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									                                                                          achieving permanency for children and families; increasing
                                                                          access to health care; helping vulnerable young people;
                                       FROM THE
                                                                          and strengthening the building blocks of the system. It also
                                                                          includes national fact sheets with a statistical snapshot of
                                                                          America’s children.
                                                                              As Congress debates these issues and creates legislation

                                       HILL                               to solve problems in the coming session, the situation on
                                                                          Capitol Hill changes daily. CWLA offers a great way to keep
                                                                          up, through subscriptions to online Legislative Alerts and
                                                                          the weekly Children’s Monitor. Both are e-mailed free to
                                                                          subscribers and CWLA members. Legislative Alerts provide
                                                                          breaking news, advocacy information, and timely details of
                                                                          projects as they move through Congress. The Monitor is a
                                                                          legislative newsletter delivered every Monday; it both pre-
                                                                          views what’s ahead for Congress and reviews actions the
                                                                          House and Senate have taken on legislation important to
                                                                          child welfare. Both publications examine events through
Year-Round Advocacy                                                       the lens of child welfare issues, and highlight opportuni-
Advocacy Day has come and gone, but advancing the leg-                    ties for members to contact Congress and advocate on
islative agenda for children and families is a year-round                 behalf of the children they
job. Keep yourself informed with CWLA’s resources.                        serve. To subscribe to CWLA’s
    Attendees of February’s CWLA National Conference                      Legislative Alerts, visit
who visited their senators and representatives went             
armed with two powerful tools—the 2009 Legislative                        alerts.htm; to receive
Agenda for Children and Families and the quick-sheet                      the Monitor, sign up at
version, the 2009 Priorities for Congress, also known as        
Hot Topics. Both are available to view and download                       monitoronline.htm.
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