9:00 a.m., when you bring your yeladim to
                Sunday School

Why? to benefit the Or-Ami Religious School

Where? near the kitchen

Cost? $1.00 for a bagel with cream cheese.

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