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									                                                                     Blogging for real

Over recent years, blogs have become an             The adventures of Alexandria Jones        naz.edu/). This collaboration has resulted
extremely popular way for people to            and her family, taking a tour through the      in a wide variety of interesting links,
share ideas and opinions. Even our very        history of mathematics, are just one of        articles and maths problems, mainly
own web editor has started his own blog,       the resources available on Let’s Play          suitable for A-level classes, as well as a
combining news about the ATM website           Math! (http://letsplaymath.wordpress.          recurring mathematically-inclined
and interesting thoughts relating to the       com/) The blog was originally written          dinosaur. Favourite articles include:
maths he encounters in the world. The          with home-schoolers in mind, and it            teaching induction by using examples of
articles in blogs are only the start of the    retains a distinct focus on games and          Patterns That Fail (http://threesixty360.
story: comment sections on the larger          activities which can be used both in and       wordpress.com/2008/10/26/one-two-
blogs offer a very interesting read, partic-   out of the classroom. Highlights for us        three-four-six-again-and-then-again/); an
ularly when someone disagrees with the         include the aforementioned series of           article analysing a Top Gear challenge
opinion in the original post.                  Alexandria Jones articles (http://letsplay     (http://threesixty360.wordpress.com/
    Blogs can be a great way to challenge      math.wordpress.com/alexandria-jones/),         2008/12/09/how-fast-could-they-have-
your own thinking, as well as a source of      twenty things to do with a hundred chart       gone/); and a survey of mathematical
wonderful ideas to use in your own class-      (http://letsplaymath.wordpress.com/2008        jokes (http://threesixty360.wordpress.
rooms. We thought we’d share a few of          /09/22/things-to-do-hundred-chart/), and       com/2007/12/06/so-a-horse-walks-into-
our favourites, concentrating this time on     a review of resources on using journals in     a-bar/), particularly for the comments!
those containing useful resources and          maths classes (http://letsplaymath.            360 is one of the nominees for ‘Best
lesson ideas.                                  wordpress.com/2008/10/06/writing-to-           Group Blog’ in the 2008 Edublog awards.
dy/dan (http://blog.mrmeyer.com/),             learn-math-ii/).                                   There are hundreds more blogs out
written by Dan Meyer, a young US maths         Mathnotations (http://mathnotations.           there covering education, or mathematics,
teacher, is a really good read. He has         blogspot.com/) by Dave Marain, now in          or both. One great way to find interesting
strong views about teaching, instructional     its third year, concentrates on ‘developed     new authors and articles is t
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