Travel Channel has no reservations about mobile pics by ProQuest


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                                                 : After a holiday testing period, Uno Chi-        fully functional by the end of 2009, Hendrie      ity and Gorham Bike and Ski. Stone said he
                                                 cago Grill is rolling out a new approach to       said. Some of Uno’s key audience segments         would like the company to build relationships
                                                 gift cards with startup company CashStar,         include busy families, professionals and          with more major retailers and restaurant
                                                 a gift card platform that allows consumers        “casual dining foodies.”                          chains in time for the May to July (“moms,
                                                 to create and e-mail customized gift cards.          “Most people buy [gift cards] off the          dads and grads”) gifting season.
                                                    Using CashStar, retailers can create mul-      rack at stores, and the retailer never knows
                                                 tiple designs for gift cards, and, when the       anything about the purchaser or recipient,”
                                                 cards are e-mailed, can attach additional         pointed out David Stone, CEO of Cash-
                                                 incentives to drive store traffic. Retailers       Star. “Here, the retailer has all the purchaser
                                                 also can use data collected when people           information because they provide informa-
                                                 create online gift cards to send incentives       tion to buy online, and they have some
                                                 and offers to the givers.                         recipient information as well, with e-mail
                                                    “This seemed to be a very smart new way        addresses and the ability to be notified when
                                                 of adding convenience for my customers,           recipients view the card.”
                                                 because online gift cards don’t require a            Uno Chicago Grill began offering Cash-
                                                 visit to the store,” said Rick Hendrie, SVP of    Star virtual gift cards in December. Members
                                                 marketing for Uno. “The CashStar vehicle          of the Uno Insiders Club, its loyalty group,
                                                 offers a lot of flexibility in terms of how I      received e-mails promoting the cards. During
                                                 appear to consumers. I can tell different sto-    that period, online virtual gift cards outsold
                                                 ries and, ultimately, I will be able to segment   the pizza chain’s physical gift cards by 113%,
                                                 messages to appropriate audiences, which          and gift card sales overall more than doubled
                                                 will help Uno become more relevant.”              those of the Christmas before.

: The Travel Channel has partnered with
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SnapMyLife or by opting in to receive            Fighter, Mega Man and other video games,          or text message alerts.                           York Stock Exchange after it received notice
mobile alerts that the show is about to air.     has launched a new loyalty program based            “Not only are we connecting our consum-         that it wa
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