Carbon Motors' E7: A cop's car

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        By Frank Borelli

Carbon Motors’ E7: A cop’s car

W           hen firemen discuss the
            custom-built special-
purpose-designed fire apparatus
parked in their engine company’s
bay, no one really thinks anything
of it. Of course it’s custom built.
Of course it’s specially designed                                                                     The clean lines of
— that’s simply how it’s been ever                                                                  the dashboard and
                                                                                                   center console are a
since fire engines started being                                                                    great improvement
built. Now, if you had that same                                                                          over common
conversation about your police                                                                    contemporary setups.

patrol vehicle people might pay a
bit more attention, and for good             justice to the vehicle. As we exam-      — unless the agency has gone slick
reason: This is a new concept in             ine the E7, please keep in mind that     top — all lights are still added after
law enforcement, and one that’s              there are other design features that     manufacture. Even for agencies
been a long time coming.                     increase its value to the patrol offi-   that are running slick-top patrol
   Enter Carbon Motors Corp.                 cer that we aren’t able to fit.          vehicles, the lights are either hidden
and the E7, a vehicle Carbon touts              Those of us who have been             strobes in the various lights or they
as “the world’s first purpose-built          around long enough to remember           are lights or light sticks added into
police car.” As a veteran police             the boxy old Crown Victorias or,         the passenger compartment facing
officer, when I saw the E7 on the            even better, the Dodge Diplomats,        both front and rear.
floor at IACP a few months ago,              know that patrol vehicles have              Adding equipment has always
my first thought was, “What the              already come a long way. Gone are        presented a challenge because, 1) it
heck is that?!” Later, as I did the          the days of a box on wheels with         adds cost (cars are often a moving
research and sat down to write this,         slow-turning gumball lights on the       target and therefore hard to bud-
I realized that due to space restric-        top. Vehicles are far more stream-       get), or 2) achieving cost-effective
tions for this piece, I can’t do f
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