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                   Endpoint Suite                                                   Endpoint Protection v11.0.4
                                       reports for HIPAA, PCI DSS and                                                       access control and application
                                       SOX. We liked the customizable                                                       rules; AV and anti-spyware policy
                                       end-user messages that can be sent                                                   for handling threats; application
                                       on specified policy violations.                                                       control and device control policy
                                          With Protector, we applied                                                        for managing apps and devices
                                       customized security policies to                                                      that are allowed to run on the
                                       all physical, wireless and storage                                                   endpoint and IPS policy base;
                                       interfaces. It also encrypts and                                                     custom policies for packet-based
                                       enforces the encryption of all                                                       signatures; and a host integrity
                                       removable media devices. We liked                                                    policy for validating compliance
Vendor Safend                          the unique shadowing feature that                                                    for network access.
Price   $13 to $32 per seat            allows for keeping secure copies of                                                     We were impressed by the
Contact www.safend.com                 files or specific file types to and/or         Vendor Symantec                          level of control we had over the
                                       from removable media. There was             Price   $31.80 per user for 500+ users   endpoint from this single inter-
        afend Protector protects an    no firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware                                                 face. We could enable, edit and

                                                                                   Contact www.symantec.com
        organization’s information     or IPS support, but the documen-                                                     apply any or all of the policies we
        from loss and theft by mon-    tation did state that most of the                    ymantec Endpoint Protec-        chose to assign.
itoring, detecting and restricting
data transfers from the endpoint.
Safend Auditor provides organiza-
                                       top providers have gone through
                                       interoperability testing and were
                                       certified with Safend.
                                                                                   S        tion delivers a centrally
                                                                                            managed, web-based, easy-
                                                                                   to-use, fully integrated manage-
                                                                                                                               The documentation was very
                                                                                                                            good. With this much to offer, we
                                                                                                                            needed to reference the guides
tions with the visibility needed to       Safend provided a comprehen-             ment interface that delivers a           often, but quickly found what we
assess and manage vulnerabilities.     sive port management and encryp-                                 full suite of       needed. Support is offered during
The company also has modules for       tion solution. The documentation                                 protection to       business hours only if you pur-
reporting and encryption that were     was very good. Basic support is                                  the endpoints.      chase an upgraded support plan.
not part of this review.               provided with the license purchase                               The endpoint           This was a complete offering.
   The Safend Protector and Audi-      and upgraded support 
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