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									Gay & Lesbian Issues and Psychology Review, Vol. 5, No. 2, 2009



Bisexual Politics: Theories, Queries and Vi-                     be doing it, as well as where bisexuality fits
sions. Edited by Naomi Tucker, with Liz High-                    into a broader GLBT/queer movement. In Bi-
leyman and Rebecca Kaplan. New York: Har-                        sexual Politics, some of the contributors call
rington Park Press, 1995, 358pp., ISBN:                          for an organised, separate bisexual movement
1560238690                                                       that caters for the specific and unique inter-
                                                                 ests of bisexual men and women. The
During the 1990s a number of books on bi-                        ‘Reflections’ section that begins the book of-
sexuality were published, addressing a signifi-                  fers a number of ideas and strategies for bi-
cant gap in the examination of bisexuality as a                  sexual organising, recognising, as Highleyman
distinct sexual identity. One of these was                       does, that bisexuals need separate spaces in
Naomi Tucker’s edited collection Bisexual Poli-                  order to deal with issues exclusive to bisexuals
tics: Theories, Queries and Visions. It is a col-                such as the experience of monosexism – the
lection of personal stories, interviews, histori-                belief that partner choice should be limited to
cal pieces, speeches and scholarly articles,                     one gender only (p. 87). However, because of
divided into three main sections – the histori-                  the diversity of bisexuality, trying to bring to-
cal roots of the bisexual movement                               gether a diverse group of people with differing
(reflections); bisexual politics in the gay and                  and competing agendas can make the creation
lesbian, straight, and bisexual communities                      of a bisexual community with a set of unified
(connections) and visions for the future                         and common goals incredibly difficult to real-
(directions). Each section comprises pieces                      ise in practice.
from authors with varying experience within
the bisexual movement and/or gay and les-                        As a result, many of the contributions to Bi-
bian communities and indeed varying experi-                      sexual Politics focus on improving the some-
ences of their own bisexuality. There are con-                   what rocky relationship between bisexuals,
tributions from monogamous and non-                              gay men and lesbians. In a piece called ‘And
monogamous bisexuals; from bisexuals into S/                     why you must say “and bisexual”’, Nishanga
M and pornography and thos
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