Student Representative to Health Volunteers Overseas' Nurse Anesthesia Steering Committee

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					     STUDENT NEWS

                                 Appreciating the Western World of Anesthesia
                                        he world of       says to you, “Now what do you want to do       tion for Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO).

                                 T      anesthesia is a
                                 place. How excited
                                                          next?” They are looking for the obvious
                                                          answers: reposition, use a different blade,
                                                          smaller ETT, use a bougie, etc. You go to
                                                                                                         School is certainly a full-time job, and you
                                                                                                         may not be able to volunteer right now. But
                                                                                                         when you have completed your training and
                                 were you the first       your Plan B and are successful.                you deliver an outstanding, first-class anes-
                                 time you walked into         Now imagine you are in a different         thetic to a patient, consider patients who
                                 the simulation lab       country and the luxuries of Western medi-      has never had access to healthcare and the
     Emily McClanahan Funk, and saw all the differ-       cine simply are not there. There is no         impact you could make on their lives. They,
     RN, BSN, CCRN               ent blades, handles,     GlideScope® or fiberoptic scope, and you       in turn, will have an impact on you.
     Student Representative to   machines, the            are happy to have a laryngoscope blade and         Audrey Ezeike, RN, BSN, is a student
     the Education Committee     GlideScope® a            handle with a working battery.                 representative to Health Volunteers Overseas’
     Email:     bougie, the fiberoptic       Many organizations work to advance the     nurse anesthesia steering committee. Audrey
                                 scope?                   delivery of healthcare in third-world coun-    has had the opportunity to travel to a
              Now think about delivering anesthesia on    tries. The Council for Public Interest in      third-world country and see first hand the
          your normal day at clinical. You do a direct    Anesthesia has been instrumental in main-      health disparity. I hope you enjoy reading
          laryngoscopy and are unable to intubate. You    taining a liaison with Health Volunteers       her experience.”I
          come back out, mask-ventilate to increase       Overseas/Nurse Anesthesia Overseas
          the oxygen saturation and your instructor       Division, and the AANA is a patron organiza-

            What’s Your Story?
            If you have an anesthesia service project story of your own, I would love to hear from you! Please email me with
            your experiences at: Please include photos and as much or as little detail as you like. Your
            story may also be a great addition to our AANA Student Website.

         Student Representative to Health Volunteers
         Overseas’ Nurse Anesthesia Steering Committee
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