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SECURITY                                            — Solar-Powered Hangar: A new          (MDS) system is supplied by the Sensis    Generation Airline Reservation System
      — Biocryptics: Braathens IT             60,000-square foot solar-powered han-        Corporation, and uses multiple low-       will cover reservations, inventory, tick-
Solutions introduces a self-boarding          gar at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank,          maintenance sensors to triangulate        eting, and departure control, and will
solution based on biocryptics; next-          CA is considered to be an industry           aircraft location based on transponder    be completed over the next five years,
generation biometrics. Fingerprints are       first. The hangar’s photovoltaic pan-        signals from the aircraft.                according to a press release.
translated into PKI-compatible crypto         els provide enough energy to operate              •                        •
keys, and stored in a customer database.      the building’s lights and to recharge
The crypto key is then printed as a bar-      electric-powered ground equipment.           INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY                                             Compiled by
code creating a biometric link between a      The $17 million LEED Platinum certi-             — Airline Reservation System:                                  assistant editor
passenger and the boarding pass, allow-       fied hangar is the first to attain such a    Oracle and SITA have agreed to a                                   Brad McAllister;
ing offline verification without any use of   high level of USGBC certification.           15-year partnership to develop the                                 reach him at
central servers, databases, or networks.            — LED Lighting: Toronto Pearson        most open and agile airline reservation                            Brad.McAllister@
      •          Int’l Airport is testing Safegate’s new      system ever designed using service-                      
      — Biometrics: Sagem Securite            LED based airfield lighting fixture, the     oriented architecture and advanced
and Hitachi have partnered to devel-          SafeLED IQ. The new SafeLED fixtures         computing techniques. The Next
op a multimode biometric recognition          offer far more hours of operation com-
module. The module recognizes the             pared to halogen, lower power con-
pattern of minute blood vessels while         sumption, and features low 6mm pro-
simultaneously processing fingerprint         jection, according to the company. The
data. The module meets requirements           all-in-one fixture is designed to minimize
for a wide range of applications includ-      maintenance, as it contains a reduced
ing access control, identity checks, and      number of components compared to
secure payments, says the company.            traditional lighting and features a highly
      •                durable reinforced prism.
      — Liquid Screening: T
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