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Handheld positioning
     GETAC Inc.’s PS535F handheld, GPS-enabled PDA features a built-in 3
        megapixel auto-focus camera, altimeter and E-compass so users can
                                                                                USB receiver
         capture field data on-site and transmit it back to headquarters in
         real time. The PS535F also provides pinpoint navigation support           The AmbiCom GPS Navigation
          for improved location-based productivity — critical with search-      USB receiver has SiRF StarIII
           and-rescue missions. A built-in camera enables instant visual data   single chipset architecture incor-
           capture in the field, and the 3.5-inch VGA touchscreen display       porated within its small form. It
            with sunlight readable technology enhances viewing quality          offers a high level of sensitivity
            of graphic-intensive files and detailed maps, even in sunny or      (-159dBm) for fast signal acquir-
            snowy conditions.                                                   ing and updating, and 20-channel
                                    Circle   11 on Reader Service Card          satellite tracking ability. Other
                                                                                features include: SBAS (WAAS,
Extended GIS monitoring                                                         EGNOS-Euro Geostationary
   Oracle GIS modeling and mapping                                              Navigation Overlay Service)
technology from Memex Inc. integrates                                           option, plug-and-play USB GPS,
search and analysis solutions. Now                                              full navigation accuracy, internal
Memex has expanded its GIS capabili-                                            real time clock, low power con-
ties to include interfaces to both Oracle                                       sumption and water-resistance.
                                                                                     Circle   12 on Reader Service Card
and ESRI. The NorthEast Ohio Regional
Fusion Center utilizes the Oracle Spatial
databases to geocode and analyze data; analysis is enhanced by the
visualization and geographic features made available by interfacing
with mapping software.
                           Circle   13 on Reader Service Card

                         Vehicle tracking device
                            The CovertTrack Division of GPS Intelligence
                         LLC has released the GPS Stealth vehicle tracking      Geospatial intelligence tool
                         device. This self-contained, real-time GPS track-
                         ing device is capable of reporting live
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