Transitions and Connective Phrases

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					                                   Transitions and Connective Phrases

      Conjunctions             To introduce a topic        To Summarize           To Show Purpose

          and                         as for                       in all           in order that
          but                     concerning                   in a word             in order to
            or                   with regard to                  in brief              so that
           for                   with respect to                  briefly
          nor                                              in other words
         neither                                                in short
           so                                                in summary
           yet                                                    that is

To Show Cause and Effect          To Compare                To Contrast       To Explain, Give Reasons

        accordingly               by comparison              conversely                actually
    as a consequence                 here again                however               admittedly
         as a result             in the same way                instead               because
       consequently            in a similar manner         in spite of that           certainly
      for this reason                 likewise                 anyhow               for example
            hence                     similarly            on the contrary              in fact
       it follows that                  so too            on the other hand            indeed
          so/so that                      as                  otherwise                  really
             then                        also                rather than              of course
          therefore                    equally                    still                  since
             thus                                                 yet                   that is

 To Add Information and    To Show Various Conditions   To Show Conviction      To Show Concession

            and                     in this event               after all            admittedly
            also             in these circumstances             at least               after all
        in addition         under such circumstances      at the same time          all the same
       furthermore              this (that) being so          apparently             at any rate
          as well                  provided that               even so                 granted
         moreover                     in spite of              evidently              however
        add to this             none/nevertheless              certainly            in any case
To Add Information and      To Show Various Conditions            To Show Conviction            To Show Concession
                                   at the same time                  conceivably                       in spite of
           again                         even if                     conclusively                    it is true that
            also                            if                        doubtless                      nevertheless
         besides                         unless                       no doubt                          obviously
         equally                       otherwise                       perhaps                          of course
          further                       although                       possibly                             still
      furthermore                    even though                     presumably                        to be sure
       in addition                       though                        probably                             But
        moreover                         despite                        surely                          however
       once more                                                     undoubtedly                      conversely
        then too                                                                                        although
            too                                                                                         whereas
        yet again
      yet another

             To Show Chronological Order                                     To List or Show Logical Order

          after that               first, second, etc.                for example                     either ... or
         afterwards                      formerly                     for instance                   neither ... nor
             later                        earlier                     in particular                  whether ... or
           shortly                      previously                     to illustrate                 though ... yet
       subsequently                    before that                the one ... the other            wherever ... there
       concurrently                         then                       this ... that                 since ... then
     in the meantime                      already                    these ... those             the more ... the more
    in the meanwhile                       at last                    here ... there              not only ... but also
             now                         at length
      simultaneously                   by that time
     when/while/was                        finally
  of initial importance             the most crucial
 of greater significance    If you are stuck: first, next, last

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