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Corrections: In "What's next for online lead generation?" (February 23,...

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									                                                  audience that lines up very well with the       the program will help establish continuity
: Amtrak has allied with theater-oriented         target audience we are trying to access.”       between shows.
loyalty program Audience Rewards for a               Audience Rewards plans to expand its            “Some people are very loyal to certain       : The value of pages printed digitally will be
new rewards-based marketing partnership.          program with Amtrak to theaters nation-         shows like Jersey Boys or Wicked, but without   more than those printed via offset within the
The 2 million members of Amtrak’s Guest           wide, beginning with other major markets        an overlapping database to understand what      next few years, even though the volume of
Rewards now will be able to trade in points       like Chicago.                                   else they’re buying and how frequently,         offset printing will still exceed digital pages,
they earn through transactions with Amtrak           The program also may eventually include                                                      according to an industry executive.
for Audience Rewards ShowPoints, which            other entertainment, such as concerts. And,                                                        When you look at the graphics arts
can be used to buy show tickets and other         Audience Rewards is in talks with other                                                         industry alone, digital printing currently
theater-related rewards, and vice versa.          transportation and travel partners, including                                                   accounts for only 2% of the market, said
  Audience Rewards, a fairly new pro-             airlines and hotels.                                                                            Alon Bar-Shany, VP and GM of HP Indigo,
gram, currently has slightly more than               Amtrak riders and theatergoers both tend                                                     who spoke during the recent annual Dscoop
100,000 members. It projects more than            to be married, college-educated and over                                                        conference in Orlando, FL. Dscoop is a
half a million by year’s end. It is the official   the age of 30, Lesnick noted. However, he                                                       digital services cooperative of HP Indigo
loyalty program of the Broadway League,           hopes that the Audience Rewards program                                                         users and HP.
a group of independent theaters and pro-          will help Broadway appeal to other markets,                                                        “Digital has hardly touched commercial
ducers responsible for many of New York’s         such as youth and seniors.                                                                      printing,” Bar-Shany said.
Broadway shows.                                      For its part, Amtrak views the partner-                                                         However, this is starting to change quick-
  “Amtrak is a wonderful partner because          ship as a benefit as well, giving the transit                                                    ly. The number of pages printed on HP’s
so many Amtrak riders are coming in and           company an opportunity to broaden its                                                           digital Indigo press is growing by around
                                                  customer base.                                                                                  5 million pages per day. Web-to-print, vari-
                                                     “As market conditions change, there’s a                                                      able data printing and other value-add ser-
                                                  great opportunity to grow the customer base                                                     vices made possible with digital print are
                                                  for Amtrak, so we want to get new market          
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