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									information directly into Florida’s statewide automatic child    this much
welfare information system (SACWIS). “We configured it to        farther with a lot of
tie into our SACWIS system,” Allegra says. “When they go         things,” she says. “We’re ready
to take a picture of                                             right now to go to electronic
a child—which is                                                 forms…the home visit form being one of
required at certain                                              them, the judicial review form being another. We
intervals—the soft-                                              would like to go to as much automation as possible.”
ware will actually                                                   The third part of the project, still ongoing, is called
call up your client                                              OK At Home. This provides personal computers to foster
list.” The photo and                                             homes, complete with age-appropriate tutoring software
information about it,                                            from Houghton-Mifflin and high speed Internet connec-
including where and                                                   tions through AT&T.
when it was taken,                                                          Allegra is proud to be part of this multifaceted
is automatically up-                                                             digital revolution, and hopes to take it further
loaded without any                                                                      in southern Florida while inspiring others
extra input from                                                                       throughout the state and the rest of the
the caseworker.                                                                       country to take advantage of the available
     Linking to                                                                      technology. “We just want to keep pushing
SACWIS has cre-                                                                     the envelope to bring more technology into
ated some draw-                                                                    this field,” Allegra says. Governor Charlie Crist
backs, however.                                                                 visited Our Kids to learn about the program, and
Allegra says that there are limitations on which material        in last year’s State of the State address he said that more non-
Florida’s SACWIS can accept electronically. “We want to take     recurring state funds could be used for similar initiatives.

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