The Birth Survey: a piece of the larger Transparency in Maternity Care Project by ProQuest


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									The Birth Survey:
a piece of the larger Transparency
in Maternity Care Project
What is it? How can I help?

What is The Transparency in Maternity Care                               formed to help guide the Transparency in Maternity Care
                                                                         Project into fruition.
Project: The Birth Survey?                                                    The Grassroots Advocates Committee (GAC) is dedi-
     The goal of this project by the Coalition for Improving             cated to helping advocates make Mother-Friendly Care the
Maternity Services (CIMS) is to provide women with insight               standard of care for all families and healthcare professionals.
into maternity care practices in their community. At the
heart of the project is an on-going online consumer survey               The Grassroots Advocates Committee works to support
that asks women to provide feedback about their specific                 the CIMS’ mission by:
birth experiences with their practitioners and their birth en-           1. being a home within CIMS for grassroots maternity care
vironments. Responses will be made available online to other                improvement organizations and activists;
women in their communities who are deciding where and                    2. providing grassroots maternity care improvement organi-
with whom to birth. Paired with this experiential data will                 zations and activists with tools, resources and networking
be official statistics from state departments of health listing             opportunities that facilitate effective grassroots activism
obstetrical intervention rates at the facility level.                       around the MFCI;
     To learn more about CIMS, go to http://www.mother-                  3. fostering national collaborative projects between grass-                                                      roots maternity care improvement organizations and
                                                                         4. collaborating with other CIMS committees as well as with
What is the “Grassroots Advocates Committee?                                outside stakeholders;
History of the Grassroots Advocates Committee and                        5. functioning as a financially sustainable body within CIMS;
The Transparency in Maternity Care Project                               6. increasing public awareness of and desire for evidence-
      In the spring of 2006, more than 50 grassroots a
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