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           Specialized Vehicles
                                  Updated ‘09 model                     Armored transport
                                                                           Able to transport more
                              Designed to deliver                       than 10 officers, The Armored
                           precise responsive maneu-                    Group LLC’s SWAT Sprinter
                           verability, increased                        is armored to B6/NIJ III
                           capacity and greater com-                    levels and allows officers the
                           fort for the law enforce-                    ability to fully stand in com-
ment rider, the 2009 Harley-Davidson Touring and                        fort. It comes standard with rear air conditioning and
Police family incorporates a new frame, swingarm,                       heat, siren and PA system, front and rear strobe lights,
engine mounting system, wheels and tires. New for                       wig wags, side running boards, rear step/deployment
the Touring family are the 2-1-2 exhaust system, an                     bumper, gun ports, run flats and roof hatch.
engine isolation system and isolated drive system,                                      Circle   31 on Reader Service Card
new frame and swingarm, Dunlop rear and front
tires and an ABS option.
               Circle   32 on Reader Service Card
                                                                                                                  65-foot patrol
                               Folding bicycle
                                                                                                              SeaArk Marine,
                              Like all SwissBikes, the                                                     Inc. delivered the
                           LX from Montague Corp.                                                          Cayman Guardian,
                           is designed to easily fit in                                                    a 65-foot Dauntless
                           an officer’s trunk or boat.                                                     RAM Patrol boat, to
                           SwissBike LX features a                                                         the Royal Cayman
                           full-size mountain bike for                  Islands Police Marine Unit. The vessel is powered by
                           the experienced off-road                     twin MAN diesel engines at 1100 hp, each coupled to
                           rider with 26-inch standard                  ZF gears, and can attain a top speed of 34 knots but
                           wheels, yet folds to 36 inches     
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