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					 on Health that several policies be amended      courteous, high-quality service, especially           Sales, not to be confused with marketing,
 to include incentives for the use of home       in their encounters with residents.               begin when the groundwork has been laid
 equity to finance health care for seniors.           “The concierge (receptionist) position        by marketing. Sales depend on leads, which
 Also proposed for consideration is that cer-    is one of the most important in a SLC.            are converted to sales after a carefully stud-
 tain retirement income be excluded from         Not only is the position the hub of activity      ied approach of the available leads. For the
 federal taxes if used to pay for health ser-    and communication for residents, but the          benefit of the sales staff, the author describes
 vices. These provocative proposals are cer-     concierge is also usually the first contact        behavioral characteristics of seniors. These
 tain to engage the attention of seniors and     for guests and prospective residents.” (The       are interesting and at times amusing.
 their advocacy organizations.                   reviewer found this position neglected by             The information is practical rather than
     Where is the money currently coming         most of the SLCs visited.)                        theoretical. Every process is described in
 from to finance construction of senior liv-          The volume of material describing the         how-to terms. Marketing directors would
 ing facilities? Developers are making use       spectrum of SLC services is vast and all-         be well advised to give this section a thor-
 of multiple resources—tax-exempt bonds,         important. Services fall into eight categories:   ough review.
 pension funds, conventional loans, pro-         resident relations and health, transportation,        The new chapter on caring for people
 grams of the U.S. Department of Housing         food and beverage, dining, housekeeping,          with memory impairment describes special-
 and Urban Development, and private fund-        laundry, maintenance, and capital improve-        ized programs for individuals with dementia.
 ing, among others. Because of the failure of    ment.                                             This growth area is more complex than tra-
 many projects, lenders have become wary.            Here as elsewhere, the text is replete with   ditional senior care. “Operators who develop
 To succeed, management and marketing            details that instruct, inform, and advise.        expertise in this component of care will pros-
 expertise is critical but is in short supply    Examples of the level of detail to expect are     per while others may become overwhelmed.”
 because of the industry’s newness.              a housekeeping checklist, a food guide for        This section reflects the author’s current pro-
     Modalities of senior health care and        older adults, handling complaints, and a          fessional work as president and chief execu-
 housing are changing, and functions among       sample activities program.                        tive officer of an organization specializing in
 providers are shifting. New partnerships are        Health services seem inadequately             Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.
 forming, such as assisted living affiliating     addressed. Models to show how the services            To conclude, this is a business-oriented
 with hospitals to create a broader range of     can be organized, supervised, and delivered       book for the SLC industry. It intends to
 services. Despite its fluidity, the market is    would have been useful.                           make operations successful while recogniz-
 expanding, and opportunities exist, along                                                         ing that residents must be well served. The
 with the challenges and risks of a complex                                                        claim that it sets the standards for excel-
 new industry.                                        MARKETING AND SALES                          lence seems justified.
     This is the book’s strongest section and                                                          It is, however, written about seniors, not
                                                 Pearce places high priority on marketing.
 attests to the author’s broad knowledge                                                           for them. A contemplated move into an
                                                 It should begin, he believes, at the earli-
 and experience. It is followed by technical                                                       SLC is usually a very difficult decision for
                                                 est stage of planning an SLC. The initial
 sections, essentially resource manuals for      analysis of the market should determine           all involved. Potential residents of SLCs and
 department heads. They pertain to finan-         the “fill-up” rate necessary to break even or      their families will find answers in the book
 cial principles, human resources, safety,       to meet investment expectations for return.       to some but not all of their many questions.
 risk management, and privacy. The infor-        In addition, it must be determined whether
 mation is up to date and instructive, stan-     sufficient demand exists in the marketplace                         Reviewer: Kathryn Oliphant
 dard, and widely applicable.                    with the demographic profile that the SLC                                 Shreveport, Louisiana
                                                 is intended to attract. Nonprofit organi-
                                                 zations interested in senior living services           TWELVE DISEASES THAT
                                                 need to emphasize market analysis, as they             CHANGED OUR WORLD
 At the core of an SLC are resident services,    frequently lack development experience.
 the most time-consuming part of an execu-           Studying the competition and forecast-        Irwin W. Sherman, PhD
                                                                                                   Washington, DC: ASM Press, 2007, 219 pp.,
 tive director’s job. As a human services        ing occupancy typically precede marketing
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