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EDITOr'S nOTES Since our last publication, the Czech Republic has given an abrupt goodbye to one head of state and a warm welcome to another. [...] while the former was the CRs own Prime Minister Mirk Topolnek, the latter was US President Barack Ob ama.

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									editor´s notes

                                          ince our last publication, the Czech        William A. Cohn, a lecturer at Uni-
                                          Republic has given an abrupt good-      verity of New York in Prague, and Ben
                                          bye to one head of state and a warm     Cunningham, editor at The Prague Post,
                                   welcome to another. And while the former       present a discussion on our double C’s as
                                   was the CR’s own Prime Minister Mirék          they assess Obama’s call for nuclear dis-
                                   Topolánek, the latter was US President         armament. As Cohn indicates, Obama’s
                                   Barack Obama. On the 24th of March,            fresh and honest approach to the sub-
                                   the lower house of the Czech parliament        ject may inject new confidence into
                                                   cast a  vote of no-confi-      the viability of nuclear disarmament.
                                                   dence against Topolánek’s      Conversely, Cunningham questions the
                                                   centre-right government,       veracity of Obama’s professed commit-
                                                   stripping the country half-    ment to reduce nuclear weapons – per-
                                                   way through its first EU       haps it is simply a  “public relations-
                                                   presidency of, most im-        fueled proposal,” he suggests.
                                                   portantly, its credibility.        But in this discussion of confidence
                                                   In these troubling econo-      and credibility, it remains to be seen
                                                   mic times, this is one loss    how one becomes the arbiter of these
                                                   a  country simply does not     difficult to attain characteristics. It is
                                                   want to suffer. And as that    this question that our section on global
                                                   aforementioned presiden-       warming raises through the opposing
                                   tial visitor of Prague knows, confidence       views of Marek Loužek and Alexander
                                   and credibility are in short supply.           Ač. Should our vote of confidence go to
                                       This issue of The New Presence tackles     climate skeptic Loužek, the research di-
                                   these two themes, confidence and credi-        rector of the Czech Centre of Econom-
                                   bilty, as they relate to the global problems   ics and Politics, or to Ač, a supporter of
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