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									                                      BY SANDEEP KAR, PROGRAM MANAGER, FROST & SULLIVAN

                                                                                                                                                                      MARKET WATCH
     Frost & Sullivan partners
 with clients to accelerate
 their growth. Sandeep Kar
      is the program manager,
                                     Active Chassis
     heavy-truck technologies
        at Frost & Sullivan. He
      specializes in advanced
                                     Control Technologies
     heavy-truck technologies
        and markets spanning        Generating Active Interest
         powertrain, chassis,
       safety and telematics.
                                      SAFETY TECHNOLOGIES like driver information and                   is lower than the incremental cost of adding the con-
                                      warning systems that were discussed in my previous                stituent safety technologies.
                                      column are driver-in-the-loop type safety systems,                   An ESC system, such as the one being offered by
                                      which inform and warn the driver of an impending                  Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, LLC, can signifi-
                                      safety risk. While these are considered evolutionary              cantly enhance a truck’s stability while accelerating,
                                      technologies for augmenting and enhancing the safety              cornering, and braking, thereby enhancing the yaw,
                                      of heavy-trucks, the truly revo-                                                          roll, and longitudinal stability of
                                      lutionary safety technologies                                                             the vehicle. It automatically cor-
                                      called active chassis control                  The net value proposition                  rects oversteer and understeer
                                      systems assist the driver by                                                              to keep the truck on the road
                                                                                    to fleets is the availability
                                      actively controlling the chassis                                                          and avoid tripped-up rollover
                                      systems to elevate the safety                          of a comprehensive                 accidents. Automatic collision
                                      value of the host trucks.                      safety system that offers                  mitigating systems, such as
                                         Active chassis control sys-                  protection from multiple                  the On-Guard system offered
                                      tems reduce the burden on                                                                 by Meritor WABCO, integrate
                                      the driver by proactively and
                                                                                         vehicular instabilities.               disparate safety technologies
                                      actively detecting impending                                                              such as adaptive cruise control
                                      instabilities and taking cor-                                                             and stability control systems
                                      rective actions to bring the vehicle towards stability.           featuring active braking. The net value proposition
                                      These systems require little driver training but can              to the fleets is the availability of a comprehensive
                                      act as a driver retention tool in a market that until             safety system that offers protection from multiple
                                      recently was facing severe driver shortage. Moreover,             vehicular instabilities. Both market participants in
                                      these systems are built upon sensors and actuators                the active chassis control systems market will expe-
                                      that are standardized and have been tested and vali-              rience higher levels of penetration and opportunities
                                      dated through extensive automotive applications.                  to augment the value proposition of these advanced
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