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I was delighted to read Marjorie Ann                had mine from all those years before.                   are now in our second year of the
Lombard’s article, “A Clear Voice For               She was thrilled, and I was honored to                  Reading Buddies program. All of our
Montessori: Elisabeth Caspari” (Vol.                be able to return to her this little book               extended day classes wanted to pair
21, No. 1, 2009). I had the unique                  that I had so treasured.                                up with an older elementary reading
opportunity of taking piano lessons                      The last time I saw Dr. Caspari                    buddy. New friendships have formed,
from Dr. Caspari during my years at                 was at an AMS convention in Miami                       and our school community is closer
Alexander Montessori School in Miami                in 1995. She was an amazing woman,                      than ever. The parents love the inter-
in the early 1970s. I remember the                  and truly someone that kept the fire                    action between the classes, and the
eagerness I had when the day for les-               of Montessori burning brightly. Now                     joy of reading that the children have
sons would arrive, and I was so very                a mother of three, I have my own                        when they share books with an older
proud of my little music book that Dr.              school, and I attribute that to three                   or younger friend. Reading Buddies
Caspari and I made together. I must                 people: my mother Rosemary Fleck,                       is a new Racine Montessori School
admit, as an aside, that for a long time I          Beverly McGhee (founder of Alexander                    tradition!”
thought Caspari was Maria Montessori!               Montessori), and, of course, Dr. Caspari.                   Thanks again for your help in
     Later, while I was in high school,             It’s a tough legacy to live up to, but I                finding the article!
Dr. Caspari made a visit to our home                wouldn’t want to be doing anything                              Rita Lewis, Administrator
in Charleston, SC. She and my mother                else!                                                           Racine Montessori School
spent many hours discussing                                  Melissa Fleck-Aller                                    Racine, WI
Montessori, and I listened intently,                         Trinity Montessori School
fascinated by this remarkable woman.                         Charleston, SC                                 Your recent column, “Changes and
It was this visit that convinced me that                                                                    Changes” (Vol. 21, No. 1, 2009), makes
I would become a Montessori teacher,                Last year, you helped me find an old                    reference to a website that does not
for it was a time in my life that I felt            Montessori Life article that dealt with                 quite get your reader where they
passionately the desire to serve. Dr.               “reading buddies,” and you asked for                    need to go. The correct link is:
Caspari showed me that there could                  a follow-up when we started our                         http://www.barackobama.com/pdf/is
be no greater service than service to               Reading Buddies program again this                      sues/education/Fact_Sheet_Educatio
a child.                                           
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