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									42 Renal & Urology News                MARCH 2009                                                              

                                                                             GreenLight Laser
                                                                             Effective for LUTS
                                                                             Symptoms, urine flow improved significantly
                                                                             BY ROSEMARY FREI, MSC                        “But we now use the GreenLight
                                                                             SHANGHAI—Laser vaporization                laser approach nearly routinely in all
                                                                             of prostate tissue using a 120-watt        our patients with lower urinary tract
                                                                             GreenLight laser significantly re-         symptoms due to prostate enlarge-
                                                                             duces lower urinary tract symptoms         ment,” Dr. Bachmann said.
   DOMESTIC MEETINGS                     Renal Week 2009,                    (LUTS) secondary to benign pro-              Carson Wong, MD, associate profes-
                                         San Diego Convention Center,        static hyperplasia (BPH), according        sor and chief of the Section of
   Apr. 23-26, ESRD: Charting the        San Diego.                          to a study conducted at nine centers       Endourology, Laparoscopy and Mini-
   Challenges for the Future,            Contact: 202.659.0599               in seven countries.                        mally Invasive Surgery at the Univer-
   Sheraton Boston Hotel and Towers,     Fax: 202.659.0709                     The GreenLight laser is not yet          sity of Oklahoma Health Sciences
   Boston.                               E-mail:        widely used in North America or            Center in Oklahoma City, reviewed
   Contact: 617.384.8600                 Web site:        Europe, but this improved version of       the results and said “the clinical effica-
   Fax: 617.384.8686                                                         the potassium-titanyl-phosphate laser      cy achieved in the study is impressive.”
   E-mail:       Nov. 5-9, Society for Basic         is gaining a foothold on both conti-         Still, he questioned why such large
   Web site:         Urologic Research (SBUR)            nents. The nine centers included hos-      amounts of energy were applied dur-
                                         Annual Meeting,                     pitals in New York City and Boston.        ing the laser treatments. The average
   Apr. 25-30, American Urological       Sheraton New Orleans,                 Among 629 subjects with BPH-             energy used per patient was 274.8 kJ,
   Association 2009 Annual Meeting,      New Orleans.                        related LUTS, prostate volume fell         compared with 85 kJ used in a study
   McCormick Place,                      Contact: 847.517.7225               by 55% over an average of 7.7
   Chicago.                              Fax: 847.517.7229                   months’ follow-up and PSA levels
   Contact: 410.689.3700                 E-mail:               dropped by 43%, according to find-         Prostate volume
   Fax: 410.689.3800                     Web site:              ings presented here at the World           fell by 55% over
   E-mail:                                             Congress of Endourology. Symptoms
   Web site:             May 29-June 4, 2010, American       decreased significantly and urine          an average of 7.7
                                                                             flow rose significantly. The mean
   May 29-June 2, American Society
                                         Urological Association
                                         2010 Annual Meeting,                American Urological Association
                                                                                                                        months’ follow-up.
   of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)           San Francisco.                      Symptom Score decreased from 21.6
   2009 Annual Meeting,                  Contact: 800.908.9414               at baseline to 8.4 after six months.       he and
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