European and African Regions Commit to Strengthening Co-Operation on Climate Change by ProQuest


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									Enviromation                                                                                                             482

nation’s small businesses’’. The rule would gather emission       tralian States and Provinces are looking into cooperation
data to use in crafting future climate policies.                  with UNDP to support developing country regions.

     The proposed rule would apply to fossil fuel and                  Source: The Climate Group, April 1, 2009. This article
industrial GHG suppliers, motor vehicle and engine manu-          is reproduced with permission. Please see The Climate
facturers, and other facilities that emit 25,000 metric tons or   Group’s Web site at
more of GHGs per year. That would affect many producers
of electricity, cement, and iron and steel. Very few small
businesses would meet the reporting threshold.
                                                                         BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT
    For more, see:
national-reporting-of-ghgemissions/;               and
                                                                  World’s First Green Technology Exchange               A new private exchange, known as GREENDAQ
epa-ghgreporting-rule-justified/.                                 (, went live earlier this month, with the
                                                                  aim of facilitating the investment in promising biofuels,
     Source: BUSINESS AND THE ENVIRONMENT, Vol. XX, No.4, April
                                                                  solar, and other green start-up companies. The exchange
2009, published by CCH Inc., a Wolters Kluwer business.
                                                                  claims to be the world’s first equity and commodities
This article is reproduced with permission.
                                                                  exchange created exclusively for the green technology

                                                                       ‘‘We are offering [investors] a way to have liquidity in
European and African Regions Commit to
                                                                  the early stages in the investment process’’, said Chief
Strengthening Co-Operation on Climate                             Executive and Founder of GREENDAQ, Andrew McLean,
Change                                                            who expects to have five companies listed within the next
                                                                  two months and 20 companies or green commodities
     Decentralising and strengthening co-operation                listed within the first year.
between the European and African regions can play a vital
role in tackling climate change. This was the main message             Investors interested in the exchange must apply to
from the conference org
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