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									latin culture 2.0
A New Tool to Stay Cool
Looking for YouTube clips of the latest hot salsa
band? Want to find the best Panamanian res-
taurant in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles,
Chicago, or Miami? Fans of Latin culture in the
U.S. now have a handy online information source.
Remezcla.com is a unique cultural calendar listing
Latin-oriented events in each of those cities, ranging
from film festivals to book readings and concerts.
The one-stop-shop source, which was launched in
New York in 2006, relies on information posted by
an expanding network of contributors and blog-
gers from around the hemisphere, and is pow-
ered by partnerships with Microsoft’s Zune and
MySpace Latino. Remezcla’s comprehensive cov-
erage is helped by its agreement with city govern-                                                         monterrey, 
ments to provide content for summer event guides in the five cities where it now operates.                 mexico’s 
   Co-founder Andrew Herrera says the site was created to introduce second- and third-gen-                 Kinky plays at 
eration Hispanic immigrants to the diversity of Latin American contemporary culture. “The                  a remezcla-
more you know about your culture, the more you’re empowered,” says Herrera, the son of Ec-                 sponsored event 
uadorian immigrants. “It’s cool for me to see a kid who listens to Daddy Yankee and intro-                 in New york.
duce him to some funky Colombian electronic band.” He’s clearly on the right track. Remez-
cla’s success has fueled plans to add several Texas cities this year.

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