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A Survey of Industry Advisory Board Operation and Effectiveness in Engineering Education by ProQuest


Voluntary boards composed primarily of industry practitioners who give aid and advice are almost universal in engineering education programs, though there has been little published research on this subject. Based on a survey of 90 engineering school directors and advisory board members, this research characterizes the operation, makeup, and effectiveness of advisory boards. The study shows that effective boards have a clear understanding of their role and limitations in influencing curriculum, encourage engagement with students, have formal procedures for involvement in ABET accreditation, and are well coordinated with the larger educational institution. Boards can be effective with or without involvement in fundraising, but it is essential that fundraising expectations be clearly understood and agreed upon by the school and the board. Boards composed largely of members with close ties to the institution, generally alumni, will be more engaged as advocates of the program and will contribute more financially. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]

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