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When his nurse comes back, we all chat together about his love of motorcycles and cooking. Helen responds to our suggestion to go home, put her feet up... she says, I'll have a cup of tea and watch our birds in the garden. Please share a meaningful moment of learning from your professional life.

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									Bedside Matters…

You can just tell…
    His nurse is like a good neighbour.         ment on his big blue eyes and I see a              Within a few minutes, Helen has him
    She greets anyone who steps up to his       sparkle of response to the personalized        smiling and she pulls a photograph out
cubicle in the intensive care unit. She         compliment.                                    of her purse.
smiles at me, a dialysis nurse, who is              I begin the procedure, set the                 “This is Jim with his beard. He’s had
coming into her neighbourhood for a             machine prescription and document his          a beard for the 17 years we’ve been
few hours to treat him.                         vital signs and computer readings.             together.”
    That’s a clue to her level of caring for        All is beginning well. A good start is         She draws me into the circle.
patients. She is welcoming to me, as a          a good predictor of what is to follow.             When his nurse comes back, we all
colleague.                                          She offers me a chair, catches up with     chat together about his love of motorcy-
    She introduces herself and offers me        her charting.                                  cles and cooking.
a report on his condition. Concise and              One hour into the filtering and fluid          Helen makes sure we understand Jim
relevant.                                       removal of dialysis, his visitor comes.        as a person. Makes us see how much she
    I approach him. Although he needs           Her name is Helen. His nurse comes to          loves him. How much they love life.
assistance from the ventilator to help him      stand beside her, tells her he has been            So when she goes home, she can trust
breathe, he surprises me by being awake.        awake all morning and will be glad she is      we’ll do our best for him.
His eyes are open. He is not sedated, like      here.                                              This morning she can do that. Helen
many people need to be, in order for him            Helen asks if the results of the CT        responds to our suggestion to go home,
to stay still and let the machines do their     scan are back. She touches Helen’s arm         put her feet up… she says, “I’ll have a
life-saving work. He cannot speak               and says, “You have a visit and I’ll go        cup
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