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    Council looks to the future
    With a newly elected QNU Council, including a new
    President and Vice President, now on deck they’re
    considering strategies to best defend and promote the
    interests of QNU members.
    President Desley Geraghty-Rudd and Vice-President
    Sally-Anne Jones tell tqn a little about the priorities
    for Council going forward and why they’re so pleased
    to be actively involved in our Union.

                                                                            Desley Geraghty-Rudd             Sally-Anne Jones

    Getting active in the QNU                   Workloads and staffing issues will          The importance of QNU Council
                                                continue to be a major challenge for
    Desley:                                                                                 Desley:
                                                QNU members. The nature of our
    Over 20 years ago I decided, due                                                        Council has the important role of
                                                work and our skillmix will change
    to mentoring for my then peers, to                                                      governing the QNU. All issues are
                                                dramatically over the next 5-10 years. It   openly debated, with every Councillor
    become active in the Union. I’ve been
                                                is important that all nurses stay abreast   having the opportunity to voice a view,
    part of numerous changes, structures
                                                of the issues by listening, reading,        make a recommendation, clarify a
    and negotiations during this time.
                                                debating, and having a say. This is the     concern and vote for a decision.
    I admire and respect the values of
                                                crux of our Nurses. For you. For life.
    the QNU and the ongoing support,                                                        We’ve got new Councillors and many
                                                campaign which will continue to be part
    passion, motivation, professional and                                                   experienced past Councillors—a
                                                of everything we do at QNU Council.
    industrial assistance and advice that are                                               good opportunity for this motivated,
    part of membership.                         Sally:                                      passionate team to advance and
                                                                                            support the values and philosophies of
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