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									     Teaching and Learning                                                                           GEMMA ROWLES

     Taking students to Land Rover

     This year we arranged our second visit for year                        Activities, such as the Kandoo challenge or
     11 students to the Land Rover plant in Solihull.            individually operating and programming a robot or
     The visit acts as a revision day for the                    traffic lights, are designed to develop teamwork and
     operations management theory covered within                 communication skills. Younger pupils can also operate
     the GCSE specification.                                     and program the PIP robot, build the buggy, and
                                                                 receive an introduction to plant protection and
     The centre                                                  personal protection equipment. The lean
                                                                 manufacturing module is also very popular.
     Land Rover Education Partnership Centre first opened
                                                                          A really popular add-on is a trip on the
     in 1990. It is a fantastic resource within the 300 acre
                                                                 “driving experience”. College staff and students can
     site of the Land Rover manufacturing facility in
                                                                 book the driving experience for significantly reduced
     Solihull. Each visitor experiences a full factory tour
                                                                 rates and see the true capabilities of the vehicles on
     lasting about two hours. However if you book a full
                                                                 the off-the-road track.
     day, students take part in a supporting curriculum
     activity after lunch. Land Rover can also arrange for                The students from Polesworth participated
     guest speakers from within the company to come in           really well in the afternoon activity. You could see the
     and talk on particular subjects.                            students applying the theory they had learnt and seen
                                                                 in action on the tour.
               A typical visit starts with a look at the range
     of cars and an account of Land Rover history. The                    The day at Land Rover can be used to
     factory tour covers the press shop, body-in-white           support various modules of the business studies
     build, trim and final stage, and car despatch, with an      curriculum. The tour allows students to see a large-
     explanation of right-first-time, just-in-time and lean      scale manufacturing plant. The supporting activities in
     working.                                                    the centre really enhance and reinforce that learning.
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