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Health Screenings
That Come to You
There’s something new under the sun—something that
has been growing in popularity over the last couple of
years: workplace health screening. Across the country,
health care screening companies are offering health
evaluations for you and your employees that are
conducted at your business site.
   Typically, screenings for hypertension, diabetes,
heart attack and stroke risks, high cholesterol and other
potential health problems are included, along with
weight and exercise counseling, stress management
advice and information about the constellation of
lifestyle choices that make up wellness. Some health
care companies have mobile health trailers that can                    Flat TVs                                           Are Here
drive right up to your bank branch or office. Others
can set up shop for screenings in areas within your
community bank that you designate in advance.
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for your bank’s needs. Start by using “mobile health
screenings” and your geographical area as search
words in a search engine such as Google or Yahoo,
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any company that does not give you an opportunity
to get unfiltered testimonials from past customers.
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