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									Message from the President
                                                                                             2008–2009 CANNT
What’s new                                                                                   Board of Directors
                                                                                             Conseil d’administration
                          Your CANNT          areas such as an international nursing         ACITN 2008–2009
                      board of directors      conference, a research project grant for
                      has been busy! We       nursing, a nurse practitioner grant, a vas-    President/Présidente :
                      have just had our       cular access grant, and a nephrology           Jan Baker, RN, BN, CNeph(C)
                                                                                             T: (905) 845-2571 ext. 6537
                      spring meeting and      technical practice grant. Again, all of the    F: (905) 338-4355
                      filled every minute     information required for applying to any       e-mail/courriel :
                      reviewing        our    of these grant programs is found on our        jbaker@haltonhealthcare.on.ca
                      strategic plan, bud-    new CANNT website.                             President-Elect/Présidente-Élue :
                      get, our upcoming           Another area to check out is the jour-     Rick Luscombe, RN, BN, CNeph(C)
                      fall symposium and      nal area. The CANNT Journal is a peer-         T: (604) 682-2344 ext. 62421
many other items. Our mandate is to           reviewed publication that is published         F: (604) 806-8449
                                                                                             e-mail/courriel: ricklus-
serve our members and part of this is to      quarterly and received by all members.         combe@live.com
look at what we can offer to all who are      One of its mandates has been to provide
members of CANNT, aside from a year-          information and education in the               Past-President/Présidente sortante :
                                                                                             Alison Thomas, RN(EC), MN,
ly symposium and our journal.                 nephrology nursing and technology              CNeph(C)
    Since our new website was launched        field. From our website homepage you           T: (416) 864-6060 ext. 6979
in the fall, there have been ongoing          can easily access the CANNT Journal            F: (416) 864-5608
improvements to make navigation easier        section. There you will find all of the        e-mail/courriel :
and give our members the information          published articles, as well as a wealth of     thomasal@smh.toronto.on.ca
they want in the fastest and most easily      information on what types of manu-             Website Coordinator/Treasurer
accessible manner possible. There are         scripts are encouraged, how to prepare         Trésorière/coordonatrice
                                                                                             du site internet :
two programs that can be found on the         your manuscript and how to submit.             Susan Placko, RN, CNeph(C)
website that I think everyone should              For new authors, you can also access       T: (705) 728-0912
check out.                                    “Abstracts 101” under the Educational          F: (705) 735-9935
    One program that has been longstand-      header for tips on how to develop an           e-mail/courriel : plackos@rvh.on.ca
ing is the bursary and grant program,         abstract, and prepare a poster for presen-     Vice-President of Technologists/
which is available to all members.            tation, as well as how to develop slides for   Vice Président des Technologues :
Education has always been a key focus for     a presentation. For a new author, a good       Shripal Parikh AScT, cdt
CANNT and there are many available            start might be to work with a co-author;       T: (403) 943-2370
                                                                                             F: (403) 943-2323
grants in the educational arena thanks to     maybe a co-worker who has the same             e-mail/courriel :
the ongoing sponsorship of Fresenius          interest as you in your area of specialty.     shripal.parikh@calgaryhealthregion.ca
Canada: a technical bursary, a bachelor’s         It truly is a wonderful process to go      Atlantic Region Vice-President
level educational bursary, a master’s level   through, and the results are everlasting.      Vice Présidente de l’Atlantique :
educational bursary, a research grant and         The planning committee of our Saint        Colleen Wile, RN, CNeph(C)
an ISPD bursary. The information is eas-      John, New Brunswick symposium has              T: (902) 473-5868
ily accessible on our website—look at         been busy planning a wonderful sympo-          F: (902) 473-4168
                                                                                             e-mail/courriel :
the “What’s New” area on our home             sium for all of us. The dates for this sym-    colleend.wile@cdha.nshealth.ca
page. By clicking on this item, it will       posium are October 15–18, 2009, so
take you right into the CANNT                 plan to join us if you can. Go to the          Quebec Vice-President/
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