; Deliver top results with digital production
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Deliver top results with digital production


Finally, there are some innovative demographic geo-targeting tools available that can accurately pinpoint where a marketer?s perfect prospects are located. Marketers start by describing the specific demographic characteristics of their ideal customer, then, identify a specific mailing area. These tools, like MapMail for example, search sophisticated sets of data from verified national mailing lists to find prospects that match qualities the marketer is targeting.

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									                                                                                                                                                   www.dmnews.com | March 30, 2009 | DMNEWS | 13


Deliver top results with digital production
Digital production systems can help you save costs, improve efficiency and get to market faster. Four
industry experts discuss how marketers can get started with these bottom line-boosting tactics

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Read a
                                                                                                                                                                                                           on our
                                                                                                                                                                               Lee Gallagher               Comm
                        Freddie Baird                                      Bill Ziercher                                    Bill McGrath                                       Manager,
                        EVP & COO,                                         Chairman,                                        CEO,                                               DM Solutions,
                        QuantumDigital                                     Gabriel Group                                    OrangeSprocket                                     InfoPrint

: There are a few digital production tactics : Today’s marketers – whether in the com- : The convergence of software-as-a-service : The challenging economy is forcing con-
businesses can use to improve efficiency, save      mercial or nonprofit worlds – are looking         (SaaS) and Enterprise 2.0-based collabo-         sumers to spend less, sending marketers
money and reduce time to market.                    for ways to market more selectively, get to       ration technologies has brought the next         scrambling for solutions that drive results
   One way is to take advantage of Web-to-          market faster, and to put the best practices of   generation of project management applica-        on a shrinking budget. The CMO Council’s
print portals to streamline the creation, distri-   one-to-one marketing into profitable action.      tions to the forefront. This helps marketers     recent Routes to Revenue study suggested
bution and fulfillment of approved marketing        We are among the printers that recommend          execute their projects on time, on budget        that 60% of marketers polled will implement
materials and support documentation such            and provide technology, including automat-        and with the right quality.                      more personalized, relevant campaigns, and
as sales and branding guidelines, process           ed workflows and business intelligence, as           At OrangeSprocket, we use an online           45% were determined to do a better job of
documents and approved marketing collat-            well as a proprietary Web-based marketing         project management system from Clarizen.         cross- and up-selling — driving improved
eral. Through these portals, such items can                                                           This provides team members with an easy          financial results with the existing customer
be made available to associates within days          THE TAKEAWAY                                     way to share knowledge, be in sync and           base. But exactly how should a marketer
rather than weeks. Additionally, because             A printing partner with established digital      ensure that everyone is on the same page.        go about implementing these campaigns to
approved materials are centralized in one            workflows can help speed production              By leveraging team collaboration and a SaaS      ensure optimal and maximum results?
location online, businesses can be assured                                                            delivery model, the next generation of proj-
that their associates are accessing and using                                                         ect systems provides a significant advantage      THE TAKEAWAY
only the most current version of marketing          resource management platform that helps           for companies in completing their portfolio       Successful transpromo requires strong
materials available. This reduces instances         reduce client costs throughout the entire         of design projects on time and increasing         data analytics and document composition
of obsolete collateral and waste.                   marketing process.                                their competitive edge.
   Another digital production method that              Through a fractional ownership model,             There are some ways these tools help
provides high value is on-demand digital            marketers effectively “own” a piece of a          design marketers need to consider in order           Transpromo, the combination of must-
                                                    highly sophisticated marketing engine on          to save costs, improve efficiency and get to     read documents with customized, target-
                                                    an as-needed basis, without the investment        market faster.                                   ed promotional materials is a strong and
 Software that searches across mailing lists
                                                    in equipment, software and staff.                                                                  proven strategic choice for 2009, because
                                                       For example, an international biotech                                                           it transforms a traditional cost center into a
 help print stay on target and sent accurately                                                         THE TAKEAWAY
                                                    client with 6,800 employees in 35 countries        Online project management systems help
                                                                                                                                                       revenue generating opportunity. To ensure
                                                    estimates that Web-accessed digital work-                                                          that dir
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