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									                                                                                                    PHOTO COURTESY OF ACLU
    Cary and Trina Kelley                                                                                hoped to adopt as well,
of Fayetteville have two                                                                                 but cannot because she
daughters, ages 2 and 4.                                                                                 and Alan are not married.
They live across the road                                                                                    The ACLU and two
from Cary’s mother,                                                                                      other law firms are rep-
Vickie, and her partner,                                                                                 resenting the plaintiffs
Sophia. The family has                                                                                   on behalf of the ACLU
experienced loss: Cary                                                                                   Foundation of Arkansas.
was a passenger in a car                                                                                 More information about
accident that killed his                                                                                 the case and more detailed
brother. Recognizing how                                                                                 profiles on the plaintiffs
quickly circumstances                                                                                    can be found at www.aclu.
can change, Cary and                                                                                     org/lgbt/parenting/38199
Trina would like the secu-                                                                               res 20081230.html.
rity of knowing Vickie                                                                                       The Arkansas Attorney
and Sophia could adopt                                                                                   General’s office is defend-
their daughters if any-      Cary and Trina Kelley, back, with their daughters and Cary’s mother Vickie, ing Act 1 in court. The
                             front left, and her partner, Sophia. Cary and Trina want Sophia and Vickie,
thing happened to them.      who live across the street, to be able to raise their daughters if they are
                                                                                                         Arkansas Family Council,
Trina spent much of her      unable to.                                                                  who drafted the proposed
childhood in state care                                                                                  initiative, recently joined
and wants her daughters to be in a loving home with                        the defense with their Action Committee. To learn
their grandmother.                                                         about the group, visit www.familycouncil.org.
    Kaytee Wright and Alan Leveritt live 
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