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					A Few Errors                                         • Malaria: Sherman states that only four       But it is more than a compendium of inter-
                                                       kinds of malaria (of about 170) are          esting date and oddball facts. There is a les-
• The assumption that the diagnosis of por-
                                                       specific for humans. At the date of his       son here:
  phyria in George III is proven. Not so.
                                                       publication in 2007, this was a correct
• The cause of German defeat in World                  statement. However, a report in the
  War I in 1918 was strongly influenced by              September 2008 issue of Emerging Infec-         The tragedy of disease control is that
  the potato blight at home in Germany                 tious Diseases describes a fifth type.           its promise is not being fulfilled. Con-
  or by the flu epidemic of that time. Not                                                              trol of a disease takes more than an
                                                     • Haiti is on the eastern side of the island
  established.                                                                                         understanding of the biology of the
                                                       of Santo Domingo, not the western side          pathogen—it requires proper financ-
• Shelley did not die from tuberculosis. He            (p. 147).                                       ing, national will . . . surveillance and
  drowned while sailing in Italy.
                                                     • Tuberculosis is the largest cause of death      projections of how the infectious agent
• In reading a tuberculin skin test, the red-          in AIDS, not mentioned in the discus-           will spread; then, too, there must be a
  ness is not relevant, only the diameter of           sion (p. 178).                                  consistent and equitable application of
  the induration (p. 118).                                                                             control measures by a robust health care
                                                                                                       system. (p. 197)
• As to the efficacy of BCG vaccination,
  Sherman states that it reduced mortality
  from tuberculosis in children by 90%.
  He provides no citation for this, and I            Sherman offers us the richness of a great                Reviewer: Philip W. Brickner, MD
  doubt that it is accurate.                         educational experience in this fine work.              St. Vincent’s Hospital, New York, NY

                                                                                  3M HEALTH INFORMATION SYSTEMS, 
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