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Drinks depend on digital


"It's a low-involvement category because it's not a considered purchase - a beverage is not something you'd buy online and you don't need to research it online," he explains. "You're doing everything at retail."

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									        12 | DMNEWS | March 16, 2009 |

                                                                                                                                             | April 6, 2009 | DMNEWS | 13


        Drinks depend on digital                                                                                                                CAMPAIGNS
        Non-carbonated beverages face fierce competition in the grocery
        store — which marketers combat by engaging consumers online
        By Kevin McKeefery                                         “Ocean Spray has really made the investment           Top trends
        : For decades, iconic soft drinks like Pepsi and        in content and we’re always trying to drive deeper
        Coca-Cola were the big players in the world             brand engagement,” says Kelley. “It also opens up        A fragmented
        of beverages. But a push by families towards a          a platform for direct messaging.”                        category with a
        healthier lifestyle has driven many consumers to                                                                 plethora of brands
        demand better choices when it comes to beverage         With this interactivity comes not only brand             means beverage
        selection. To meet this demand, a plethora of non-      awareness and product visibility for beverage            marketers must find
        carbonated, non-alcoholic drink choices — from          brands, but also a database of loyal brand advo-         ways to stand out on
        fruit drinks to teas and waters — have established      cates that marketers can contact about upcoming          the shelf
        their places on shelves. In fact, major soft drink      events and partnerships the brand is undertak-
        companies have acquired many of these compa-            ing. Through partnerships with other health and          Digital marketing,
        nies – for example, Coca-Cola owns Odwalla and          wellness and active lifestyle brands, beverage           particularly through
        Glaceau, maker of Vitamin Water; while Pepsi            marketers can highlight the overall message of           loyalty efforts and
        owns Gatorade, Tropicana and recently purchased         their brand.                                             social media, are      Ocean Spray wanted to reach and engage their
        the Naked brand of natural fruit drinks.                  For example, Honest Beverages, a smaller brand         important tools for    core target audience of moms with an integrated
           These beverages face a highly competitive CPG        which offers organic bottled teas, uses an annual        beverage marketers     digital platform created by agency Arnold World-
        category with grocery shelves filled with options        partnership and sweepstakes with bicycle manu-           who have expanded      wide. Arnold had already created the highly success-
        to imbibe, requiring plenty of marketing innova-        facturer Janis Bikes to highlight the company’s          from traditional TV    ful mass media “Straight from the bog” campaign,
        tion to stand out.                                      commitment to health, wellness and work-life             and print              which included print and TV ads, as well as a touring
                                                                                                                                                “Bogs across America” campaign. The company
                                                                                                                         Women, especially      also wanted to promote a new drink, Cranergy, which
                                                                                                                         moms, are an es-       targets a primarily female audience.
                                                                                                                         sential focus for
              It’s not a considered purchase – a beverage is not                                                         marketers of non-
                                                                                                                         carbonated, non-
              something you’d buy online and you don’t need to                                                           alcoholic beverages
              research it online.                                                                                        Word-of-mouth,
                                                                                     Troy Kelley, chief digital          including through
                                                                                     officer, Arnold Worldwide
                                                                                                                         in-store sampling,
                                                                                                                         is another important
                                                                                                                         tool for beverage
           “It’s a very fragmented category because there a     balance. The partnership, the company says, offers       marketers
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