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									As tight budgets squeeze nonprofits, integration between online
and offline efforts has moved to the fundraising forefront
                                                         also included radio, where the Salvation Army
: Nonprofits’ nascent efforts in digital marketing        sponsored the traffic report.
have taken on a greater urgency of late, as already         “People would hear the campaign on the radio,
tight budgets are squeezed even more by the cur-         see it on a billboard and go home and see it in the
rent economy. As a result, organizations are cutting     mail,” says Barber. As a result, the organization’s
marketing costs where they can and redirecting           income was up 25% last year and new donors
their efforts to less expensive digital strategies.      increased 28%.
Most donations still come in by mail. However,
many charities are looking for the best ways to                             are creating catalogs that show-
integrate online with offline and for other strategies    case giving opportunities and encourages potential
to improve the ROI for direct mail.                      donors to choose something as a gift.
   “It is extremely difficult right now in the non-          “In this economic environment, people are think-
profit arena, as gifts are pretty much flat,” says         ing about doing something more meaningful,” says
Janet Granger Happ, manager of healthcare and            Robbin Gehrke, SVP, executive creative director
education customer marketing for Pitney Bowes.           at Russ Reid. “When a donor gives to a charity’s
As a result, nonprofits are relying on their solid        catalog, they are giving from a different share of
supporters, reaching out to them with a combi-           wallet,” he explains, as they are also using the
nation of electronic and direct mail communica-          donation as a gift.
tions. “Starting off electronically and following up        The catalogs typically have the same overall
through the mail is the most successful strategy         look and feel as any other catalog a consumer
for nonprofits,” she says.                                might receive in the mail. The challenge for chari-

  Because direct mail can be expensive, nonprofits        ties is to find creative ways to package different
want their programs to be as efficient as possible        opportunities for giving.
and often look to e-mail to help make that happen,          “Organizations need to be mindful that their
says Joe Tyler, CEO at Informz Inc. Increasingly,        fundraising expertise will take them half of the way
groups will launch a fundraising campaign by             when launching a holiday catalog,” says Gehrke.
e-mail to test any messaging and see what resonates      “The other half is understanding catalog metrics,
with constituents.                                       circulation strategy and catalog creative.”
                                                            The benefits can be significant, she adds. The
                 nonprofits use e-mail to support         average purchase price or donation for a charity cat-
their direct mail programs is with a succession of       alog is $100. These mailings have even been known
e-mail blasts designed to 
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