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									By Paul Laska

SHOT Show 2009
Products for the technical investigator

                                                                  The DRIFIRE long-

N         early 50,000 people
          thronged the Orange
County Convention Center
                                                                  sleeve T-shirt
                                                                  protects wearers
                                                                  from flash and fire.

in Orlando, Florida, from
January 15 to 18, 2009, for
the 31st Shooting, Hunting,
Outdoor Trade (SHOT)
Show and Conference. This
was the largest SHOT Show                        Th
                                                                                                 Forensics Source has added

                                                                                                                                   Photos courtesy of DRIFIRE and Forensics Source
yet, with more than 1,800 exhibi-             Forensics
                                                                                                 the CSI Vest, which wearers can
tors presenting their wares in many                       alog
                                              Source catalog                                      customize by adding pouches
associated shooting industry areas.           has contin-                                         for specialty tools as needed.
A major growth within the show                           w.
                                              ued to grow.
is the tactical law enforcement               One new set                                            rized, personally owned
section, which has grown steadily             of items that                                   firearms of individual members.
since its introduction several years                         l
                                              should appeal to                            Firearms examiners must be profi-
ago. In addition to the firearm                                e investigator is a line
                                              the crime scene in                          cient in complete disassembly of any
exhibits, a variety of products               of vests designed for use by CSI. It’s      firearm to permit them to determine
with technical law enforcement                available as a fully equipped vest, or      if a firearm submitted to their lab
functions were also available.                as a base vest to which wearers can         is safely functional. While agencies
                                              add pouches as needed, a capability         are often able to arrange armorer
Safariland                                    that has been needed for a long time.       training for firearms they purchase
    After last year’s announce-                  Forensics Source has also                in bulk for inventory, the wide
ment of its acquisition of Armor              expanded its training materials. A          variety of firearms on the market
Holdings, this year BAE has                   wide variety of teaching kits are           precludes providing such training for
announced the reorganization of its           available for use in school and col-        all makes and models. Indeed, most
law enforcement-related lines under           lege programs, academies and spe-           armorer training is only aimed at
the Safariland banner. Safariland             cialized training classes. From fin-        common military and law enforce-
is a respected name in leather and            gerprints to firearms, anthropology,        ment guns; the wide variety of fire-
holsters; bringing all the lines under        serology and more, Forensics Source         arms designed for the sporting and
its name makes name recognition               has materials to assist instructors.        personal defense markets are mostly
easier and consumer confidence in                                                         orphans for such training.
the various lines stronger. This does         American Gunsmithing Institute                  The American Gunsmithing
not have an effect on the Forensics              Advanced training in firearms is         Institute is a video-based training
Source line; it is still based on             important to various law enforce-           program for firearms. It offers vid-
Lightning Powder, Identicator, NIK            ment personnel. The armorer is              eos in two different realms; first is
Public Safety, ODV, EVI-PAQ and               responsible for oversight of an agen-       consumer based, aimed at the gun
Projectina.                                   cy’s own firearms, as well as autho-        owner who wishes to upgrade his

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