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Aric Mutchnick

Regional Challenges for a
Tough Neighborhood

                                                                                                          Photo: Tech. Sgt. Joseph McLean/U.S.A.F.

         URRENTLY terrorism, crime             higher walls and a lower profile are               circumstance, there is still a very real
         and social unrest are prevalent       over. Clearly, there are foundational              threat through residual effects of
         in all four provinces of              security elements that can be utilized             terrorist action. In September of 2008,
Pakistan. The country suffers from a           in all locations. However, in order to             the Marriott Hotel was the target of a
declining economy, military actions in         truly strengthen a corporation’s                   terrorist attack that was directed
the Northwest Frontier Province and            security posture in Pakistan, each                 primarily at Pakistani government
instability along the Afghan border.           location must be individually analyzed             officials who were attending the

                                                                                                                                                     journal of international peace operations | volume 4 | number 5 | march-april 2009
Organizations operating in the region          and closely monitored so that specific             Ramadan Iftar dinner. This hotel is
must re-evaluate and upgrade their             risks can be mitigated and avoided.                extremely popular for Western
security and safety programs to meet                                                              travelers in Islamabad and there were
the changing conditions in the region.         To demonstrate some of the regional                many indirect injuries that resulted
                                               differences in Pakistan, this article              from the attack.
It was as recent as 10 years ago that          focuses on the following five cities:
terrorism was virtually unheard of in          Islamabad, Lahore, Mansehra, Quetta                It is essential that companies monitor
Pakistan. Tourism was high and                 and Karachi. These cities are repre-               the political situation not only in
foreign travelers felt safe traveling          sentative of the different security                Pakistan, but specifically any events in
through most of the regions. Unfortu-          approaches required to ensure a                    Islamabad that may create opportuni-
nately, the playing field has changed          successful safety program.                         ties for a terrorist group to make a
and International Non-Governmental                                                                political statement. Updated security
Organizations and other associated             Islamabad – Political Focus                        briefings are essential for any incom-
entities now encounter rising security                                                            ing expatriates that will be working in
threats that force the implementation          As the capital city, Islamabad is at the           Islamabad. These briefings must also
of new, more effective security                center of the political unrest that is             be provided to local national person-
policies and procedures, evacuation            currently plaguing Pakistan. While                 nel as they are more often becoming
plans and business continuity plans.           there have been several attacks on                 the targets of attacks on Western
                                               Western targets, many of the terrorist             organizations.
Many risk managers look for a blanket          and criminal acts are directed toward
security solution to answer needs in all       Pakistani government representatives               In most areas of Pakistan it is
regions of Pakistan. However, the              and interests. While Western interests             beneficial to coordinate with local and
days of relying on brighter lights,            may not be the direct target in these              federal law enforcement            12

                      The author has worked as a security consultant for over a decade after a career in the military.
leader | pakistan security

journal of international peace operations | volume 4 | number 5 | march-april 2009

                                                                                                                                             A U.S. soldier watches over the Afghan-Pakistan border. Sgt. Stephanie L. Carl /U.S. Army

                                                                                     11 agencies, which at times               of a cartoon in the Danish newspaper                Mansehra – Cultural Focus
                                                                                     becomes difficult given the wide          Jyllands-Posten, which depicted the
                                                                                     variety of agencies that operate in       prophet Muhammad in an unflattering                 While conditions can change quickly
                                                                                     each region. In any given city there      way, ci
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