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       TQN welcomes letters for      EEN WAGES                                        how does our wage reflect the responsibility
                                                                                      we have legally and physically? Why do you
                                     I don't know how many have looked                think we are worth so little? We continue to
         Letters should be no        properly our wage. I have and these are the      be devalued for what we actually do.
       more than 200 words.          comparisons. You will note that an EEN on
       Anonymous letters will        even the highest rate of pay gets only $1per     I personally hold four cerificates, and know
       not be published (we will     hour more than an AIN. I am horrified and        most EENs to hold more than one. I have 25
       consider withholding          disgusted that our work and expertise is so      years experience and I know I am worth a
       names, but do not accept      undervalued.                                     whole lot more than I get. What is the union
       unsigned letters).                                                             going to do? My 17-year-old gets more
                                     Let me add that even at an EEN’s highest
         Photos may be colour                                                         telemarketing than I get as a professional
                                     rate of pay we still receive less per hour
       or black & white.                                                              — that's not right. Therefore I am asking my
                                     than a first year RN. The inequity in pay
                                     rates compared to actual work input is           union to negotiate a respectable wage for
         All material will go to
       the Editorial Committee.      inexcusable. There are few jobs that RNs         the work we EENs do!

          Send all material in the   perform that EENs don't also perform. So         Carol Hemmings (public sector member)
       first instance to:            Editor’s response: At the QNU annual conference of delegates, resolutions are debated and
           The Editor,               voted on and these naturally include resolutions from our members at all nursing levels
           The Queensland Nurse,     seeking recognition of their contribution to nursing work. Those resolutions that are carried
           GPO Box 1289,             give direction to the QNU and officials who represent members in enterprise bargaining.
           Brisbane 4001             The QNU conference resolutions included in the Union’s EB7 items for bargaining with
       or by email to                Queensland Health includ
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