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									                             MANAGING IN THE MILLENNIUM

                               n the ongoing budgetary crises that         health insurance) for serving on boards?
                               have become endemic in local govern-        I think cutting or even doing away with
                               ment, law enforcement agencies find         compensation for such service makes bet-
                           themselves facing unprecedented chal-           ter sense than demoting police officers.
                           lenges. I wrote about this in last month’s      For cities where serving on a board is the
                           column, but it’s such an important issue,       equivalent of a full-time job, then I sug-
                           with agency and career-changing effects         gest a demotion is in order: Pay them less.
                           attached to it, that I want to take another        ■ How many positions have been cut
                           look at it.                                     in other departments? While I understand
                              We all know that money is tighter            the importance of planners and admin-
                           than it’s been in most of our lifetimes. In     istration, police protection is simply not
                           the recent past, law enforcement officers       negotiable. Cutting police protection is
                           have been virtually immune from job             sacrificing safety. To me it’s a no-brainer.
                           loss due to economic downturns. In fact,        How many police jobs can be saved by
Carole Moore               the security of a law enforcement posi-         chopping some of the fat in the city, town
                           tion was about the only thing a potential       or county manager’s office?
                           police officer could count on. Things have         ■ Are cities or counties still forging
                           changed and, from the looks of it, they’re      ahead with capital improvement proj-
    Demotions              not getting better.
                              When I wrote this column, I was shak-
                                                                           ects? If yes, then stop. Anything capital-
                                                                           improvement oriented belongs to another
  are a horrible,          ing my head at the news that the town
                           of Fitchburg, Mass., demoted police offi-
                                                                           time and another budget, in my opinion.
                                                                              ■ How are city hall and other public
counterproductive          cers to save money and lessen the likeli-       buildings being furnished or decorated?
                           hood of police layoffs. In addition, news       What about Christmas decorations, new
      idea …               reports at the time stated 12 dispatchers       cars, pl
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