Deferral of MDS 3.0 is hardly a reason to rest by ProQuest


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James M. Berklan
Editor, McKnight’s Long-Term Care News
                                                                                               “I knew I wanted to be in
                                                                                                   this field when …”
                                                                                                “In the year 2003,      tributing to and serving the older
                                                                                                I used to take my       citizens of our state. The time came

Deferral of MDS 3.0 is                                                                          therapy dog to
                                                                                                nursing homes in
                                                                                                                        when I simply believed we were no
                                                                                                                        longer truly caring for our older citi-

hardly a reason to rest                                                                         my area through
                                                                                                a church ministry
                                                                                                                        zens. I needed to serve where I knew
                                                                                                                        I could more fully impact the lives
                                                                             Sheridan           called, PAWS (Pets      of older persons. An owner offered
When the announcement came down, the news couldn’t have                      Are Working Saints). When I saw an         me an AIT (administrator in train-
been a shock to anyone who had been paying attention. But it                 advertisement in my local newspaper        ing) with a position in that facility to
was still big news.                                                          for an administrative assistant at         continue. It has been a rewarding 16
  MDS 3.0, see you next year.                                                Lutheran Care at Moorestown, I knew        years. So much so I am continuing
  Well, maybe.                                                               I could work in that environment           to work beyond the ‘normal’ retire-
  When federal regulators wisely decided in March to admit that              as I enjoyed the atmosphere of the         ment age.
an October 2009 rollout wasn’t going to be possible for MDS 3.0,             homes I visited.”                          —Administrator, Bob Maze,
they did all stakeholders, including themselves, a big favor.                —Human Resources Coordinator,              Freelandville Community Home,
  Ever since the October 2009 rollout target for MDS 3.0 was                 Marie C. Sheridan, Lutheran Care at        Freelandville, IN
announced, some observers said it could never happen that quickly.           Moorestown, Moorestown, NJ
Even if the new standards had been released in a timely manner,                                                         “I became a nursing assistant at the
software vendors and providers would have had to fall in line with           “Shortly after I arrived in the U.S.A.,    age of 16 at a local nursing home and
them on time.                                                                I started volunteering at a nursing        knew from that moment that I found
                                          That was never going to hap-       home in my neighborhood. After my          my niche with the elderly population.”

[ ]
                                       pen. In fact, I’d be willing to bet   first day of socializing with the resi-     —Director of Operations, Sharon Bixler,
                                       it won’t happen until 2011.           dents, I knew where I belonged.”           Wilmac Corp., York, PA
      “I’d be willing                     Regulators should wait to          
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