BUILDING DREAMS AND DEEDS: A Pedagogy for Preparing Practitioners to Use Career Assessments by ProQuest


Assisting persons with career development is about the business of building dreams and turning dreams into deeds. Therefore, teaching career development practitioners how to use career assessments is central to practitioners who help clients dream and work to actualize those dreams into action. There are five guiding principles that can be useful to teachers of career practitioners. 1. Career Assessments should help individuals thrive. 2. Career assessments are part of the career development process. 3. Competency in assessment principles is requisite to ethical and effective use of career assessments. 4. Knowledge of career constructs/career development phenomena and subsequent research is fundamental to the use of career assessments. 5. Evaluation is a professional obligation to the client. Finally, encouraging students to use evaluation and career assessments as an ethical obligation for monitoring client progress or identifying the need for a change in strategy/approach, will help career development practitioners maintain a high quality of professional work.

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